EA, sort of, estimates that Microsoft has sold 19 million Xbox One consoles

Electronic Arts stated, indirectly, that they believe Microsoft's Xbox One may have sold around 19 million units worldwide since it launched in November 2013. If true, that means Sony's PlayStation 4 has greatly outsold the Xbox One.

EA made the statement as part of their quarterly financial conference call this week with analysts, according to Eurogamer:

"The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year '15. Our estimate is 55 million units out there which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year and now almost 50 per cent higher than previous console cycle so, all of that is very-very positive, all the gameplay we're seeing and the engagement and things like Ultimate Team we're seeing is positive."

Microsoft has opted not to reveal sales numbers for the Xbox One, so we have to infer how many units have been sold. Sony, on the other hand, announced this week that it has sold 35.9 million PlayStation 4 consoles. So If EA's estimate is accurate and we run the numbers, that means the Xbox One has sold around 19 million consoles.

It's important to note this is an estimate from EA and has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft. Also, even though the Xbox One is being outsold by the PlayStation 4, that 19 million units number is still higher than Xbox 360 cumulative sales at the same point in the predecessor console's lifespan.

Source: Eurogamer, Frawin

John Callaham