Draw Something for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones is now a reality

Draw Something!

We knew for sometime now that Nokia was getting the hit social game Draw Something developed by Omgpop (later acquired by now troubled Zynga). The Pictionary-esque game involves users trying to draw a word remotely on their phones, while another friend attempts to guess that word. The game is cross-platform and has rocketed to the top of mobile social-gaming.

Many users have begged and pleaded with Omgpop to bring it to Windows Phone and it looks like they have, albeit it limited to just Nokia Lumia phones. (Cue the battle in comments over whether this helps or hinders Windows Phone).

The game weighs in at just a puny 7MB and is of course free for users. We should note it is not an Xbox title, meaning there are no achievements but in turn, you get that precious iPhone/iPad/Android ability to play with others—score. The game also features notifications, of course, to let you know it is your turn.

The game requires an email or your Facebook to connect up and play friends, so be prepared for that aspect.

If we had to describe it, we would suggest that this was a direct port of the iOS game, so don’t expect a Modern UI version of the smash game. Instead, you get what look to be awkward graphics on a Windows Phone and some tiny fonts. And ads, of course. But hey, you wanted it, so some of you can now get it.

Pick up Draw Something for Nokia Lumia phones here in the Store. Thanks, Ryan T., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Sigh.... Just in time for me to not have anyone to play with anymore!
  • +1
  • +1. I'll just play with myself.
  • Same, games like these tend to have a short shelf life of <6 months; even my sister who was super into it doesn't play anymore. I appreciate the effort Nokia/Microsoft, but next time speed up the time table so the game is actually still relevant.
  • You will try to make a case on this blog Dora Games Online, Thank you!
  • I think some of these captions make things even more confusing. The first picture is not a 920, photo 8 is an HTC 8x with a 920, not a 900 with a 920. There may be other errors too, but those were glaring.
  • "No Network" error when I try to play, and... what took so long?
  • I was going to say... Quite disappointing :(
  • Yeah, I'm on LTE without being able to play...
  • I also get the same problem. First time I've had an app fail.
  • Same and I'm on WiFi
  • This app is getting slammed in the marketplace reviews for the same issue
  • Sadly it seemed to be a passing fad and most people have moved on so considering the minimal amount of work in the conversion. This is a missed opportunity to help boost sales when it could have made a genuine impact.
  • Well said. WP7 has been out for almost 2 years.
  • And being exclusive means more than 50% of WP7 users can't even play...
  • Agreed.
  • Would this work cross platform to ios/android phones or strictly wp to wp?
  • Yes its cross
  • This is what people have been crying for? Looks pants, tbh.
  • Agreed. I actually don't get the hype around Draw Something. I rarely hear people talk about Draw Something when it comes to mobile gaming. Most people I know either talk about Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies.
  • It used to be big some time ago.
    But it has already passed its prime time, so not many people stil play it. That's why you don't hear about it anymore. Being social game its coming to WP so late and with exclusivity means it is pretty much useless.
  • It's pictionary... Some people love it, others don't :P
  • Too late....
  • So, is Words with Friends heading to Windows Phone 7 as well or just headed to the elite that is Nokia?
  • When is words for friends coming?
  • Is this a timed exclusive? Or are the rest of us left out in the cold altogether.
  • This is a timed exclusive 2 months or so as far as I am aware
  • Just downloaded but hope words with friends comes. Nobody plays this anymore it seems. They were a little late to the party like mentioned earlier. Better late than never I guess
  • .........
  • No one plays this anymore everyone has moved on to letterpress
  • No good on LTE?!?
  • Yeah for fragmentation!!! Great for consumer!. Every different Windows Phone variant should have its own store, instead of a centralized Microsoft one.
  • That's not fragmentation
  • No but it sucks and it's a knife in the heart to windows phones. Not every carrier has the 920. Hardly nobody would pick a 820 over a 8X or ATIV. Major apps could be the choice for most consumers. If they can't get a certain app on the windows phone they like they might pick Android or IOS.
  • Yeah I agree.. This is pissing me off all this exclusive @#$%! I don't wanna buy no Nokia phone so what's the point of trying to get people to like WP when Nokia is the only one getting all of the apps.. I am really thinking of switching platforms because you don't see popular games done like this on Android..
  • Definitely agree it sucks. I mean, with this app it was too late; most people on other platforms have left the game as everyone else has said, but the next new fad app can't be exclusive, even if for just a little while. That would be a knife to the heart; with this app right now, it's more like a banana peel to the feet.
  • Actually it is..
  • Exclusivity isn't incompatibility, so no.
