EA Original 'Fe' runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X

Fe is an upcoming EA Original platformer in which it's up to you to discover the story. The game was announced at E3 2016 where it took everyone by surprise. People were mostly enamored with the game's visual similarities with Ori and the Blind Forest.

Fe doesn't hold your hand, as you have to uncover the mystery of your environment through gameplay discoveries. Players can climb, glide and dig their way through a dark Nordic forest populated with countless secrets and mystical creatures. The main mechanic in the game has to be the sound because it allows you to communicate with every living being in the forest. Players learn a diverse array of animal calls which allow you control any creature there. You have to use these tools to overcome the mysterious and villainous Silent Ones.

According to a report by WCCFtech, Fe runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X and only 1260p on PlayStation 4 Pro. Unfortunately, both versions are locked at 30 FPS to maintain steady visuals. The outlet says that this information was confirmed by developer Zoink Games.

Even though Fe is a smaller experience, it illustrates the difference between the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro perfectly. The Xbox One X version will render over 5 million more pixels which will make the game look crisp and clear on 4K displays. Hopefully, the game will be as good in terms of story as it is shaping up to be visually.

Fe launches on Xbox One on February 16, 2018, priced at $19.99. EA Access members only have to pay $17.99 with their subscription.

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Asher Madan

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  • A tad short of reaching 1440p on PS4 Pro.
  • Sounds like a great game. If it's along the lines of Ori in terms of visuals I am VERY surprised it's not 4K @ 60FPS on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X - In terms of both consoles that's got to be a development issue rather than a performance issue of the two consoles
  • Okay just checked out the video and didn't realise at first it was a 3D game, that is more acceptable for 30FPS but still quite surprised on the One X side of things. Glad to see it's coming to Switch, if it can do a solid 30FPS on there (Not really bothered on the resolution, 720P in handheld would be nice) then I'll probably buy that version over the One X
  • Sometimes Switch games are even lower than that. I have Rocket League on there and even on the 720p display it's so blurry.