Dude, Where is my Update? Released

Dude, Where is my Update?

A question most Windows Phone owners have been asking lately and now there's an app to help answer that question.  Unfortunately, some of us still may not like the answer.

"Dude, Where is my Update?" taps into the Microsoft Update Page (opens in new tab) and pulls up the latest Nodo update status, based on your location and phone. Your status is aptly illustrated with the appropriate smiley faces and the date/time of the last time the status was updated.

"Dude, Where is my Update?" is an interesting way to keep up with your update status while on the run. The app is free and you can download your copy here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.  Oh...and from your Windows Phone, just search "Dude WIMU" to find it through your Marketplace app.

Source: Emad Ibrahim  via: @BrandonWatson

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  • Hope they implemented scrolling for us AT&T folks. Two pending updates is not nearly enough space.
  • I don't have mango update yet. Is October 1st and I have nothing. I have a Focus rev.1.3, carrier At&T. Whats wrong?