Ebay for Windows Phone gets small update, still no Windows Phone 8 features

Broken record time, what makes all of us happy? App updates. And today we’ve got the official eBay app getting a small little update that fixes some minor things within the Windows Phone app for all users.

The most obvious thing you’ll notice after updating eBay up to version on your Windows Phone device will be the refreshed branding. Back in September of 2012 eBay introduced a new logo, dropping the one they had been using since 1995. Well it only took a few months for an app update that reflects the new logo.

eBay screenshots

Prior to today, the last time we had an app update for eBay was last mid-July, where it only got some bug fixes. Fast forward to today, we also have some ‘bug fixes and improvements’ mixed in with some updated EULAs.

Not exactly a ground breaking update, nor one that heavy eBay users deserve on Windows Phone. This app has none of the obvious Windows Phone 8 features. I’d be over the moon if it had lock screen support to show you auctions you’re watching or double wide tile support.

C’mon eBay, bring your A-game.

You can download eBay for Windows Phone 7.X and 8 in the Windows Phone Store right here, use the QR codes below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo eBay

Thanks for the tip Jon D!

Sam Sabri