Dreamworks brings the exciting world of Dragon Adventures to Windows Phone

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is well underway in cinemas, but Windows Phone owners are now able to transform the real world into the fantasy realm they know and love from the films. DreamWorks Dragons Adventure is a new game that really lets the player immerse themselves in a world with dragons and there are some neat graphics and animations to boot. Previously available for the Lumia 2520, it's now out for Lumia Windows Phone owners.

The goal of the game is to essentially train your dragon, rescue captured dragons from the evil dragon Trappers (enough dragons for you yet?) and explore. There are multiple regions of the world to visit and play through, each sporting unique quests that need to be completed. Different terrain, objects, and weather brings the game alive and prevents it from becoming stale quickly. What's more is players are encouraged to leave the house and play while on the go.

Dragon Adventures

It's a super cool concept and one we strongly recommend everyone check out, even if you're not a fan of the films. Unfortunately for those wielding hardware with 512MB of RAM, Dragons Adventure requires 1GB. Even with the more advanced Windows Phones we experienced some performance issues and some lengthy loading times. Beware!

Also, did we mention this game was a Windows exclusive title? It's also possible to use the companion app to start up quests and more. Overall, it's a really nice experience. The game supports the Lumia 2520, 1520, 1020, Icon, 928, 925 and the recently announced Lumia 930, as well as all Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets.

QR: Dreamworks Dragon Adventures

Thanks, Fazaaz, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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