Titanfall 2 continues to march forward with new content for players to check out nearly 8 months after its launch. The latest content will come in the form of the game's sixth DLC drop, which EA has taken to a new blog post to detail. The publisher also revealed some of what we can expect from the game's upcoming Xbox One X support.

EA details new Titanfall 2 DLC and Xbox One X support

Set to land on June 27 for free, the latest DLC is called The War Games and will include two new maps. The first, called War Games, takes place in a simulator that recreates the location of the Battle for Angel City. The second map, Traffic, is described as a "weathered test site" with plenty of cover and places for snipers to hide.

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Other odds and ends from the DLC include a new execution called Shadow Boxing, a third weapon slot for pilots, and the addition of Titan Brawl to the permanent list of game modes.

Lastly, EA revealed its plans for supporting the Xbox One X. The title was already announced as "Xbox One X Enhanced," but now we know that that will include 4K resolution and support for dynamic super scaling. Support will presumably arrive around the launch of the Xbox One X, but there's no timetable provided.

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