The next Mass Effect: Everything you need to know

Mass Effect Dec 2020 Liara Maybe
Mass Effect Dec 2020 Liara Maybe (Image credit: EA (screenshot))

A new Mass Effect game is coming. For countless players, those words alone are enough to bring back exciting memories and inspire hope for what could be next in this franchise. It's still very early days for this role-playing title, but BioWare released a trailer during the Game Awards 2020 that gives us some interesting clues as to just what is in store.

Here's everything you need to know about the next Mass Effect.

What is the next Mass Effect?

Source: Electronic Arts (Image credit: Source: Electronic Arts)

The existence of a new Mass Effect game was first confirmed back in November 2020 on N7 Day, with BioWare stating that a team of veterans were working on the next entry in the series. A teaser trailer was then unveiled during the Game Awards 2020.

This title doesn't even have a proper name right now, with the first trailer instead simply opting to say "Mass Effect will continue."

While you wait, you may want to try out the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which is a collection of the first three games remastered with various improvements and over 40 DLC packs.

Next Mass Effect trailers

The first ever trailer for the next Mass Effect game was revealed during the Game Awards 2020. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

Is the next Mass Effect set after Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Source: EA (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: EA (screenshot))

We don't know exactly when this game is set but at first glance, it appears that the next Mass Effect game is set sometime after the events of Mass Effect 3 in the far future. We see dead Reapers, or at least frozen and immobilized, as well as what appears to be an older Liara T'Soni.

It could be set after Mass Effect: Andromeda but at the moment, there's not enough evidence to say for certain.

Does the next Mass Effect feature Commander Shepard?

Source: EA (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: EA (screenshot))

During the teaser trailer, a fragment of N7 armor is picked up, identical to the iconic gear worn by Commander Shepard. With that said, if this game is long in the future, there's no way Shepard is alive.

When is the next Mass Effect's release date set for?

Source: EA (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: EA (screenshot))

This game won't be ready for a while. It doesn't have a name or release window, with the next BioWare to be released likely Dragon Age 4. Years from now, when the next Mass Effect game is released, it could very well end up as one of the best Xbox RPGs available.

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  • Well, with the remaster due by summer, it's a safe bet the next MASS EFFECT won't come in 2021.
    (Plus 2021 is for STARFIELD, so another space RPG would be wise to eait and see if it flies or thuds.)
    Unless Dragon Age 4 comes out in 21 and is a big hit, it won't be out in 22, either.
    So it is most likely a 2023 game.
    Hopefully it won't run into AVOWED.
    Finally, with the ghost of ANDROMEDA's past hanging over the franchise, ME needs Shepard. Who, lets not forget, has already returned from the dead once and since the asari live to 1000 the time period can be hundreds of years later and Liara would still be around to bring Shepard back.
    I rather like THE LAST SPECTRE.
    It's going to be a long wait to '23.