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eBay's Windows Phone app is still working but that could change soon

While the official eBay Windows Phone app is still available and working, an updated message on the app's webpage shows that could change very soon.

The webpage itself now has a message that states:

Starting September 30th, the eBay App for Windows will no longer be available. You can still shop on eBay by visiting us at from your browser.

Despite what that message stated, when we downloaded the app from the Windows Store just a few minutes ago, we found that it works just fine. However, if this note is any indication, it may just be a matter of time before eBay decides to make the app unusable. We will update this post if we learn more about this situation.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download eBay from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: eBay

  • The app hasn't been updated in ages and is missing lots of basic features. Sad to see this go but it was expected.
  • Microsoft mobile strategy (or lack of it) is a joke. Retrench from mobile market until you become completely not relevant!?
    Seriously, someone must see a common sense.
  • Another bites the dust!!! not like they are small apps, big ones ppl use doesn't help Marketing one bit huh?
  • It was passable for some functions, but yeah, it was long outdated, and Modern UI apps sure look dated now. I had been going back and forth over the last few years between WP/WM and Android, but I've left WM for good now. MS doesn't appear to be getting much traction in the store (old apps are going with no replacement in site), and the near abandonment of Mobile seems like it will only further reduce the chances of proper apps with feature parity on the UWP platform. I hated to see that day come, but reality finally outweighed hope. MS is slowly losing me as a customer all together. 
  • It gives a lot of errors on pc..
  • PC app was garbage, but I use WP app daily without problems. It's fine if someone is just buying things.
  • I lost confidence with Microsoft as a consumer. 950xl ridden with bugs upon my purchase. Surface 3 showing yellow and burn screens after a few weeks of use and type cover not working, Band 2 HR monitor stopped working. I am so ready to leave this ecosystem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're just an exceptionally unlucky person.
  • I don't know that he is. I've had a disproportionate amount of trouble with MS hardware over the years. The warranty service is good, but I've had to use it on multiple Surface devices, Xbox hardware, and even my Band 2. The old Nokia Lumias were bulletproof, but MS needs to spend more time on QA. 
  • with what testers? Nadella ditched the dedicated ones and deciced to use insiders for free..
  • I am not. I share the same concerns and issues with people in forums, these are well known issues to those who have bought the devices actually. I am just so invested with this ecosystem it's frustrating how MS lets go of their fans and consumers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Keep in mind people usually only say something in forums because there is an issue and they need/want to reach out. Not discounting your personal experiences with the products, but that what you see in forums isn't necessarily representative of how the product is as a whole. 
  • Every single Microsoft device I've ever purchased has been warranty replaced except my Xbox One. Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, Lumia 950, Band 1 and Band 2. Their QA is absolute garbage
  • I lost confidence with Microsoft as a consumer. What a coincidence!  Because unless you're a cloud or Enterprise customer, Microsoft doesn't care about you anyway!
  • But like Amazon's original app, it worked for its most basic purpose. It didn't crash, it wasn't slow, it returned accurate information, who really needed the extra bells and whistles? So what if it hadn't been updated, it didn't need it to work. Like Amazon, eBay may have ulterior motives and the functionality that their apps afforded, went against the new direction they are heading.
  • But like Amazon's original app, it worked for its most basic purpose. It did, crash, it wasn't slow, it returned accurate information, who really needed the extra bells and whistles? So what if it hadn't been updated, it didn't need it to work. Like Amazon, eBay may have ulterior motives and the functionality that their apps afforded, went against the new direction they are heading.
  • I wrote to the support a lot of times for a bug of the app on pc and never got an answer It's really strange that ebay don't want a presence in the ms store
    (amazon want even with a terrible app) Is ms as a company becoming irrilevant like ibm? About nadella Developers should use visual studio, xamarin or the bridges, what i feel is that developers (except for the gaming market) are mostly ignoring ms at all Hope not of course
  • I'ts obvious nobody really wants much to do with it....Android/IOS are the rulers.
