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Don't expect Opera Mini for Windows Phone to get updated soon

Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users are not going to get a lot of attention from the Opera web browser team, at least for now. A new message shows that the development team is working mostly on the Android and iOS versions.

In a blog post, Opera offered a statement on the Windows Phone version of Opera Mini:

In short: no major updates are planned for the next few months. This is, of course, not set in stone, and we're hoping to review the platform later this year. But, right now, the small team who were working on the Windows Phone app are now dedicating their time to our other apps on iOS or Android.Having said that, we will continue to make sure the browser on Windows Phone is still secure to use. The developers are also keeping an eye on bugs to fix major annoyances as they can (so keep your bug reports coming in!).

Opera also stated they have no current plans to launch a Windows 10 universal app, saying that it does not "have the resources to work on this." Opera also claims that it does't have the time or resources to port its iOS app to Windows 10 Mobile, using Microsoft's bridge tools:

This is a great solution for some apps, and our teams did look into it as a possibility, but unfortunately it wasn't a good solution. A browser is a much more complex animal than other apps (which is why we enjoy making them).

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  • Mobile community has become boring lately...
    No significant initiatives by MS
    Same old boring Android/iOS devices and OS.
    Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • For me MS edge is best browser for windows 10... I don't install any other browser ~ Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730
  • Except it doesn't have a night mode
  • You kidding? Microsoft can't just put a black mode over third-party websites. A browser is made to display websites, and if facebook decides its page will be white, it will be white. And the menus and settings of Edge are black, so we can conclude that it is on dark theme.
  • Have you seen uc browser for android or the new shiye browser for windows. They are doing this and it is working flawlessly. Either you are an ignorant human or just being a fanboy.
  • the fact is these browsers won't develop a Windows app that is as cool as Android or iOS, so i am just adopting a native browser, also i don't want a home page in a browser, i simply type the info i needed in address bar and MS Edge works very well, i had lot of bookmarks, in Edge it is easy to open bookmarks, I tried opera and UC browser they are not as fast as Edge in Windows phone.
  • Actually, you can. I have an android browser that does it. Unfortunately, almost all of these browsers are poorly executed in some way, wether that's page rendering, controls, or uninstallable content/bloat, or poor UI design. Edge is a great clean browser that is concise and easy to use. Small too
  • You could change the browser to render a website a certain way if you really want to. Either the "modern fashionable way" using extensions, or via custom CSS files. It isn't perfect and it isn't the visitor's job to redesign websites, but with some creativity you can. Opera has offered custom CSS for several years. Most other browsers, too. However, I think your point is that Microsoft is not going to create time-consuming night mode themes for big websites. Who knows, maybe in the future, though? I have seen stranger things happen in tech.
  • Translation: I ran out of things to bit*ch about, so I had to invent something new to bit*ch about.
  • I don't have to ***** about if windows had a proper brightness slider that won't blind my eyes(not everyone can afford a flagship for something as elementary as this). This is a feature that already exists and is you want to be a butthurt fanboy, I am okay with that. Or you can give feedback to Microsoft to improve is platform. Basically, you are acting like Microsoft's ***** now.
  • The night mode browser already exists in other platforms*
  • It's in settings Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No it's not. Sorry. Not all windows mobile has it
  • Oh and btw I would really appreciate if you do your research before being rude to others
  • ?
  • Did you just call someone rude? After cursing and name-calling because someone dared to disagreed with you?
  • I don't hate the fact that he disagreed with me. I hate the fact that he blindly praises Microsoft at a time when they have a lot to improve. Also, I called him rude for using the word bit*ch unnecessarily. I used no other word then the exact same word that he used. I am not Gandhi to be kind to someone who is rude to me.
  • I used bitc* as in whining, complaining. You called me one. It is OK, I am tough skinned, I can take it. You have shown that you can't take criticism of your criticism. I also did not praise Microsoft. In fact, I said there was a lot to improve. What I said was that if that is the only feature that you can complain about, then it must be a perfect product. But instead of reading and comprehending, you start making claims about me that are not backed up by what I wrote.
  • English is not my first language. So maybe I misinterpreted it as if you are being rude. In that case I am really sorry.
  • But I do have to say please try to think from my perspective. Windows is in need of gaining more users and if it cannot give something as elementary as this, that is a bad reputation for the platform.I am not really in need of a night mode in the browser if the brightness could manually be controlled. The competing (even the low end) devices has it. That is all that I said. So, this should be a feature that should be included. Still,I am very sorry for being rude.
  • Cool, theres a fight.
