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From the Editor's Desk: Remembering to keep expectations in check

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I've stepped in and borrowed Dan's desk for this weekend (not really, but his looks a lot cooler than mine) to wrap up at the end of what's been a very busy period in these parts. In quick succession we've had a new desktop build of the Windows 10 preview, a new phone build of the Windows 10 preview, a new Surface and new Windows Phones among the rest of the daily news cycle.

And it's not going to get any quieter any time soon. Not with that little thing called Build coming up in a few weeks.

But through it all there's one thought that's been nagging in the back of my mind. It manifested during a briefing earlier this week with Microsoft in London. And that's that we should all remember to keep our expectations in check.

Specifically, the Q&A session after the main presentation, a local launch brief for the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, brought about one of the gathered press digging for information about how Windows 10 will push out to phones later this year. The response? That carriers and their testing and certification will likely play a huge part in the initial update, and so it's pretty unlikely everyone on every phone will get it all at once.

It's not at all surprising, but it is a reminder that while we're all going to be excited to get new things as soon as we possibly can, software updates on phones have largely been at the mercy of the carriers. Just ask Lumia Icon owners. There may well be methods for nerds to get it much faster that we don't yet know about, maybe through a continuation of the Preview for Developers program. But for the average Windows Phone owner there will be some kind of a wait in store. So before we get too carried away about when Microsoft is going to release it, we should all take a deep breath and remember that it isn't just Microsoft we have to worry about.

That same process of managing expectations is important to remember across the board. It's important to consider the facts before letting our emotional responses get the better of us. We've got the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL in for review at the moment, and already it's clear there is a mixed response. There are those that just aren't interested in anything until a new 'flagship' arrives.

There are also those who perhaps expect a little too much, one example being from the camera. We all want the best bang for our buck when we're buying a phone. But it's also important to consider who these devices are targeted at, specifically the price point. When you can buy the Lumia 640 for £99 here in the UK, why would it ever have a camera that can compete with the likes of the more expensive 830, 930 and so on?

And then there's the Windows 10 technical previews. The key is the last two words. These aren't developer previews. They're not betas. They're extremely early versions of future software that we're lucky Microsoft is choosing to share with us. The Windows 10 team wants our feedback. But they can surely do without complaints that "xx broke on my phone, I can't use it anymore." For starters it's always been a recommendation to avoid the previews on your main/only phone. Microsoft is even good enough to tell us what they know doesn't work, yet they're still happy to share the build. Again, we all need to be responsible enough to check our expectations and treat it as what it is.

Massive hat tip to Microsoft's Gabe Aul, too. The man is a saint. Read his Twitter stream most days and you'll understand why.

The Windows and Windows Phone community is a passionate, excitable bunch. That's truly a great thing. But it's also a thing that can lead to heart overruling head. Passion has its place. But so does being sensible. We're all guilty of getting over excited. It's a long year ahead, we'll have plenty to direct it on.

Some more quick hits while we're here:

  • During my time with Microsoft earlier this week I finally saw what I'd call the Unicorn of Windows Phones right now, the gold Lumia 830. And it's hot. Hopefully more on that soon, so stay tuned.
  • I'm having a lot of fun with the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL. We're trying to do a little more these days with new phones, doing more break out posts in place of just going dark and popping up with a full review. Hopefully you guys are liking them, but definitely let us know if there's something you'd like to see. No promises, but we're here to help.
  • And that's part of the reason we're breaking out more posts specific to these new phones. Many things are constants within Windows Phone, but not everyone who buys a new device reads Windows Central (yet.) Regular readers may not find all of them useful, but we're here for all Windows Phone users, new and old.
  • Pound for pound the Lumia 640 might be the best value Windows Phone you can buy right now. I haven't fully made my mind up on that.
  • You may have noticed a few changes around here. We're changing up how things look (and perform) but we've also welcomed some new faces to the Windows Central team in recent weeks. Jez Corden is a fellow Brit and has come on board to head up our Xbox/Gaming content push, Jason Ward will be bringing you some thought provoking editorial pieces on the Microsoft ecosystem and Mauro Huculak is going to give our coverage of Windows 10 a definite boost. If you didn't already, say hi!
  • I finally played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this week. And beat the campaign mode with more ease than any Call of Duty game to date. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, especially the cameo from Kevin Spacey. But there are so many excellent games in the Xbox One store from ID@Xbox developers, like Ori and the Blind Forest, that are more fun to play for longer. And much less expensive.
  • I'll never, ever, buy a game based on its multiplayer experience. I'm not that kind of gamer. Sorry.
  • Microsoft Band finally ships in the UK this week. I've had mine since CES week, and still enjoy it as much now as I did then. Hoping British buyers feel the same when they get theirs.

