EA announces new Skate game after 10 years

Skate 3 Ea
Skate 3 Ea (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • At the end of EA Play, a new Skate game was announced.
  • This Skate game was apparently willed into existence from fan persistence.
  • There was no gameplay shown and we do not have a release date.

EA Play capped off its 2020 event with the reveal of a new Skate game. After years of fans demanding a sequel, EA finally responded.

The last major Skate game, Skate 3, came out in 2010, and this marks 10 years since its release. As you can guess by the name, Skate is a skateboarding game set in an open world environment. The series set itself apart from the Tony Hawk series of games by being more realistic, whereas Tony Hawk's Underground and Pro Skater were more arcadey.

The developers did not announce a release date and no gameplay was shown. It stands within reason that it will likely come to next-gen consoles.

Jennifer Locke

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