EA, sort of, estimates that Microsoft has sold 19 million Xbox One consoles

Electronic Arts stated, indirectly, that they believe Microsoft's Xbox One may have sold around 19 million units worldwide since it launched in November 2013. If true, that means Sony's PlayStation 4 has greatly outsold the Xbox One.

EA made the statement as part of their quarterly financial conference call this week with analysts, according to Eurogamer:

"The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year '15. Our estimate is 55 million units out there which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year and now almost 50 per cent higher than previous console cycle so, all of that is very-very positive, all the gameplay we're seeing and the engagement and things like Ultimate Team we're seeing is positive."

Microsoft has opted not to reveal sales numbers for the Xbox One, so we have to infer how many units have been sold. Sony, on the other hand, announced this week that it has sold 35.9 million PlayStation 4 consoles. So If EA's estimate is accurate and we run the numbers, that means the Xbox One has sold around 19 million consoles.

It's important to note this is an estimate from EA and has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft. Also, even though the Xbox One is being outsold by the PlayStation 4, that 19 million units number is still higher than Xbox 360 cumulative sales at the same point in the predecessor console's lifespan.

Source: Eurogamer, Frawin

John Callaham
  • Wow
  • But where are all the people with the PS4 I think Sony goes by how many units the ship out vs sell
  • I'm guessing you live in the US? Because obviously that's the biggest market for Xbox, in the rest of the world you'll see PS4s everywhere
  • Sadly it is true. Of everyone I knew who had a 360 only around a third moved to XB1. The rest all got a PS4. I know this is only anecdotal evidence but I'm sure a similar pattern is evident across most of Europe.
  • Sony does actual units sold to consumers, Xbox does units to stores. It's been a fact for years
  • Nope they've always been clear that's it's units SOLD while Xbox used to share their SHIPPED numbers (last they shared was 10m and change shipped) but don't even do that anymore. It's clear they're getting decimated
  • I just feel bad for so many people stuck with the ps4
  • Troll harder
  • Naw its sold. Early last gen with PS3 and recently with the Vita it was the Playstation family when Sony talked about sales. You gotta give Nintendo credit for being so forth coming with Wii U numbers.
  • 19 million is great. :) Go XO! :)
  • Yeehh!!!I'm tired of comparisons, go XO!!! ;)
  • How is EA getting these numbers?  If it based on EA games installed on on a XBox One; they didn't count me being I don't have any games by EA installed....
  • You didn't get TitanFall?
  • Why would he? I only got it because it was free, and it ended up a disappointing experience.
  • To you.. Still the most played game on my Xbox One or PS4.....  Also.. My point was.. Even if he got it for free or $5.00.. he has an EA game on his console.. and would have been counted.. 
  • That you play it doesn't mean it's popular, and if EA is judging popularity on what people are being handed for free without asking, the company is stupid anyway.
  • Who said anything about popularity? You said it was a disappointing experience..   I said for me it wasn't..    this dicusission was nothing about judging pupularity.. this person said he wasn't counted as a X1 buyer because he didn't have a single EA game..  I was seeing if he had any of the none sport or Battlefield games by EA... 
  • It was solid for exactly what it was, a multiplayer shooter. I don't know why some people were expecting something different.
  • No interest in TitanFall at all.
  • Dragon Age, Plants Vs Zombies ??  Lol.
  • Nope :D These are the games I have so far:
      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 
      Wolfenstein: The New Order
      Pinball F/X 2
  • I'm guessing they see patterns from the other consoles, specifically hardware vs. software ratios, then expect something similar for the XB1, which forms an estimate by their software sales. If so, that's bad. With as many EA bundles the One has gotten, the EA percentages are probably higher for that console, meaning EA might be making optimistic estimations.
  • I'm sure Microsoft do let partners know how many consoles there are as part of exclusive agreements and the like.  Under NDA.
  • Personally I wouldn't buy a console game with them id prefer PC due to the oft chance they kill multi on console of choice.
    Funny enough I seen a darkspore/bulletstorm limited edition bundle at my local $ store glad I didn't buy it seeing as their going to turn out the lights in march making it useless to play
  • Useless ? Bulletstorm campaign ia great (been so long...). Still don't do multiplayer so I'm biased
  • Titanfall was great! Some people didn't like it because they weren't good at it, I loved it!
  • If it's not solid, don't brink it up. Gossip writing.
  • CFO of EA Games is a rather big 'source' though. At the very least, likely in the ballpark.
