Dungeon Stalker brings dungeon crawling to Windows Phone

Windows Phone isn’t exactly crawling with RPGs. They take a lot of time to make and the platform is still young. Enter Pansoft’s Dungeon Stalker, filling the niche of old-school dungeon crawler. Rather than focusing on a story, this game’s all about exploring a multi-leveled dungeon. A compass and an automap greatly assist with navigation. Players will find equipment, learn spells, and battle plenty of enemies along the way.

Dungeon Stalker features a unique magic system in which players select sequences of three runes in order to cast spells. You have to memorize the sequences though, which seems like way more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily melee combat is always an option.

Having played Dungeon Stalker for a short while, I think the game has lots of promise. It’s a little rough looking and crashes kind of frequently, but hopefully the developer will continue to refine it. We need all the RPGs we can get!

Dungeon Stalker costs only 99 cents and there is a free trial. Adventurers will find it here (Zune link) in the Marketplace.

Follow the jump for a trailer and Pansoft’s full press release.

The StoryThe Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her legion of minions. She is spreading the plague of hatred and fear in all hearts, becoming stronger at every second. A legend is told : a hero will come. Brave enough to challenge the dangers that awaits below the surface, down in deepest tunnels of her kingdom. A hero that will free the land and defeat the Dragon Queen.The GameDungeon Stalker is a first person, real time RPG dungeon crawler developed by Pansoft. The main objective of the game is to adventure into various dungeons fighting with monsters and solving puzzles. The queen, the final ‘boss’ of the game, is believed to inhabit the deeps of the dungeon from floor 15th onward.Once she’s killed, the game is considered finished, but nothing really stops the player from loading again the character and continue adventuring further for the fun of the loot (which becomes increasingly better, from common, to rare up to even legendary) or to be on top of online leaderboards.The player is also allowed to resurrect a died character as much as he/she wants: the only drawback is that the progress of a resurrected character is not going to be posted on online leaderboards.Trial / PricingThe game is at 0.99$ with Trial is supported. Trial mode allow the player to play freely until level 4 (wich should be reached within the first 2 dungeon floors).Player ProgressionThe player gains experience by killing mobs and solving puzzles. After a specific amount of exp, he/she will gain a new level. At every level, the player gets 3 skill points that can be used to improve your character statics. Statistics can also be improved also by buffing up or by acquiring uncommon, rare, epic or even legendary level enchanted items.When adventuring a player should also keep an eye on his/her food and water level. Starving stops health regeneration and can lead to slow death.Luckily, some particular spells allow the player to conjure water as well as food.The DungeonsDungeons are created at runtime using a mixture of pre-built templates and random placement. Big parts of the dungeons are pre-built using an internally created editor. The game engine then picks each template and chooses randomly how to combine one with another to create the final level.This approach leads to a dungeon that can contain riddles, puzzles, levers and keys without sacrificing some surprise element and re-playability.FightingFighting happens in real-time. The player can time the attack of mobs to move in, slash and fall back. Enemies move around the dungeons freely and are able to follow the player around. Depending on the enemy type, some of them will get lost in the dungeon or simply stop following the player after a while.Running away from a fight can be a good way of surviving but can often lead to a meeting with some more enemies JSpell castingThe ability of casting a spell is acquired by just equipping a spell book. Casting a spell is then done by creating signs on the screen by combining different runes. Different combinations lead to different spells that can vary from attack, debuff, healing and buffs.By progressing through the dungeons, the player may find scrolls that may hint the correct sequence of different runes for a particular spell.New spells are not learned by leveling: all spells are available to the player from start to find and experiment!Dungeon Stalker Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Dungeon-Stalker/194795370554269

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