  • Yeah. For buying product we need to open its site in browser! We can only search products using this app.
  • I use the Windows Mobile eBay app all the time and I actually think it's better and more user friendly than the Android version. It gets the job done. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Without eBay and Amazon is getting hard to use W10M. New Amazon app is a joke
  • The new Amazon app is a joke app
  • Like I said A joke app. Horrible
  • Microsoft is not focusing on Windows mobile these are the results !!
  • That are completely becoming irrilevant as a company since everyone has a smartphone, few ppl a pc nowadays...
  • Dona and her team are trying. Even if the CEO doesn't give them the support they need.
  • Go tweet it to Satya, Terry, Bill, and Joe. I expressed that exact sentiment. See @OMG55
  • They know and laugh about us. The only thing they care is sharehigh and bonus in the end of the year
  • Which is what they should be concerned about. Microsoft is a BUSINESS, not a charity to "fans".
  • And what a great way to run a business! lose all your customers! excellent!
    ​you're wrong anyway. Managements job is to maximze the profits of a company. That's it. What that looks like and what that means depends ​entirely on your interpretation​ of that requirement. Some argue for short term gains, but that's silly, and is damaging to the economy as a whole.  
  • A crazy business, loose users and become irrilevant like Rim
  • 1 - Their customers are on Android and iOS. In case you haven't noticed. Sorry to break it to you but the niche of people still clinging to WP is irrelevant in the pool of Microsoft's customers.   2 - Explain how "share high" and "maximise profits" aren't the same thing? Perchance you realise that the higher share value is, the more dividends it pays to the shareholders? Because if profits rise, so does share value? You understand that? No? Also, cutting costs with failed businesses and focusing resources on the profitable ones is bad because?
    What Nadella has been doing not only creates short term gains (it stops the money bleed that WP is) as well as long term gains (by putting Microsoft's services on the mobile platforms that aren't dead). So: cost cutting by getting rid of dead weight and focus on where the consumers actually are is a sound business and economical strategy. What isn't? Creating phones with a dead OS that no one wants and keep pouring money into lost causes. Well, then perhaps you should avoid saying someone's wrong when you don't know what you're talking about. Or maybe you're some economical genious who can make money by burning which case, why haven't you the Noble Prize for saving the World's economy?
  • This is probably the third post I've read from you that made great sense. A lot of times you come across as kind of a hater. With that s out if the way, have an upvote for once. I agree with what you are saying but considering that Microsoft is actively working towards an OS that encompasses all forms, I feel that the app model is going to give way to a better web eventually. Yes it has its limitations, but with the advances that have been made and coding for touch first, somewhere down the road the smart play is to keep developing for mobile. I'm sure you weren't railing against that entirely. I mean, you're here after all. I guess what I was trying to say above is that Windows "mobile" isn't a dead OS. It may be in this smartphone app economy but it's still got value.
  • This is probably the third post I've read from you that made great sense. A lot of times you come across as kind of a hater. With that s out if the way, have an upvote for once. I agree with what you are saying but considering that Microsoft is actively working towards an OS that encompasses all forms, I feel that the app model is going to give way to a better web eventually. Yes it has its limitations, but with the advances that have been made and coding for touch first, somewhere down the road the smart play is to keep developing for mobile. I'm sure you weren't railing against that entirely. I mean, you're here after all. I guess what I was trying to say above is that Windows "mobile" isn't a dead OS. It may be in this smartphone app economy but it's still got value.
  • .
  • .
  • Ok, now I get how double posts happen... And I take back what I said. You have made plenty of great posts, just lately I think the fact that you've soured on Microsoft has been coming through in your posts to other users.
  • Re: wpn00b,
    Could you please share with the rest of us, how you think double posts occur? Why wouldn't you explain?
  • Agreed... I have seen it on a late edit on the WP8 app, but it was easy to see and delete.