  • LOL thus is more of a wmpu type of articule
  • Hahahahah truev
  • @Nogitsune Micah, look at it from their perspective. If they didn't write about they would get inundated with tips then later angry emails demanding why they haven't written anything about it.
  • Wow. Playstation has Xbox beat by almost 2:1. It's safe to say who the winner is.
  • There is no winner. They're both doing very well. Xbox as a standalone brand on console and PC will eventually become a whole different beast to Sony's console only Playstation.
  • That's really the takeaway here. It's like saying 'winner' between iOS and Android. Also, Microsoft has the PC users to add to their Xbox ranks this year. How will Sony compete?
  • Remote play on the pc lol
  • This.  Lets compare the Wii sales of the same time period? Console sales are highly dependent upon culture.  PS4 is fine.  MS has not really given non-Halo gamers (the PC/Console hybrid gamer a reason yet. The new Gears, Quantum Break may do some damage. Devils in the details regarding the ratio.  First, these aren't actuals. They are estimates from a software manufacturer.  Second, your assuming the winner is the company that sells the most units.  Look at revenues...  3rd, iterations in software quality and functionality of the system are different than a consumer being sold.  I.e. Could the 36 M consumers of a PS4 actually all be losers since the XBO is actually a better experience.  I would venture a guess that we all are winners with the two systems as they are.  Time will tell as to which users get an overall better experience over the life of the product, which will be subjective anyways. Both systems are, however, not dead by any means of the imagination. W10 on XBO may be a game changer (pun intended) if you consider the opportunities with old PC games...  I would love to see the ability to play an old PC game on my XBO, for example. I still have a Doom 2 CD just waiting...
  • To bad they've ripped out the dvm a while ago which alot of games required
  • Yes. The Xbox brand is console, PC, and mobile.
  • Yes it's very easy to tell who the winner is, consumers. MS and Sony made plenty of money on both consoles, so there's nothing for them to lose at this point.
  • All that matters is that Microsoft makes some profit to keep the Xbox brand alive.
  • Microsoft gave this gen to Sony. Microsoft learned a very hard lesson this gen.
  • Nope. Sony just played a blinding PR game.
  • I agree in a way Microsoft PR team really messed up the xbox one. People still think today it has a check in system. For me it was never an issue as my console is always connected to the internet. I also love the tv integration. It is each to their own but I just don't see anything on the pc4 that excites me. The only game I'm really want is UC4 but it's not worth putting that amount of money down for one game plus also having to get ps plus to play it online to as well as xbox live. For me this get is all about the xbox one and the wiiu. Next gen maybe different but I'm glad the xbox one has outsold the 360 and carrys on selling well until the end of this current gen. I also like the direction Phil is taking the xbox one team to. The only thing I am hoping for is when it comes to then end of the xbox one's life and a new console comes along it still has the tv intrgratuon as it's one of the best ideas for making a one device front room it even works with my kodi box on voice commands. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A lesson I hope they bring to the next generation. With Phil calling the shots I think they will smash it.
  • Just like ps3 did last time around
  • Guessing they aren't including Wii U sales even though that is a current gen console too.
  • Almost certain the guess is right
  • Nope, but I guess that's cause EA all but abandoned Nintendo
  • LOL barely
  • Halo and minecraft game exists in Xbox only. PS3/4 can't have it. PS3/4 won at 1st because of it's controller. It has touch pad, headset. Now Xbox controller has that too except touch pad. Well, what about windows 10 remote game play with Xbox and Lumia phone Xbox app? This post is only base in EA game.
  • What are you talking about? Minecraft has been on PS3/4 all along.
  • @David T Ng, I guess you've been playing too much Minecraft to notice :P.
  • That's amazing because I dont know anyone with one. Those of us that had both, have already sold their PS4 pos.
  • "that 19 million units number is still higher than Xbox 360 cumulative sales at the same point in the predecessor console's lifespan.​" How much higher? What's the trend of that gap?  
  • the true is all my PS4 friends wants to buy a XBOX.
  • All games sales point to Xbox one. The console numbers completely make no sense.
  • I wonder what makes ps4 more appeal then xbox?
  • Greatness awaits....
  • Yeah on my Xbone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Buy one then find out
  • It's available in more markets, that's pretty much the actual reason.
  • Price was lower and people are cheap. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • If true, then that means that the Xbox is gaining some lost ground to Sony. It use to be that Sony outsold MSFT 2 to 1, but this implies that number is more like 2 to 1.1. Not a huge shift, but I guess it's something.
