Dragon Age: Inquisition is now secured inside the EA Access Vault

EA has added Dragon Age: Inquisition to the company's Access Vault. This means that for $4.99 a month, you'll not only be able to enjoy the titles already available as part of the subscription, but also now Dragon Age too.

As an added bonus, should you not have the Xbox One just yet and you're a massive FIFA fan, you can pick up the new Microsoft bundles for its console and get EA Access included. This would then open up access to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As touched on above, EA Access is $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. You can find out more about EA Access by heading to the official website.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • sweet
  • YAY
  • I love Dragon Age Inquisition. I'm currently goring through my second playthrough and I'm discovering so many new things and storylines that can only be experienced from multiple playthroughs and making different choices. My only issue with the game is the lack of a proper traditional healer or skill set. Oh and the fact that Iron Bull is so damn hard to get in bed with haha ;)
  • My girlfriend somehow bought a year of EA access on my Xbox. I was at work and got a billing email from Microsoft. I wasn't mad because I knew one day this game would be there. Hopefully Yarny and Mirrors Edge will be as well.
  • It wasn't an accident. That's how good Peggle 2 is.
  • I love this game. Got it on launch day so I recommend it for anyone who has EA Access (or as an excuse to get EA Access).   I'm a little disappointed that the weapons from the schematics from the Black Emporium and the high schematics that you can get with Jaws of Hakkon do not have slots to be upgraded.
  • That's odd. I don't remember there being any Football/Soccer/Golf in Dragon Age. How can it be in the EA Access vault?
  • Maybe there's baseball? Or basketball, who knows. :D
  • Along with BF4, NFS: Rivals, Titanfall, PvZ: Garden Warfare.... What are you on about?
  • Oh, I see your point, 3 FPS and another sports game (racing is considered a sport for some reason). Yes, a lot of variation in the selection of games. 
  • PvZ isn't an FPS. Also, Peggle. We get it, you're butthurt about EA releases.
  • Just more evidence that for the casual gamer, $30 a year is a steal.
  • Yes sir.
  • I was waiting for this game to appear now I might get it
  • Ugh I played for it lol
  • Me too... What's worse is I haven't even played it yet. Doh!
  • So did I. Don't regret it one bit, fantastic game.
  • Yep! Just got it now! Sweet deal
  • EA Access master race!