EA posts Q1 results, reaches $1.46 billion driven primarily by live services

Star Wars Squadrons Lasers
Star Wars Squadrons Lasers (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Electronic Arts has posted its Q1 results for the 2021 financial year.
  • The quarter saw $1.46 billion in revenue for EA, primarily thanks to live service games.
  • The forecast for Q2 is being lowered but Q3's forecast has been raised.

Electronic Arts (EA) posted its Q1 financial results for fiscal year 2021 today. The company saw total revenue reach $1.46 billion for the quarter ending June 30, 2020, which was mostly thanks to live services, which drew in $1.1 billion. Looking ahead, EA is slightly lowering its forecast for Q2 but is raising the forecast for Q3.

EA's current lineup of titles for fiscal year 2021 consists of Madden NFL 21, Star Wars: Squadrons, UFC 4, FIFA 21, NHL 21, three EA Originals titles, Medal of Honor VR and two mobile game launches.

EA noted in the accompanying conference call that The Sims 4 has crossed 30 million players. EA also noted that 52% of console game sales were digital. While no exact numbers were give, EA says that total subscribers for EA Access and Origin across all platforms grew quarter-over-quarter.

When asked about pricing for next-generation titles on Xbox Series X and PS5, EA explained that it takes different approaches for different games, noting the lower price point of $40 for Star Wars: Squadrons. The focus has also been on providing "the smoothest possible transition" between console generations.

For more information on EA's last results in Q4 for fiscal year 2020, you can check here.

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