E3 2020 creative directors resign

Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • E3 2020 is still on for June according to the organizers.
  • They're monitoring the coronavirus outbreak so you never know.
  • The creative directors also resigned.
  • It's unclear why the team resigned or who will take over.

E3 hasn't had the best couple of years lately. Sony hasn't attended the show in a few and it looks like the event may be canceled due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. However, that isn't where the misfortune ends. Last night, the creative directors in charge of the new floor experience resigned. It's unclear if this was due to creative differences or fear of the coronavirus.

The team said, "It's with mixed emotions... to resign as creative directors of what was to be an evolutionary E3 2020 floor experience. We've produced hundreds of gaming and community events and it was a dream to be involved with E3." Hopefully, the reasons behind their departure will be explained.

No matter what caused the creative team to resign, it isn't a good look for E3. As reported by Kotaku, the show has been trying to stay relevant in recent years and this just adds to the impression that E3 isn't relevant anymore.

Microsoft will still be there, but if the coronavirus outbreak isn't contained, that may not happen.

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