Mass Effect: Legendary Edition sold 'well above' expectations, per EA Q1 earnings call

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Garrus
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Garrus (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Electronic Arts (EA) shared its financial results for Q1 fiscal year 2022.
  • EA saw net revenue of $1.55 billion for the quarter, beating expectations and up 6% year-over-year.
  • EA states that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition performed "well above" expectations.

Electronic Arts (EA) shared its Q1 financial results for the 2022 fiscal year on Wednesday. The company reported $1.55 billion in net revenue for the quarter, beating expectations and up 6% year-over-year. EA notes that across the last 12 months, digital sales accounted for 58% of all full games sold.

There were no sales numbers for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, though per the earnings call accompanying the financial results, the game "reignited" fan enthusiasm for the franchise and performed "well above" expectations. EA Originals title It Takes Two was also mentioned as having performed well, with prior confirmation that the game passed two million copies sold.

EA is expecting a strong upcoming couple of quarters, with a slate of sports titles like Madden NFL 22. In the coming months, one of EA's biggest games is Battlefield 2042, which is scheduled to launch on October 22, 2021, which EA says saw over 210 million views across all official channels to date. EA also reiterated how it is continuing to grow its sports and mobile brands, with the ongoing acquisition of Playdemic.

Looking ahead in the years to come, EA Worldwide Studios have several other major titles in development, with a Dead Space remake from Motive Studios. The team at Motive is composed of both newcomers and veterans who previously worked on the Dead Space franchise. EA noted in its earnings call accompanying the release that the Dead Space remake is "a little ways out." The return of Dead Space was one of the most-demanded games, alongside Skate, which has a new entry being developed by Full Circle, a new studio at EA.

Meanwhile, BioWare is crafting two big upcoming role-playing games, Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect.

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