A new Mass Effect is in early production, according to cryptic Game Awards teaser

Mass Effect Will Continue Game Awards
Mass Effect Will Continue Game Awards (Image credit: Bioware (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Geoff Keighley capped off The Game Awards with a cryptic teaser from BioWare.
  • Mass Effect is set to "continue" in some form, according to the video.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is still set for 2021.

In a surprise and very cryptic announcement at the end of The Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley introduced a teaser that just said "Mass Effect will continue." This was followed by a tweet from the official Mass Effect Twitter that a new chapter in the series is now in early production.

There wasn't much else in the teaser. We saw a glimpse of a few planets and stars as the camera zoomed throughout the galaxy. A hooded figure is then seen climbing up a snowy, windy mountain where they uncover a piece of armor with the N7 emblem on it. Then, it's revealed that the hooded figure is an Asari and there's a dead Reaper in the background. It's unclear if the Asari is Liara, but it appears to be.

Michael Gamble, project director at BioWare, adds even more to the mystery in a tweet that tells people to listen closely to the audio in the teaser (which we will be doing momentarily).

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It was previously announced that a new Mass Effect was in develpoment with a "veteran team," but now we know it's moving forward.

BioWare fans were spoiled this year for announcements. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which will include remastered versions of the three original games in the series, is set to come out in Spring 2021 and was officially announced during N7 Day celebrations this year. It's set to release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and PS5.

Also, during the Game Awards this year was a new Dragon Age trailer, which showed off everybody's favorite problematic romantic interest Solas and some snappy-looking graphics.

It's also been an interesting year for the studio as a whole. Anthem, which debuted last year to mixed results, is set to get a huge overhaul called Anthem Next. Just last week, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, veterans of the studio, announced they were leaving after decades with the company.

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  • I'm not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe...
  • Soooo, Mass Effect 4? I'd rather have Andromeda 2. According to the sounds and who appears to be Liara picking up a fragment of N7 gear, Shepherd is either coming back which means despite the choices made through to ME3 won't matter. Andromeda had a huge cliffhanger and untold parts that could be expanded upon. Who knows, maybe there will be some kind of link between both due to some ancient tech which will be like ME4 + Andromeda 2 as far as story is concerned. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • While technically ME3 had three endings, only one could ever be canonical, and the logical choice is the one where Shepard did what soldiers do: defend. Her job was never to control the Reapers or choose a future for humanity but to stop the cycles forever. Whether Paragon or Renegade, DESTROY was the only choice.
    Trying to sidestep admitting that gave us ANDROMEDA and that...didn't live up to the Trilogy at the cash register.
    So yes, ME4 starts with a search for Shepard. The cashflow dictates it. The only question remaining is when in 2022 that drops.
  • I thought the endings ended up doing the same thing in the end? It has been too long.