  • Share prices and maximising profits are obviously not the same thing. I don't even know where to start with that one, but i'd suggest maybe a high school business class. There can​ be a correlation, but there is literally no causation, and that's entry level business stuff. You're welcome to look at the vast number of different markets, businesses, and share prices of each. You'll find i'm right, and you're not. You're response is flippant, over the top and then ​fundamentally incorrect. It's silly.

    ​You're acting like underfunding windows phone is a new thing, or that the poor support is new under nadella. It isn't. Obviously if you don't support a product nobody will buy it. You're right there aren't many customers left on windows phone. But that's a result of poor management, not God.
    ​As for share prices being all that matters, they could literally fire ​every single employee which would drastically improve the quarter profits likely cause a share spike and doom the company. ​The massive R&D cuts over the past few decades have increased profits short term, but drastically damaged the companies as well as the economy as a whole. You're welcome to look at Dell, Hp, Acer, Compaq, etc. Good management and short term share prices aren't the same thing, and again, your ​interpretation​ that they are is what causes much of the economic issues the world is facing currently. ​I don't have the Nobel prize (not Noble) for economics, but I originally did take business in post secondary, and am now finishing up an economics degree. I am also aware that there are other schools of economic outside of Chicago style economics, and I'd suggest you look up some alternatives. You're stuck in the 90's still.
  • Well stated! Too bad some CEOs (Well actually they do because their bonus and leaving is all they care about) don't understand this. This is exactly what is wrong with some corporations these days.
  • You know for once, I actually have to agree with your post DJCBS
  • They have plenty of good paying clients and did not lose then all. You or I just happen to not be one of those customers. Read their past earnings reports. Solid financial results. They know what they are doing, they are extremely client focused, but me and you are no longer the target market. Sad.
  • Well said. Good leadership gives assurance to shareholders, employees and customers alike that there will be something worth investing in down the road. All three are "investors" in a business, and all three matter. 
  • For how long has MS been making Windows Phones? Has the phone division returned a profit? I would consider 5 years to be 'short term', so from the short term into the medium term, the phone business has not been returning a profit. It makes sense, then, to rid the company of this mobile millstone. It is a shame, because those Lumia phones were fantastic, and the camera (software/hardware) were unrivalled.
  • It would depend. Since they're not shutting down the mobile division, and the one OS and UWP hinges on it, they're just chronically underfunding and under developing it. if they had​ shut it down it would make more sense.
  • According to Nadella, Ms is waiting for a drastic change in the consumer mobile market.  When such change happens they will jump in.  Which means they will restart their mobile again, leaving behind all W10m users in the dust.  There is no short term or long term reason for entering MS's mobile ecosystem.  BTW, besides Office, the usage of MS services on iOS and Android combined are probably only equal to their use on Windows Phone.  There's simply very little benefit using a third party service over a first party one within a mobile ecosystem.
  • Third party developers are just following the lead of Microsoft HealthVault.
  • I didn't know they're was a new Amazon app; last I knew, Amazon was removed, but I'm in agreement, guess I'll finally be getting an iPhone. After this, the surface phone isn't even appealing to me anymore. I never thought I'd say that but it's true. I better hear something good soon.
  • You are not missing much, its like a handicapped webpage with bad formatting.
  • It isn't even an app. it's an awful web wrapper which is actually unusable. Not in a hyperbole kind of way. it's literally unusable.
  • I don't know why an imaginary phone would be appealing in the first place.    I would rather actually have a phone that I can use instead of a figment of one's imagination.  Surface phone.   Pipe dream 
  • Since the word is out now that MS is waiting for a change in the mobile world to re-enter...there won't be a surface phone this year or the next. There's no point for them to make a phone like the HP elite x3, because making such phones for the enterprise is the only thing that might attract OEMs. MS doesn't want to make hardware.
  • I'm with you here. No October announcements and I jump to iPhone.
  • Why you guys need an app for basic stuff that works in web browser?
