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I have been looking for the best gaming chair around ever since my last chair sheared away at the base, causing me to fall backward. I'm a bigger guy — hovering around 270 pounds most days — and standard gaming chairs have weight limits for people far smaller than me. When EasySMX reached out for me to review their heavy-duty gaming chair, I jumped at the chance.

Gaming in comfort

Easysmx Gaming Chair Reco

EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair

Bottom line: Gaming Chairs don't often account for bigger people, and they can be uncomfortable. The EasySMX is designed with that in mind and is extremely comfortable, whatever your size.

The Good

  • Up to 350lbs weight limit
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable chair back
  • Wide shoulders and seat

The Bad

  • Tricky one-person build
  • Weird headrest

Long lasting comfort

EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair: What I like

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I'm not a small guy. My shoulders are broad, and my butt is big. Most gaming chairs I have used are based on the bucket seat design from racing cars, and as such, tend to be restrictive on the sides of your body. Both the seat and shoulders of gaming chairs have wings designed to hold you comfortably in place as you play, but for me, they are too small and make my legs go numb, and my shoulders were always squeezed. Not a great feeling.

The EasySMX seems to be designed with comfort in mind above all else.

The EasySMX chair is different. With a weight limit of 350 pounds — most gaming chairs fall in the ballpark of 180 to 220 pounds — this chair is designed with my body frame in mind. The seat is more expansive, with a shallower curve, making it more comfortable to sit on, and the shoulder wings are broad and appear to fit my shoulders exactly. The chair's back is also adjustable, and the knowledge that the chair is designed to take the extra weight makes me feel much more comfortable relaxing in it.

The EasySMX is designed with comfort in mind, above all else. The armrest is fully adjustable in ways I wouldn't have thought of, yet wholly endorse. They can be raised and lowered to fit your arm length, but also moved in and out to better support your forearms. As an added little trick, the armrests twist in and out by about 10 degrees. I found this especially helpful when playing PC games with a keyboard and mouse. My mouse hand armrest is twisted out, and my keyboard hand is twisted in to support my arm at the WASD position. It's a surprisingly helpful little addition that I kind of adore.

Fiddly build

EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair: What I don't like

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There isn't much to not like about the EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair. In my cons, I wrote that the headrest is a little weird, as a U-shaped pillow that wraps around my ears when I use it.

The build is also a bit difficult with one person, but really, this is not detrimental to the overall experience. I managed to build the chair on my own, though I did have to balance it on my sofa, with some added expletives. If you can, get someone to help you. If you can't, don't worry, you'll get it done.

Just what I need

EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair: Should you buy?

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I really enjoy the EasySMX gaming chair. It looks good, feels good, and is going to last me a long time. You can tell the chair is designed for larger body types as it feels solid, without losing it's gaming "cool" credentials.

4 out of 5

The EasySMX is also an easy recommendation. Regardless of your body type, the chair is incredibly comfortable, built to last, and has some cool little tricks to make your comfort a priority. It has that gaming aesthetic that you know and love, and it even comes in official "GAMER©" red and black if you need it to. I like the black and grey model as it is understated, but if you are a streamer, you might want something a little louder.

Gaming in comfort

Easysmx Gaming Chair Reco

EasySMX High-back Gaming Chair

Made for me

The EasySMX gaming chair feels like it was made just for me. The weight limit makes it feel sturdy, and the broad shoulders make me feel cozy even while gaming.

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