Easy fix for lock screen bug [How To]

It's not really news as such, but a temporary fix for the issue some of us have experienced (and still are). As you can see in the video above this issue is a lock screen bug where should you wake up your screen once the device is locked you will see a quick glimpse of your home screen. Not really a security risk and you can't manipulate the home screen but an extreme annoyance when experienced for months. It seems to be affecting not only the Samsung Omnia 7 handset, but other devices too.

There is an easy solution, well setting reversal if you will since it requires you to turn back on a default setting. It's not one you'd expect either, prepare to be astonished. Auto-brightness. Yeah, you read that correctly, having auto-brightness turned off can cause this bug to occur. Should you be like myself and prefer to turn off any kind of automatic brightness balance in favour of a more constant and brighter screen then we're hit by this insane annoyance that prevents us from enjoying the experience of using the handset as we'd like to.

"You can toggle the auto-brightness by going to Settings > Brightness."

There's been no word on a fix in the works (we held off covering this in the hope that one of the previous updates would contain the solution), hopefully Mango? If not, I may just wander into the stores and see if the future Nokia handset(s) has the same problem. I'll be buying one anyway.

Have you experienced this bug?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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