  • The point is that people will dig deep to try to find something, anything to complain about. No night mode? Really, that is all that you can find that is a problem? I didn't need to do my research, because I couldn't care less about night mode. If that was the last feature that I wanted from my phone, then I would call it a day and be pretty damn happy because the phone would be perfect. Instead, we need to find something that is, frankly a dumb as*ed idea and use it as the thing we need to complain about. As someone else wrote, if you were to modify a page in this way you would be altering how the page looks potentially breaking it. CSS styles change colors of the background, foreground, and other attributes. Now if you force the background to black and text to white, it may cause the page to no longer be usable. Not only that, but Microsoft has added features that altered web pages before, and they were threatened to be sued over it, people complained that Microsoft was altering their content without their permissions, and so on. But hey, the very last thing that is needed is a night mode. No other features are needed, no bug fixes required. WE MUST HAVE NIGHT MODE!
  • Well then please give me a proper brightness slider then will you instead of making me spend an arm for a flagship
  • Lol
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap All Settings. Tap System. Tap Display. Slider. BOOM! You got flagship.  
  • Don't have a Windows 10 phone with me now, but can it do brightness settings other than 25%, 50%, 75%, etc?
  • No slider. Only low, medium, high and automatic. BOOM, I just before your bubble.
  • broke*
  • Before you tell others to do research, do your own. The slider you want us under settings>system>display, it's the first thing there. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • All there is is the low, medium, high and automatic. Like I said, do your research
  • Only certain phones has it.
  • Let me make things clear: BRIGHTNESS SLIDER ONLY AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS 10 PHONE (LUMIA 950, 950XL, 550, 650). The older models that got upgraded officially to win10m DOES NOT BRIGHTNESS SLIDER there are only low, medium, high options. I really hope MS would put in night mode to edge browser as well every night I try to browse my eyes are literally blinded--Lumia 535 has the "highest" low brightness, in case u guys don't know. Posted with my busted 535
  • The brightness slide is in Lumia display settings in extras. That's for Lumia < x20. It's on my Lumia 530 and my 640
  • Sorry but not in 535 (ironically this is one of the most popular windows phones on the market)
  • There is slider in Brightness Profile which let u adjust the level of brightness of low, medium and high option. HOWEVER for some stupid reason it's NOT AVAILABLE ON LUMIA 520and 535, two of the most popular Lumia in the market. Posted with my busted 535
  • Lumia 520/1 was old. Lumia amber.
  • Thank you. This is exactly what I was trying to say
  • Personally Opera is my favorite browser, I especially like their new UI for Windows 10. Edge comes in a comes second though.
  • I upvoted you because part of what you said makes sense. The beginning seemed to not realize that HoloLens and Redstone builds are not a thing. As for the same old boring Android and iOS devices, I agree. I haven't been impressed by anything from either of those camps in awhile. I at least have hope the Windows 10 will live up to it's potential.
  • Their winddow 10 desktop browser is great. And mobile relies on edge engine. Unless MS opens this up in the future.
  • Agreed! I'm using the PC Opera as my no. 1 browser myself.
  • Does the Same happen with Chrome on iOS? It's just a wrapper around a safari web view but with Chrome features like favourites sync etc? I could be wrong so correct me with I am but I'm sure (admittedly quite a while ago) I read that apple don't allow fully fledged browsers on iOS?
  • Yes it uses the ios engine. It just brings extra features. But really if you want the true speed of chrome then android is the only place to get it. Android however allows other engines so firefox actually uses its own.
  • Interestingly, there was an MP3 streaming issue on a site we owned where the files streamed properly on Chrome across all platforms (including on iOS), but wouldn't play at all on Safari on any platform. Eventually the dev team fixed it on Safari, not sure what the underlying difference was. But it seems that would indicate that Chrome must be a little more than just a wrapper. Unfortunately, beyond that example, I have no knowledge of how it works.
  • That would just be a feature and not really anything to do with rendering websites. This is well known on ios. They actually opened up webkit to allow other browsers to use it. That's when these browsers came.
  • Thanks for explaining. Cheers!
  • so does opera mini and UC run on the edge engine - i dont think so
  • UC runs on its edge's engine. But Opera Mini is not a proper browser. It actually renders page on the server. So technically it uses its own engine.
  • I think that's only in turbo mode. Otherwise it would use whatever windows 8.1 used.
  • It just keeps getting harder to be a Windows Phone fan/supporter.... Has anybody else noticed, that since Build things seem more apathetic than usual? Even participation here seems to be way down from users....
  • Yes...
    Even MS has realised... Windows phone needs back seat...
    Things r just heading towards worst.
    Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Hey you remember the time when Android as struggling against Symbian.....if u do then u would realize that nothing happens in an instance"Oh looks An OS just released yesterday, Wait a min it's supposed to be No.1 tomorrow....Wait what it isn't catching up with the competitors...GOSH!!! ITS DEAD!!" That freakishly weird attitude is the reason demoralising devs, before they could do more to please you! And what on earth do people like u want every dev in this world work only for MS.....See things with a different optimistic Android and iOS is no way near secure as windows 10 for phone is....u don't see that fact neither will u appreciate it. Enjoy Microsoft! I hope you don't expect Chrome OS to surpass windows 10 OS PC by 2017.....Lol....
  • I think the opposite. More and more apps are coming out as UWP. I'm sure that's not intendet to target mobile, but rather the large number of Windows 10 PC's, but that's the whole point. Microsoft found a way to leverage its massive install base to get developers to release apps that run on Windows Phone.