  • Yeah, the Amazon mobile site is just as good or better than the app was. I hope this is also the case for eBay.
  • eBay app was terrible and severely outdated. I always used the mobile website. Same can be said about the Amazon app. If a company has a great mobile version of their website, then I'm all for using it. However, if said company such as eBay and Amazon utilizes push notifications then it changes. Using a mobile website is great until you count that fact. For instance, doesn't have mobile friendly website so an app is pretty much needed in order to use it on phones. So while it is yet another app that is gone, eBay should have at least did what Microsoft did with the YouTube app back in Windows Phone 8 and make it launch the mobile website in Edge. One would be surprised to know that even if the app pointed to the mobile version of a website, the average end-user would be happy because they most likely didn't know eBay's website was mobile friendly. The only thing they would be missing out would be the push notifications or in Amazon's case, the scanning feature. That would be better then removing their presence completely. After all, even if a lot of the apps in the store pointed towards the mobile website, the average person has this idea that in order to access a service, it must be in the form of an app. Of course apps are great because they can take advantage of the devices hardware but again, it would keep more end-users on the platform. But at the end of the day, I choose to use my 950. People are interested in it all the time but get turned off due to the lack of apps and many apps do not have mobile website versions. I tell them if they cannot live without check scanning due to lack of an banking app, Pokémon Go, Snapchat, Clash of Clans, etc. then don't bother as they will feel left out. I honestly tell those people to get an iPhone sadly because those users get to enjoy just about everything.
  • Because eBay used to send push notifications to you when you were outbid on items it was extremly usefull.   We never had the proper Amazon app, but the other OS's apps get lighting deal alart push notifications (extremely useful for Black Friday) and access to Amazon music.   I would normally agree with you, but sometimes apps are better than web pages. =P
  • Notifications about bids, shipping, etc..
  • All the fanboys say this when it comes to the mobile OS then how much more relevant is that statement on a desktop with several full blown browsers to choose from? so basically there is no future for UWP, right?
  • But what about notifications on my Xbox, or other devices?
  • Because it's not about website being better. It's about us not having an actual app. Nobody is using browsers when you have an app. And Edge is horrible, at least in its current form.
  • Ebay app is good for notifies and much good for reasearchs than the web page
  • I am a fan boy, but this is getting old. I really depend on the notifications from this app. Is it all over for the OS?
  • Holy crap, you were still getting notifications!?! Mine stopped working about halfway through this year.
  • It seemed that it would work when I was selling something, and not buying. Pretty sure. Oh well, it all notifies via email anyway. Who even needs apps??? :(
  • Actually, now that you say that, I think you are right. I do remember getting item paid notifications or best offers I couldn't accept through the app.   I guess I was thinking about buying notifications.
  • I think its time to call it quit. RIP Windows Mobile.
  • The apps are slowly drying up. When the companies that depend heavily on mobile apps for success aren't invested, then there isn't much hope left, I'm afraid. BOA came back with a good app, but they are the outlier. Amazon came back with junk and many others just haven't come back at all, leaving only ambiguous hope of a UWP app possibly arriving someday. Of course, one major problem is the complete lack of choice for W10M devices, and the many WP8 devices left unupgraded only alienated the existing fan base. Lumia is being retired, leaving it to "corporate" devices to take the charge. Even the biggest media supporters of the platform--Thurrott and MJF--have walked away. Heck, Paul pans the platform on the regular, and he was the reason I got a WP in the first place back in the day. I don't know what MS hopes to do with the platform, but it doesn't offer much for the modern smartphone consumer. Sad, but it is death by a thousand cuts. MS will tell us they are committed, all while things get worse. They will get to walk away once market share reaches essentially zero. 
  • its been all over for the OS for months.  Just the fanboys don't want to hear the truth.   
  • Fearlord you have it wrong.    Windows 10 and 10m is the joke. 
  • Win10 It's certainly no joke. It's one of the best desktop and Mobile OSes around. What is a joke is the lack of apps available for it.