  • This might have had more impact if it wasn't a Nokia exclusive, seeing how this fad has passed for other platforms except WP which in this case would have benefited from it. I'm also for an OEM differentiating themselves, even through exclusive apps, but this one really could have used more WP users congregating to it.
  • Exactly. Everyone says no one is playing anymore and zynga has had some trouble lately, so releasing to all windows phone users to increase the customer base makes sense. But they went the Nokia route and opted for a quick money exclusive instead of a wider customer base.
  • Well since the way we got it at all is Nokia put up the money I'm ok with it being a short exclusive for em
  • Loaded right up for me fun game. I was playing it earlier today on a Galaxy Note 2 & got hooked
  • Wow .... Every Android device can get this. Now I see why W7 has less than 4% market share
  • WP7 has low market share 'cause Windows Mobile lost its relevance and everybody doesn't buy new software from MS right away.
  • Do you think having exclusive Big name 3rd party apps to one OEM helps? You can't get a top notch Nokia on every carrier. App availability plays a part in the phone and OS people choose. What if somebody wants a certain app and it's Nokia exclusive but no top Nokia is available to them? There's a good chance they'll go Android or IOS.
    I know Nokia fanboys cream there pants with these exclusives but windows phone as a whole is getting crapped on.
  • Remember Nokia is paying for this aps. It's simple, it doesn't come to WP without Nokia.
    So why is every one mad at Nokia because it's exclusive for a couple of months. There's two ways to fix this. 1) Start sending angry emails to these developers voicing your frustration with 2 platform development. 2) Stop letting app selection decide your OS purchase. (I know that is hard) We the customer have the power, but we have to be willing to exercise it with our pockets.
  • I do wonder if it is too little to late for shuch apps, the fad has already died down for them, would have been nice when everyone else was still playing it. 
    However, will take what we can get!
  • Some of us can't even take it, because we can't get it.
  • +1
  • "Shuch apps"? Are you drunk? :P
  • Damn, the graphics are sooooooooo slow. Oh boy
  • I'll just go to xda and get it for my unlocked focus.
  • This is too late to the party. So will be temple run if we ever get it and other games too. This is what being a third or near third ecosystem feels like. You get used and abused games and apps that no one wants. :/
  • Great, so a game that my friends were talking about back in early April has finally arrived but is not even available for my phone because I was an adopter of a phone that came out before Nokia jumped in.
    Seems legit.
  • Can't even launch it cuz of that Network error
  • Words With Friends has long since been announced as well, and not only has that train largely passed as well, but it's still not here yet, and when it comes, might unfortunately be another exclusive in the books for Nokia.
    It's terrible that Nokia is able to snag these exclusives like this, imo. I'm personally on Verizon and do not plan on switching, so for me to get the "full WP experience" in a sense, I have to either cross my fingers, sit on my money and hope for a 920 variant to come from Verizon or settle for a weaker device in the 822, when I could (and most likely will be) going after the 8x. Such a shame that even though I've been trying to faithfully support the WP platform (literally held off my upgrade and waited until I could buy the Trophy day 1), just because I'm not on a certain carrier, I am being constantly excluded from the entirety of the platform because of all of the exclusives Nokia is snagging. And people will say "Oh, blame Verizon for that. They turned the WP7 down in favor of Android." or whatever. That's fine, but all I'm saying is that now that some devices are available, it doesn't hurt to have them available for the whole platform (accessible on the, currently excluded, largest carrier in America), which is trying to get its legs. Even still, it's one thing to fragment the devices on Android. You can make them look and run wildly different through software customization and chipset differences. On WP everything looks and runs just about exactly the same, so it'll be a lost opportunity when those who aren't enthusiasts get their hands on a non-Nokia WP find out that they are missing out on popular apps because they don't have a Lumia device, even though there's virtually no difference between the phones. I was certainly disappointed a few months ago when I went to Six Flags and found out that the Six Flags WP app is a Lumia line exclusive, simply because it just reminded me of the inconvenience.
    It is what it is though, we'll see what comes of this and if WP can catch up.   
  • This is because Nokia pays for most/all of the development costs...
  • If it is a two month exclusive, you will get this by December. Be patient or buy Nokia.
  • You should really be thanking Nokia because if it wasn't for them those apps may never have come to Windows Phone.
  • While I agree that Nokia "deserves" those exclusive as they have invested on it.
    I find the notion that we should be "thankful" for Nokia, and that those apps would have never come to WP is pretty much nonsense.
    Lets take an example of Viber: They were already long planning to bring voice calls into WP. However they have seen that Nokia was pretty much giving away money to developers and thus they have just took an opprtunity (money) and made an exclusive deal.