  • Complex or not, isn't it just a code?!?
    Or is it the rendering engine?
  • It's complex code that probably requires different optimizations particular to each operating system?
  • After reading this, why do I feel like Opera is a 5-employees company? Sent from a black hole.
  • I hate it. Opera was terrible on old wap phones, and it still looks the same
  • Oh, please. They have at least 7 employees. No, wait, I think only 2 employees and 5 volunteers. /s As you can see from this link, they aren't exactly a dominant browser. I didn't even realize they were still a thing until I saw an article or 2 mentioning they exist on this site. Then again, I didn't realize AOL was still around either, so what do I know. There are still plenty of those old, obsolete companies still clinging to life somehow.  I think more people still use Netscape Navigator than Opera though, right? Eh, maybe not.
  • That's ok because, to me, the thing was terrible anyways.
  • These are main problems of windows os first one is app availability and second is lack of continuous support of those apps which are available. It's the main two problems behind windows low market share...... Hope the scenario will change soon.
  • "Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users are not going to get a lot of attention from the Opera web browser team, at least for now." Did you mean Microsoft instead of Opera?
  • I'm sure he meant 'everyone'
  • I would do the same. Why would they waste their valuable resources on a dead platform?
  • What do you mean? They are still supporting a dead platform:  
  • You seem to like wasting your resources talking about it
  • And you seem to like wasting YOUR resources replying to my resource-wasting comment, heh heh. :)
  • Why are they even wasting their time continuing Opera? Have you ever been to an Opera? I hope not without a good set of ear plugs.  Opera is an experience best avoided. LOL. 
  • What seems to be the problem with it? I use it as my number one PC browser and I am very satisfied with it. EDIT: I get it now, LOL. Good joke, haha! Cheers!
  • Even Microsoft does not waste their valuable resources on their dead platform.
  • WP 8.1 is dead. But what about UWA?
  • And whats the point of opera mini nowadays? Opera mini is the bandwidth friendly pre processing browser? I dont see much use for this apart in some developing countries. It originated when phones still had the java engine and we had 10mb datalimits on cell.
  • Meh, Edge is more than good enough on mobile
  • Terry spoke. Opera listened.
  • Heh heh, good point! Can't blame them. As a developer, I wouldn't waste my time with a dead OS either.
  • They heard Terry loud and clear. Bridge to nowhere is wrong direction.
  • Windows 10 is dead!!!!!!.......omg Since when???? Pls tell me since when
  • I didn't hear him say not to write UWP apps.  However I don't blame them as such a browser would either be a massive re-write or just a wrapper around Edge.  Plus they can add their current Desktop browser to the Store soon anyway... for Desktop machines.
  • It would probably be a wrapper
  • Terry should have been fired by now for making that statement.
  • Opera mini =/= Opera Mobile there is a difference and Opera Mini is crap on android also. Also from my experience with Opera Mobile on android i can trully say that Edge is the better browser. Also Opera have been bought by some chinese company so thing will be strange for a while i think .. I`m currently using Opera on desktop but the only thing that still keeps me from switching to Edge on PC is the ability to pin more than 8 favourite sites at start. PS: Edge is amazing on low power PCs or PCs with old dual core CPUs.
  • Regarding limited number of favourites on favourites bar in Edge - You can create folders in the favourites bar, that when you click on them they give a drop down of all files in said folders.... I have tons of my most accessed favourites available straight from the favourites bar in Edge ☺
  • Do we really need it? You can't change the native browser so Edge would still fire up opening links. Waste of time. Opera had its moment with S60.
  • My Opera not working when connected in wifi?
  • I guess they're waiting for Microsoft to unload a lump some amount of money into their bank account again before they can release another update. Greedy bastards!
  • Never used opera since my nokia 6630... I have edge for that which works awsome with reading mode... Dont understand the fuzz..
    Using a pretty awsome 640XL....
  • Who cares? That dumb browser was awesome on old phones... Now we don't need it
  • On a positive note, update is not coming 'soon'.
  • A UWP of opera coming to windows then? :)
  • The article has the answer for that...if you read it.
  • Who is using this instead of edge? Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • "we're hoping to review the platform later this year"   In other words: later this year we'll decide if we'll simply abandon Windows Phone or not.
  • Isn't it getting bought by some Chinese consortium? That would make it a dead product anyway, for me at least.
  • And that's why I don't support opera. They will support broken platform like android but not windows and it's a platform that is slowly making bigger and bigger numbers. It's not like there's a mass exodus from the platform. Opera is a crap browser anyways. Part of why I don't use twitch is how lazy they update and the lack of platform support. I choose the platform they make the software. They want me to use their software they come to my platform or hell with them. Just my opinion. Browser that comes with win mobile 10 is just fine and even works with YouTube so idc if opera ever decides to pull their head out of their butt. Rant complete :D
  • Who gives a **** about opera. Lol microsoft edge is 2x faster anyway.
  • She's dead Jim, they're just saying they might revive it
  • I bet we can find a poster here in the comment who cares. At best.
  • Who use opera when you have eadge
  • Who needs it?
  • No need opera mini. We have edge.
  • ********