  • Beg to differ,  w10 is no where near what 7 or 8 was.  w10 is just a data miner.  Why would they give it away for free?  MS has NEVER done that.  I always had to pay for their new OS...and was glad to do so,  but when they gave away the OS for free, I knew something was up.  NOW WE KNOW!  Give the data gatherer away for free,  and we will sell said data collected for our profits.  We can fire all our dvelopers, testers and team, and get the silly "insider fanboys" to do our testing for us.  Hence the steaming Pile of crap we have now called w10.
  • Can you elaborate on a single case of MSFT selling our data? Their privacy agreement started that they will not provide data to a third party with the intent to profit. That would expose them contractually. Have you read the agreement or are you just throwing around accusations to let out your frustration? If the latter, I won't judge, I promise.
  • Please provide example where google does the same?   since all the fanboys here scream about it with google.  MS is doing it just ten times worse...
  • Microsoft: Google: I've read them both, and thoroughly. Same as Apple, Microsoft tends to collect your data to sell you primarily their own products. With Google, you are the product. I hope you see the difference.
  • of course they use insiders. why pay testers whe guinea pigs are free? Nadella knows nothing about quality, all MS delivers on windows 10 is crap. worst OS ever.
  • It does have Amazon? It maybe not as good, but it works. I have come to terms with what WM is and isn't. If you can't accept it, time to leave.
  • Getting there. If I could return the investment that I had in 2 950.
  • You will never be able to return an investment on something you buy and use. If you want to leave, you would have to cut your losses and go.
  • Can you even call ir an app, It's more like a wrapper.
  • Agreed! EBay and amazon are the only apps I use regularly. The Amazon "mobile" html 5 app is so bad its unusable and EBay app has become next to useless since they broke push notifications. FKUC Microsoft. They are a lost cause. The only OS that matters is the one in your pocket. Nutella is too stupid to figure that out. That pocket OS will soon beam or cast to dumb slave screens everywhere. Your car, your desk, your TV. The desktop OS will become extinct. Now Windows mobile top apps will be siht like flashlight and lameweather app of the week. What a stupid fcking waste. I was a msft employee for 5 years. They probably have one feature team of 10 developers on Windows phone. What happened to mobile first, cloud first? And even basic functions my my 950xl have been buggy as hell lately. Pinching to zoom on the photo viewer causes it to crash. Wtf? So done with these losers.... I've been a staunch supporter of MSFT products, but at this point, there's no excuse. We are fools to believe they care anything about mobile. Only question for me now is IOS or Android...
  • The description and image sample in the store also updated with discontinuation news
  • yep that's what we posted..but again, we downloaded the app and at the moment its still available and still working
  • Lets Hope for a windows 10 app *_*
  • It is not working for me shows no feed items, no daily deals :/
  • Was a crap app, never used it. The website is better anyway.
  • I disagree. Even for a limited feature app, it was one of the better WP 1st party apps.
  • That might be true, but this is hardly sustainable. While websites can do in many cases, sometimes a proper app is needed for notifications and the like. eBay is very dependent on notifications for the full experience. 
  • The original WP7 app was a perfect example of why Metro was such a brilliant design language. It's a crying shame that MS diluted it with hamburgers and the like.
  • Guess they got my message.
  • Never used it, is a US thing i guess. Same for Amazon.
  • not just US. Ebay and amazon both are in many regions
  • Mostly US app. In Europe we have equally as good or better auction services.
  • What are you talking about?! eBay and Amazon are the market leaders across Europe!
  • For instance there's Allegro in Central Europe. Ebay tried to enter the market years ago but failed miserably. Their service is just interior to that of Allegro in so many ways and no one was interested. And Allegro has an excellent Windows Mobile app.
  • First time I hear about Allegro. Checked their site, looks ok.
    Did not find find a W10(M) app. Maybe Allegro is a big hit in Poland, I do not know. .
