Why a dual-boot Coship Windows/Android phone is a bad idea

Of course, that's just my opinion, but there's a lengthy discussion going on right now in the Windows Central Forums about this very prospect. Rumors have emerged that Coship is getting ready to launch a phone that will boot both Windows 10 Mobile and Android.

But that concept isn't as good as it may sound, at least in my experience.

I just read an article that said that Coship is working on a phone that has both W10M and Android. Assuming that this phone ever sees the light of day, do you guys think there would be any interest? I'm skeptical myself.


Years ago, I was at a Samsung event in London where the South Korean giant showed off a tablet that ran both full Windows and Android. That product never even made it to market, likely because it was so terrible. I'm not an engineer, so I can't even begin to understand the processes involved in creating such a device. But from the perspective of a consumer, as well as someone who was going to spend money on it and use it, it was awful. The Windows part wasn't bad, but the Android part wasn't close to being quality.

The whole thing isn't as simple as saying, Hooray! I can have a Windows phone and still run Snapchat! There are many things that could make such a device a living horror to use, not to mention the necessary support for two OSes.

Nevertheless, don't let me be Debbie Downer here. If you're excited by such a prospect, hit the link below and join the discussion. Who knows, maybe this thing is the next great Windows phone ...

Coship Windows 10 Mobile/Android dual-booting phone

Richard Devine
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