Draw Something hidden on the Windows Phone Store

Going... going... gone.

Draw Something, an app that has been brought to the Windows Phone platform as an exclusive to Nokia Lumia hardware, has been pulled from the Nokia Collection. We previously looked at the popular cross-platform game earlier today when it arrived, and now we're covering the news that it's indeed gone - for the time being that is.

The app has an average rating of just a single star, and it doesn't take a qualification in rocket science to work out what's happened. Simply looking at the reviews published by Windows Phone owners who have downloaded the app paints a clear picture - Draw Something is broken. We're not entirely sure what's the issue, but the game clearly wasn't playable.

Hopefully we'll see the return of the app soon enough. In the mean time, one could always invest in a permanent pen and play the highly popular game on the foreheads of friends who have fallen asleep in your company.

You can check out Draw Something for Nokia Lumia devices in the Windows Phone Store here, though an error message will state the app is currently unavailable.

Thanks, John, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The issue is that the letters you get with the drawing don't match.  The first round I tried with this app my GF drew me the word coin, yet when I tried to solve it those letters were not there.  She was right next to me and was wondering why I couldn't figure it out.
  • And that Facebook integration caused or to crash over and over on many devices
  • This happens all the time on iPhones to. It's a server issue, not an app issue.
  • Well, Draw Something is made by Zynga, isn't it? Bugs should be expected... Based on the number of bugs (which the NEVER fix) in their other products, I figured they were part of some design goal...
  • And nothing of value was lost.
  • LOL! Hey, it's all about platform cred ;-)
  • Leave it to Zynga and its greedy puppets to screw the consumer...wait, that's crApple!!!
  • Well, Zynga screws customers because they only employ incompetent programmers...
  • going... going... gone its an homerun lol
  • Go Panda! :-)
  • The issue with these apps is they make a huge splash on iPhone/Android and then recede into obscurity. We want the big apps sooner rather than later. Market share just isn't there for us. I wonder which WP games would have been equivalent to words with friends or draw something. We have lots of fantastic games and even Xbox integration! Slowly but surely I think market will grow and WP will start to have games others want. That is if MS doesn't give it to them first. :P
  • If it ain't metro it ain't worth mah time... WTH happen to the certification of apps
    .. SMH
  • There is no requirement to use Metro to pass certification.
  • That's a ridiculous thing to judge an app by. As appealing as Metro is, it isn't necessary for all apps, especially GAMES. Do you complain when games like Civilization and Angry Birds aren't Metro styled? No? Then don't complain about this one.
  • futurix makes a valid point. angry birds and civilization are examples of developer artwork, branding, and highly customized graphics. (i.e. you wouldn't expect to see mickey mouse look different across platforms). and while brand/art should be consistent, UI and UX should also be consistent. windows phone users expect to have a consistent experience and apps should be tailored to an individual platform. Is this too much to ask of developers? users are on a platform for a reason. top windows phone apps don't look like iOS apps and top iOS apps don't look like windows phone apps.
  • I understand that, and believe that should hold true for most apps, but this a game that has a consistent visual look and layout across the two platforms its been released on previously. I don't see why the developers should be forced to drop that style at this point just to bring their game to a platform they didnt even plan to expand to originally. It seems whiny and self entitled to maintain that all developers must custom tailor their apps for us.
  • +1. agreed. that sense of entitlement whether misperceived or real could be a reason why the ecosystem is holding at 3% market share and not being totally embraced by developers and consumers; however, the gradient controls, excessive menu bars, rounded corner buttons are unmistakable hallmarks of iOS and not essential to the draw something graphics or brand that could have easily been updated by the developer to provide a consistent and unique experience for windows phone.
  • I couldn't get past the title screen at all...
  • Shouldn't issues like this be caught in testing, as MS claim they do? Happens far too often.
  • My complain was that it was extremely sluggish!
  • Not a single issue on mine...
  • Same here. Working perfectly on my 900.
  • +1
  • so you take an app that nobody uses anymore and put it on a platform and in this case a particular phone that barely anyone uses. Smart move.....
  • You're arguing that WP should *not* have Draw Something? What an odd sentiment.
  • The problem is that we DON'T have it. Just Nokia users.
  • 1 star?? Mine shows 3.
  • Different marketplaces will have different reviews & ratings. It's 1 star in Australia too, and all the reviews are slamming it
  • Can't even get it on my Nokia Lumia... Sigh.
  • Works perfectly fine for me. Played 3 rounds already.
  • Mine would crash after drawing my first picture. I can't run the game anymore. Seriously, they could have at least tested this with real people and real phones. I think lots of these developers just take a gamble hoping nobody will notice...but in the end that fails and the have to go back to the drawing board. Quite frankly it's a waste of everybody's time.
  • I could not get it to work
  • I quickly snatched it off the marketplace as soon as I saw an article about it here. I'm using a custom ROM on my Omnia 7 so I can get access to Nokia marketplace and to be honest, the app works kinda fine for me. I spent an entire evening with my family drawing crazy pics back and forth on my phone and my sister's iPad.
    I did find the app very sluggish though, laggy and unresponsive at times with really long loading screens. A couple of times the replay that shows you the other person guessing would freeze when they guessed a wrong word and the only way to get rid of it would be to restart the app and actually delete the game session completely because there was no way to continue.
    I sure hope they do a better job and rerelease it to the marketplace free of all these bugs and annoyances. The UI needs work, the app should be "metrofied" somehow.
  • This
  • Yeah... Never worked for me either. I love windows phone, and I love my Lumia 900... But this app is an embarrassment. Way to show up 9 months after it peaks and then not work anyway. C'mon microsoft/nokia... #helpmehelpyou.
  • Is it possible that they just tested it on WP8/7.8 devices instead of 7.5 ???? It will probably explain why few things doesn't work well ...
  • I can assure you that is not the case...
  • It is still available in india
  • Now working fine for me
  • Version that was available in Russia didn't detect network, so even with working Wi-Fi connection it would complain and quit after loading.
  • Game works fine for me on my 900 no lie im playing now and have been playing all day on and off
  • Game works great on the Lumia 900. I only play with random people so far though.
  • What happened to reviewing an app before releasing to the public? Specially from a big company like Nokia
  • lol... like 6 months late to the party when no one talks about it anymore and then after all that waiting it's severly broken.
  • I guess I was really lucky to download it quickly enough. No problems for me at all (on a Lumia 800) here in Germany. I could even continue the games that I started on my Android and iPhone/iPad. The only strange thing was that the marketplace text was in Portuguese rather than German. But I hope they did not pull the app for this reason.
  • I mentioned this in the Draw Something announcement post comment thread. Since the last Lumia 900 update my phone has not been able to tether, and it gives me a similar error to "no Network" stating that there is no cellular connection. I'm wondering if the 2 issues are related. I also tested draw something on my wife's 800 and it works, also her tethering works as well.
  • Complains of network coverage despite having a high speed connection. Game cannot continue and bombs out.
  • It's actually connecting for me now but keeps crashing! Poor show! 6 months too late as well!
  • also when you hit back, instead of going to the home page of the app it quits the application altogether!!!