Dropbox's new Family plan lets up to 6 people share Plus perks for $17 a month

Dropbox Family Photos Sharing
Dropbox Family Photos Sharing (Image credit: Dropbox)

What you need to know

  • Dropbox today launched its new Family plan.
  • The subscription lets you share Dropbox Plus perks and 2TB of storage between up to six people.
  • You can subscribe to Dropbox Family now for $17 per month.

If you've ever wanted to share your Dropbox subscription among your family, now you can while saving some money in the process. The new Dropbox Family plan lets you share Dropbox Plus perks among six family members. It also includes 2TB of shared storage.

The core of the Dropbox Family subscription is keeping families connected. Along with the 2TB of storage shared among family members, each person also has access to the a shared folder called the "Family Room." Here, you can keep everyone up to date with files and documents that need to be shared among the family.

Like with other family plans for cloud storage services, each person will have a separate account for personal files despite being covered by one plan with one bill. Each family member will also get access to Dropbox Passwords for managing logins, along with computer backup to sync important files from your PC, and automatic camera uploads.

The plan also includes Dropbox Vault, which is an extra-secure folder to hold sensitive files and documents. With Dropbox Family, you can designate a specific family member to have access to your Vault in case of emergencies.

Dropbox Family is available starting today. The plan costs $17 per month, which is far cheaper than paying for even two Dropbox Plus subscriptions. If you want to get started with Dropbox Family, you can subscribe and start setting up your family at Dropbox now.

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