  • Allegro owns the whole market with eBay trailing far behind with negligible market share. You can call that a hit. Actually eBay is now in line to buy Allegro as this is the only way to get a bite of the pie.
  • Not a good time to jump ship to Windows I presume, I've been a long time Windows user now myself but I think there is not much left for consumers here. And it was a crap app, I never used it, never heard of it, those are some terrible excuses.
  • Even enterprise mobile users expect third party apps. It's easier to go with BYOD managed devices and apps. There is no measurable enterprise only market.
  • Enterprises will soon be like hey we asked you to bring your own device, but bringing a windows phone, you are pushing it too far buddy.
  • Many companies are already there, and the remaining holdouts for Windows are leaving now. Enterprises will only support iPhone or Android. Nadella has really shot the Microsoft Windows franchise in the foot.
  • My work uses Office 365 and inTune for BYOD, and even they don't support W10M. How sad is that?
  • Ask your Intune team. They can push apps down to iOS or android, but Intune didn't work as will with Windows 10 Mobile. So much for the "enterprise" mobile strategy. Outside of a new mansion and writing a book about how great he is, I don't believe Nadella has a strategy. Before people mention the stock price, (a) the entire market It's breaking records, (b) the price today has nothing to do with the future.
  • Exactly, nadella has not a future strategy he only fixed some problems at the moment..
  • Yeah, I tried to set it up on a 950XL, but it didn't work. Fortunately, I was still able to return the phone. 
  • Same here.
  • It is not sad,  it's reality.  Windows mobile brings absolutely nothing to the table.  Nada.  Why would they support something that is so far behind in everyway,  that its users would always be complaining to the tech department.   Better just to not support it and say get either an iphone or android know...real phones.
  • That was Ballmer and his denial of Mobile apps from the get go. Nadella was just left behind to face the music. Ballmer is where this app train wreck started 5 years ago.
  • Ballmer made mistakes, but WP was gaining market share up until Nadella took over. Ballmer had fight in him, commitment, dedication, Nadella pee's himself and runs from a fight. Ballmer kept grinding when everyone was saying Bing would never be profitable. Nadella ran away screaming from mobile, and will run away from Band, etc. You can't trust Microsoft or their products with Nadella in charge because he'll leave his customers behind in a heartbeat.
  • @infosage and don't forget Ballmer agreed and was prepared to put money into xbox during the rrod saga which was alot. Ballmer saw the long view, I admit he did make mistakes. Never the less people forget when the iphone hit Microsoft had windows mobile phones and pdas being sold by oems.
  • Yeah my company issues iPhone for work because they just work. We can request for an Android phone instead though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iammakii,  Your company is very very smart.
  • My work uses iphones (mainly), android and I'm the only one using Win10 Mobile They use mobileiron for their enterprise requirements. Not sure how Nadella's Enterprise strategy is going to work there.
  • Ya nothing left ms doesn't want to release their apps..they doesn't want to update their existing apps on par with ios and android...many companies are killing their long lasting apps(ya ya there was no updates still they are present)...hope Nokia made android phones so they would be alive windows phone dead...hope steve Ballmer re-signed before Nokia deal...where is my time machine?
  • And here goes the dillema again - jump or not? This ship is really getting close to water for me. I really hate that Windows is experiencing this ****. I hope its because they are going to make a new app.
  • The ship has sunk, mate. At this point, all that's left is people swimmimg around in the ocean, hoping another ship will rescue them before they freeze to death.
  • Oh there are other ships, it's just that the other ships are really mean and asking for money to save their lives, but you see they spent so much on their previous ship they have no choice but to die.