    As I said while I do agree that Nokia deserved Viber HD, as they paid for it. We would have anyway got it even without Nokia's money. So there is nothing why we should be "thankful" of them.
    While it is not the same with every app, the similar scenario applies to most of the "exclusives".
    So, sorry but I am not going to jump into WP community bandwagon of loving Nokia and praising its every action. They are nice company but they are overrated here and treated like gods.
  • The people screaming fragmentation, what happens when because of hardware you can't play a certain game? For example the game needs a better processor. Will you people complain then?
  • Yes. See: Windows Phone 7.8
  • You do realise that WP8-only apps are coming next week right? More and more apps will not be released for WP7. Fragmentation is only a few days away
  • I'm very sorry that MS wasn't transparent. Though Windows 95 can't run crysis.
  • Except our current phones CAN run WP8... I'm not sure your point is. The only reasons we're not getting an upgrade is because it's risky (as it requires a full flash) and not financially viable - they'd much rather sell us new phones than upgrade the old ones.
    The point is, fragmentation is coming regardless of hardware. The reality is that the marketplace will be split in two in just 1 more day. I don't care either way as I'm due for a new WP8 mobile, so I don't care what happens to WP7... I'll just turn my old phone into a dedicated MP3 player, or mess around with various ROM's on it.
  • 3 stars. Guess Nokia is saving me from headaches
  • Doesn't work, this may have convinced the wife to drop android for WP. Oh well.
  • The game loads, but crashes when I search for friends via the Facebook button. Ive power cycled and still get the crash. This game is a has been, so I'm not sure why Nokia pushed for it. It's also a game that requires a social aspect to play. Anything that is social in nature should be made available to the widest audience possible. Again, it's a passing fad that we won't be talking about in November I will say to the complainers...again...if Nokia didn't persue these apps/games, you wouldn't have anything to complain about because they wouldn't be on our platform at all.
  • no one is playing this anymore -_-"  it came way to late just like wordfeud....
  • No Network Error..... Doesn't work
  • Works fine here
  • What handset & region? I'm using Lumia 900 in the UK
  • Sigh...
  • It just keeps reminding me to rate the app, wtf I've rated it already!!
  • Never heard of the app. That said, screw Nokia.
  • App crashes on open, reinstalled, restarted phone, still crashes, arghhhhh
  • Finally :)
  • I am happy its here. I would play it. As its a good quality app. And I still know people that play it. Its just at the moment its not working can't connect. :(
  • Doesn't work. I'm also getting a no network error.
  • Pffffffffffffff.... Do people still play this shi-t?
  • Lol, only about six months too late.
  • Better late than never I suppose but would have been great a few months ago. :P  Such is the life of a WP user.  It's ok as there'll always be the "now" app and with Windows 8 out, I think we'll get faster dibs on bigger name apps. :)
  • Not working on my L710. Connection problem...
  • Doesn't work. I have both my cellular on and WiFi. Keeps telling me no network
  • And this is why I'm headed back to Android. I'm tired of this exclusive crap on a platform that barely has any popular games and apps in the first place. I don't want a lumia, they look awful. Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot by allowing this
  • I say let Nokia keep their exclusive apps forever. They shelled out to get the devs to make em. Nothing stopping HTC and Samsung doing the same with must-have apps. Need those apps? Buy a Nokia. Don't need em? Don't. But for the love of God, quit bitching! Don't like it? Why don't you shell out millions to make them develop for your preferred OEM. You can't make money without spending some. Don't whine cuz only Nokia is in it to win it.
  • We want WP to succeed, not just Nokia. MS should be bringing exclusives to the platform, not to a subset of a minority.
  • Maybe folks want these apps for the betterment of the OS and not because of a preferred OEM.
  • Just wish it worked....
  • Works fine for me. That said the Android version always had issues for me also. This one on my 900 worked fine so far
  • Doesn't work and too late. Love my WP but they need to get a grip regarding big apps. They need to get the big apps at the same time as the competition or even before!
  • I really don't see how "buy nokia" is an acceptable answer for people upset about this and other exclusives.  I get it, nokia is putting up cash to get apps just for their phones to entice people to buy them.  Great.  But is that good for all Windows Phones?  I am firmly in the "No" column on that.  Not everyone has the ability to buy nokia, and not everyone has the desire either.  There are plenty of HTC and Samsung owners who love their Windows Phones and would like these titles.  Of course, HTC and Samsung should step it up.  Nokia is doing a great job of getting solid apps from known developers to their devices.  But let's stop shouting about how much better Nokia is.  Let's remember that if/when WP takes off, Nokia will only be a part of the picture.
  • Should Nokia give Samsung & HTC their Nokia Drive App as well? No, if a company stumps up the cash for an exclusive be it carrier or provider then they get the benefits, not the OS.
