Early Windows Mobile 6.5 build in the wild

Well look at that. No sooner do we resign ourselves to the fact that it'll still be some months before we see Windows Mobile 6.5, the crazy kids at XDA Developers [via] cook up a build for the HTC Blue Angel (aka XDA III and T-Mobile MDA III, among others.)

This obviously isn't a full build but reportedly has Live for Windows Mobile 6.5; CMHome for 6.5Pro, the new IE 6 build, TouchRecognizer and Touch LockScreen. So, we're getting a better idea of what we're in store for, but this is by no means a finished product. In other WM6.5 news, some new screen shots have purportedly leaked out, giving us another peak. Be gentle.

Update: another video after the break


Dieter Bohn
  • The video isn't visible in FF 3.0 for some reason. I had to switch to IE. Still a difficult video to watch, since the device is oriented and shot in landscape mode, but the UI is in portait mode. And the presenter gives no verbal description of what's happening. Having native sliding panels is a nice step forward, though.
  • Weird. Works for me in FF 3.0.5. And for my money, just from what we've seen so far, I'll wait till WinMo 7.
  • If this is WM 6.5 ( i know its pieces of it right now) then ill get a Pre instead. Same old as 2005 in 2009, and its getting pretty old when other manufacturers are passing by in terms of a smooth, good, functional OS. May have to end my 4 year run with WM finally as it has barely changed over that time and other OSs are surpassing the features and ease of use of WM.
  • ...
    okay on the positive side, it looks positively like wm6. On the negative side windows fails again
    but at least the device can be unlocked to specific settings...I'm oka =)
  • If this is what Microsoft has in store for us after 3 years of development since WM6 came out, I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled. After my tenure at my job ends and I no longer require a WM device, I am ditching this platform if this is what they have in store. Doesnt mean I wont try 7 if it looks any good, im just sick of the flakey operation, the antique UI, the half assed 'gestures,' the UI patches, and registry tweaks to make up for its shortcomings.
  • Woah woah woah... Development is split in M$ right now, between WM7 and finishing off the 6.x, OS5 environment. Plain English, they're working on your rewrite of the code. This should be the upgrade that holds you over
  • exactly not saying i wont see what wm7 has in store but that wont be for another year or so anyways if that. Prob wont be out to the public until mid 2010. Totally agree the same old story is getting old while other companies seem to be able to put together a nice OS- android, iphone, even Palm got it together and put out a killer OS.
  • Right now, I'd be happy with the ability to close a window on my Touch Pro without taking out the stylus. It looks like it may be a little easier, but not 100% foolproof.
  • Jeez! People, people! Please reserve your judgement since this seems to a be a very early partial beta build of 6.5. Wait until the unveiling which is in about 3-and-a-half weeks.
  • this is true yet even if its the rumored pictured homescreen its still lipstick on a pig. It will be the same WM under that since 6.5 is not what 7 will be, a complete rework of the OS.