  • Well that's what you get when your console hast not enough power compared to the PS4.
    You notice it in a lot of games. I love my X1 big time but PS4 is just more powerful, when you listen to a lot of developers.
  • Yeah, PS4 is great for online gaming. Invite your friend...wait twenty minutes to connect. Try to enter a game....wait another twenty minutes. Game crashes after five. Restart the process.
  • If u have this problem I feel sorry for u, I don't have that problem nor does anyone I know. Maybe u should upgrade your Internet lmfao.
  • Just curious why you feel the urge to be a such an obvious Sony Fanboy?
  • There online is not better then Xbox
  • But the Master Chief Collection isn't on PS4.
  • It's a little bit more powerful, that's it. Also, the power of a console is meaningless historically speaking. The past two generations the weakest console sold the most (Wii, PS2).
  • I don't think so. Specs are on par. Also Ps4 owners can't play Halo or Gears of War. Have fun with Uncharted because that's the best you're gonna get Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • This good for Sony because the PlayStation brand is all they have left.
  • Pretty much. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tbf the hardware sales don't mean much of you aren't selling software. It says a lot when all the xbox one owners I know are loving digital, buying more triple aaa titles, and more in general. I personally own over 20 games, plus around another 50 gold, free, and ea access titles. My PlayStation loving friend on the other hand didn't even buy a retail copy of the last of us, and sold it right after he finished playing it! I however wish Sony luck, they need to not **** this up... Especially when they are obsessing over VR, which even according to analysts will barely sell 2m units... That will not sell much software :'(
  • I have to admit, I love my PS4 (for exclusives only) but the online is ****. My Xbox One is faultless for online and just gaming in general
  • Those not the real numbers
  • I'd say EA are judging this by how many EA games have been sold to Users on the Xbox so I'm reckon they are pretty close with the 19Mil mark. However not everyone plays EA games so I would put up to the figure by at least 3-4 million which sound about right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was thinking the same, what about people that have not bought/played an EA game. Those people woudn't be factored in.
  • Company winner for sales is clearly Sony. I own both and have to say the xbox is a better experience on all levels, ps4 is there purely for exclusives.. Just prefer gaming on my xbox one (live/party/exclusives)
  • Just enjoy them both. However I do agree the UX on the x1 is way better than on the ps4.
  • Both boxes! Can I come over to your place?
  • Does the 19 million include Xbox 360 sales? I know a few people who bought 360's this year because they're so cheap and have a large game catalogue. If so, actual Xbox One sales could be much lower than 19 million. If the 55 million includes PS3 sales then Xbox One sales could be lower again. Overall Xbox One's only make up a small percentage (
  • Two to one, not bad.
  • Number, numbers. That's all they are, the only winners here are the gamers not Sony or Microsoft. As long they keep trying to out do each other we will have great games to play. Having said, I'd love to see Time Splitters make a come back as couch multiplayer was just ridiculously fun. Although not as fun as block fort (Mario kart) on the n64 :P.
  • Xbox One at release had a problem, everyone still liked the 360, much like Windows Xp... People had too much invested in it software wise and if you had a J-tagged Xbox you could cheat and mod to your hearts content... Playstation users never really had that problem, they had Vista and couldn't wait to get the hell off of it... Thus the mass exodus! Note how sells of Xbox rose significantly with backwards compatibility. People wanted to keep their content.
  • Who cares, I own an Xbox one & 360 and enjoy playing both. How much is being sold doesn't change anything for me
  • Oh, EA is sooo trustworthy.
  • Actually those numbers sound about right.
  • I'd love a PS4 for some of their exclusives, but there's so few interesting games it's not worth it yet. Played a bit of PS4 on a friends console, and the thing I love the most is the ability to stream the games to my PS Vita. If I had a handheld console that could stream my Xbox games to me where ever I am, that'd be golden. Imagine a portable xbox one controller with a 5-6" display and play halo 5 on it on the bus to work... I can play my friends PS4 games on my Vita even though he's 100+km away from me. That's the thing I think Xbox One is missing.
  • the only thing keeping me from getting an xbox one right now is the lack of ff14. come on MS, why are you so stubborn on this?!
  • As long as Microsoft is profiting and generating positive revenue, Xbox is solid. So far they seem very happy with it in the quarterly reports.