  • Nokia Drive App is an actual OEM app, so don't draw up stupid questions like that.
    Draw Something is a 3rd party game available to an incredibly wide range of devices outside of WP ecosystem.
  • Not what I said.  I even admitted that HTC and Samsung need to step up their game.  This is a Windows Phone community, and Nokia exclusives help Nokia, not Windows Phone in general. 
    And yes, I do think that it would be a good idea for Nokia to license their Drive app to the other OEMs.  It would be a great option to get these amazing apps in the hands of all WP users, and Nokia could make money off every WP sale.  You know, free for Lumia owners, $4.99 (or something similar) for the rest.  They still get to say "we have the best apps included", but the rest get a chance at it. 
    Also, Nokia has got an awful lot of eggs in the WP basket.  They can reap all the benifits they want from exclusivity, but at the end of the day if WP fails, Nokia is going down hard.
  • Nokia paid to develop their app, and they paid to bring a third party title to THEIR devices, so its not a stupid comparison. Nokia didn't pay to bring a title to help their competitors did they? If Nokia hadn't bought the exclusive rights to the app, it wouldn't be on windows phone at all.... So either buy a Nokia, or wait until the exclusive agreement is up and get it on your WP device, or sod off back Android or apple. Either way, don't inflict your pointless comments on the world.
  • Then there is a problem that seriously needs to be addressed of MS can't secure huge apps for THEIR platform. Not saying OEMs shouldn't shoulder some of the load. I remember one of the rallying cries from hardcore fanboys early on was the fact that whether you were Dell, HTC ot Samsung, you were getting the same WP experience (save for obvious OEM branded apps). It isn't as bad of an issue as its made out to be. But its frustrating nonetheless.
  • See my comment above..
    Even without Nokia most of these apps would have come to WP.
    But yes I agree, that now they have paid for it they don't have to share it with competitiors. But I still firmly disagree with your second point.
    And don't inflict YOUR pointless comments on the world. (See? I can do it too. Just because we have different opinion does not mean it is pointless)
  • Network error on Wifi and 3g. :(
  • Same debate every time. I have a Lumia couldn't care less about Zynga games, in fact the "social" phone games bore me to death.
  • I imagine you're just bored with people altogether, no? =P
  • I'm pass Draw Something because the people I played with couldn't grasp the concept that you actually had to draw the word and not write out clues in word form.
  • People in this website, complain too much. If they don't get it, they complain. If they get it, they complain. I don't a Lumia either, but you don't see me complaining .. On comments.
  • Except you're complaining right now...
  • Good point.
  • All this exclusive apps for Nokia is making me feel like either you own a Nokia WP or don't get a WP. MS that is not going to help ppl jump from there current os to windows.
  • It might, they can only hold for so long...nothing is ever exclusive forever ;)
  • Ok screw it im buying a lumia they get all the cool appa geez
  • You gonna wait a week though right? Windows Phone 8 =D
  • its too late now.. im not even gonna download it once n i played it soo many times on my android tablet n no one even plays it anymore.. such a waste n i think it this is ad-supported.. looks to be (i paid for the damn thing on android)
  • iM ashamed of owning a Lumia This is awful
  • Really? It's not the developers half-assed port or crappy game but Nokia's fault it sucks? =/
  • I'm stuck with No Network Error in India in my lumia 710
  • I really don't get why this game was such a demand by all other platforms, they may have made a fun concept but the execution of the whole thing is just shotty and I can definitely tel this is a minimal effort by some hack developers. That said, I praise Nokia for their ability to get something done. Im sure were it not for the fact that omgpop had made this game first someone ELSE probably could have made a better game that was similar... =[
  • No network error. Lumia 800 on O2 in the UK.
  • Yep, same network error for me too! Lumia 800 in Mexico.
  • Woah this is crap.
  • I'll have to try this out when the WP8 Lumias arrive. I'll try drawing with a fork or banana or something ;)
  • I bet the network error is the same problem from the last firmware update that won't allow 900's to tether anymore.
  • And to further reinforce this my wife's 800 plays the game fine.
  • Can't download now on lumia 800
  • Stop crying. It sucks and You'll didn't want it anyway. Just part of the illusion that the public demands that WP have apps. Just a PR move so people scrolling through can say oh look they have that too. WP rules with or without it
  • My wife's Lumia 900 says that it's not available on her device. No idea why. 2nd time it allows me to download it but gives error c101a7e3.
  • Microsoft should of had native code to began with. Nobody want to rewrite there app to xna codes
  • Not compatible with lumia 800 in UK.
  • I have a lumia 800 but can't manage to find it in the marketplace, why???
  • To add a comment here, I never deleted the game off my phone and all of a sudden its working!! Needs a sufficient update as its quite rough round the edges (slow to load, jaggy scrolling)
  • So got a Lumia 920 today and app is unavailable