  • I love Windows 10 Mobile and my 950. Yet, I jumped when stories surfaced MS was pulling phones from its stores.I get that the company exists to generate profit, but there is something to be said for loss leaders and perserverance. MS ran and hid in a corner when the going got tough, rather than dig in and fight back. I never expected the company to go from 3% market share to 10% overnight. Slow and steady based on a manageable investment, modest hardware sales, and investment in building apps. If it lost a bit of money, at least it would protect the rest of Windows. Instead, even loyal customers are exposed to other alternatives and might just decide to abandon Windows altogether in order to be in one ecosystem. When I see stories like this, when I read the bleaker news that MS is committed to current enterprise customers in mobile but not new ones, I know what MS will offer me was insufficient. They don't see opportunity, and so it was time for me to see opportunity elsewhere. Hello iPhone 7+. MS, I just bought a new PC this year... but in three, when that decision rolls around again, I may look at Apple, something unthinkable as recently as six months ago. I still have my 950. It's a wonderful device and it doesn't deserve to play second fiddle, but second fiddle it now is.
  • They made the right decision to exit. They did the math and realized that the money it would take to build up would not pay of by the time the app model was dead 2-3 years from now.
    It pisses me off same as you because I can't get work email, my bank or train pass app on my Lumia, but I can't blame current managers for it. They are focusing on building mobile foundation for post-app era. Isn't it weird that although they pulled out of Mobile market their W10M builds are arriving at a feverish pace?
  • That makes sense, and I'd agree their plan is to build for three years out for whatever they see as their market. Three years out built on speculative anticipation might give them hope, but it does little for us in real time. Meanwhile, their competitors build on their experience and their own market research. MS is headed toward a future where it will still face fierce competition. I've seen too many companies try for quick scores and cut and run from market niches when the scores don't pan out, or that repeatedly enter and exit markets (not talking tech markets, but business in general.) They do enough to draw people in and then disappear from that market, leaving people to scramble for alternatives. I admire how Apple doesn't seem to sweat market share. They built an empire on 15% of the market. There's a lesson there... money can be made with fractions of marketplaces if a company gears itself to service that fraction by offering it quality, consistency, and stability. I spent $900 on an iPhone despite never having used one before precisely for that reason... the best quality experience I could get with a smartphone. If I was going to do this, it may as well have been for the best. I felt damn guilty even doing so because of my commitment to Windows 10 Mobile. Still do.
  • You are one step ahead of me with your switch. My entire household reeks of Apple devices, yet you won't find a single iPhone in it. I just cannot stomach paying $1500 every other year for my wife and I to have an iPhone for both of us. What our Lumias cannot provide in the app segment, our iPads make up for, but those are not truly "mobile" as a phone is.
    I too would feel guilty to let go of my 640XL with 2-day battery life, huge display, excellent camera and sub-200 price tag unlocked.
  • I get that. Buying for more than one ratchets up the cost, where I'm divorced and my kids are adults. There are things I wish this iPhone had that W10M (and my 950) has. and perhaps something simple iPhone has that W10M does not. I wonder what Apple would do if it suddenly owned W10M. What would we see?
  • I will pay whatever the price for the works.   Just as I would pay any price for the 1020 i had (before windows 10),  because it worked.  There were new apps coming in,  excitement in the community, a general push foward.   Windows 10 hit and it all went to crap.  just like hitting an iceberg!   I am on all apple now,  and its so refreshing to have everything work as it is supposed to,  no bugs,  no lag,  no constant nagging from the OS,  No constant freezeups, or lock ups.   etc.  something that is prevelant in windows 10 on both desktop, tablet and mobile devices.   Shame on MS for letting this total yahoo destroy everything that was built.
  • Sell your old devices on eBay to get some money back, as iPhones hold value better than most devices. Even then, you may not actually need to upgrade every two years. iPhones get better long-term support and don't get that sluggish with age, and the battery can be user-replaced. My wife is still happy with her 5C that she uses heavily everyday, and I've replaced the battery on it three times now. Amazingly durable device. 
  • All my windows devices are gone!  sold for pittance of what I paid because they are not apple or android devices.
  • My 950 is more valuable to me than to anyone else. I'm not selling it. So now I use two phones, and I'm hardly someone that gabboons on my personal phone all day.
  • Exactly!