Here's every EA Originals title announced during EA Play Live 2020

Lost In Random Image
Lost In Random Image (Image credit: Zoink)

What you need to know

  • Three new EA Originals titles were announced during EA Play Live 2020.
  • These are games from independent studios that are being published by EA.
  • New games from Hazelight Studios, Zoink and Final Strike Games were announced.

During EA Play Live 2020, a few new EA Originals titles were announced. These are games developed by independent studios and published by EA, such as Hazelight's A Way Out in 2018. Three new games were shown from developers Final Strike Games, Hazelight Studios and Zoink. Here's all the new EA Originals titles announced during EA Play Live 2020.

Rocket Arena — Final Strike Games

Rocket Arena is a 3v3 team arena shooter from Final Strike Games that's all about...well, rockets. It's set to release on July 14 with cross-play on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Origin and Steam.

It Takes Two — Hazelight Studios

He's back! Josef Fares, known his outspoken, passionate opinions on the Oscars and whether you should buy a game to play co-op with your friends, is returning with his studio Hazelight Studios to develop a new game called It Takes Two, which is aiming to release sometime in 2021. It Takes Two is a co-op title that seeks to blend gameplay mechanics with storytelling in unique ways.

Lost in Random — Zoink

Zoink, the developers of Fe, are developing Lost in Random, a "gothic fairytale action-adventure." Lost in Random is aiming to release sometime in 2021. It follows a young girl named Even who obtains a living dice companion, Dicey.

We'll continue to share updates on these EA Originals titles as more information is released.



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