DOOM's official soundtrack is now available on Groove Music

Doom (Image credit: Bethesda)

Penned by the impossibly talented Mick Gordon, DOOM's soundtrack reimagines the 90s chiptunes of old through an entire array of fist-pounding, spine-crunching industrial metal.

Mick Gordon is also well known for his work on Wolfenstein: The New Order and Killer Instinct. He'll also lend his talents to Prey, Arkane Studios' upcoming atmospheric shooter.

DOOM's soundtrack has enjoyed an impressive launch on iTunes, landing the top spot in various territories. Up until now, though, the soundtrack was available only on iTunes and Spotify, but now you can find it on Groove by searching for "DOOM Original Game Soundtrack," by searching for "Mick Gordon," or by hitting the link below.

DOOM's soundtrack features 31 incredible songs, broken up by the infamous mantra from the game's Hell levels, as the demons recount their bloody history with the Doom Slayer. When combined with Xbox background music, DOOM's soundtrack is a perfect companion for all sorts of combat-based games.

Mick Gordon used a positively insane 8-string guitar to produce parts of the game's music. Be sure to check out his documentary on the game's soundtrack over here.

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