That's about it. Things won't be slowing down any time soon, so let's get back to it.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • The TP, so far, shows that W10 makes WP8.1 look like WP8.0.
    Even though It's rough... If this is what we call "early" I can't wait to see what the finally RTM build has in store... This update is all about functionality, and attention to detail...
    Nevertheless, landscape mode on the start screen seems like a reasonable expectation. That's not too much to ask...
  • My comment now has no meaning since you changed yours! (UK marketing is pretty impressive for anyone curious what it was. Lumia 640 will get a good push.)
  • That is awesome❗ Wish we could say the same for the US. But, that's great.
    So, my question is why is MS's marketing budget for WP not as big❔ Does WP have to earn it's way❔ Kinda a catch 22.
  • Consider that Samsung sponsored the Olympic Games. I wouldn't even want to contemplate how much a deal like that costs. I don't think Microsoft spending that much money on Windows Phone would be money well spent. Samsung sells more phones than every other OEM on the planet and Android is pretty much untouchable for market share. Consider someone like Huawei. Selling 75 million phones in a year and just a small part of the overall Android ecosystem. Ignore market share for a second. That was a successful year for Huawei. As a company they're doing their own thing with Android software and must be making money, else why do it? So what if Microsoft alone, as a company, sold 75 million Lumias? Market share would still be small but wouldn't that be considered a success?
  • How many Lumia devices did MS/Nokia sell last year❓
  • Based on 10 odd million over the holiday quarter nowhere likely close to 75 million.
  • Wow... MS has It's work cut out for them...
    So, what's your honest opinion about how effective W10 will be towards selling more Lumia devices❓ And, do you think W10 will significantly help the app situation❓
  • @rodney  I know I'm not Richard but I don't think Windows (Phone) 10 will have any impact on the sales. As Richard pointed out, even if Microsoft was able to miraculously sell 75 million Lumias, market share would still be small (and I'm assuming it will continue to fall). And with market share still being small, developers will still not be interested in putting resources into a shrinking platform. You can talk about "Windows Universal" apps, sure. But now think with me: which apps are the ones that most users demand? The ones with the "hip" factor? Now think how many of them make sense existing in any sort of platform apart from mobile? What's the point of an Instagram app on a Windows PC? Or Tinder? Or SnapChat? Or any of the Google apps? None. Because those apps are aimed at mobile only. On a PC they either don't make sense or are already accessible through any browser (like YouTube, Gmail, Drive etc).
  • Hummmm.. Interesting. So, you think even with W10 market share will drop❓ That seems like the opposite of what MS is expecting...
    But, what about games, and other critical apps❔ Don't they outnumber hip apps❓ Those apps can definitely take advantage of the universal app program... Can't that help increase market share, and help bring more hip apps❓ Something has got to give in MS's favor sooner or later.
  • I think unless Microsoft manages to bring in more reputable OEMs that can take Nokia's place, W10 will make no difference in the mobile market.   As for games, well...I think we both know how Microsoft deals with gaming on WP. They had the entire Xbox platform and they neutered it. With W10 aimed at the Xbox too, I think when it comes to gaming, developers will aim their cannons at creating one game that runs on Xbox One/Windows 10 PCs rather than creating them aimed at mobile. Xbox One and Windows 10 games can, teoretically, be the same. But a game designed for the Xbox One or for a PC will never run on a mobile phone and won't be the same as a mobile game. So when the choice comes, I think developers will more likely design games aimed at the huge PC market along with the fairly big Xbox One market, than they'll do it with Windows (Phone) 10 in mind.   As for other "critical" apps...I'm not sure what those are?
  • I see your point.. You may be right...
    Critical apps like banking apps, important work apps, the apps that people actually need...
  • That's the thing...Banking, work stuff...all that doesn't need a Windows app, as it's available on desktop and browsers. Which means we're left in the same predication as before: the low market share doesn't justify the institutions making Universal apps for things that can be accessed through the desktop on the platform (Windows) where users are. I think maybe we'll see some of those banking apps etc transformed into Windows 10 Universal apps, if those apps are already on Windows 8. But if I was Microsoft, I would actually offer, to the banks etc that actually supported Windows 8 apps (not WP, Windows 8), a Windows 10 Universal App version of their Windows 8 app. That would show appreciation for their support and would spare them the work and cost to transform their Windows 8 apps into Windows 10 Uapps (which would, by extension, put those apps on WP10). However, the mobile market seems to be more based on the apps that are trendy and less in productivity apps (otherwise BlackBerry wouldn't be where they are). The problem with Microsoft trying to leverage their Windows power on mobile is that people don't do on mobile what they do on their Windows PCs.
  • One of the most well thought out and well explained posts I've seen here. Kudos.
    I think the last statement you made regarding how people actually use their devices and which they think to grab for a specific task rings true.
    For instance, has anyone noticed how you see a LOT fewer iPads in the wild and at the workplace these days? That's a statement of where we are with apps & software in general and which devices people are choosing to use them on. iPad was the device that bridged the gap between laptop and phone and screen sizes on phones had a lot to do with that in tandem with more powerful phones. I suspect even those who used to be heavy iPad users find themselves reaching for their phone or "light laptop" (Surface Pro and similar) instead these days.
  • "That's the thing...Banking, work stuff...all that doesn't need a Windows app, as it's available on desktop and browsers." No, that's a poor man's excuse for a work-around. My desktop has Outlook, why does my mobile need it?  If you don't understand the answer to that, you don't understand the market or the problem. As for banking apps, the browser is a crap alternative.  An app streamlines what you need.  Balance, bill pay, statements, etc... No adverts. Not a million f'n options you have to steer the screen around to get to what you want along with correct formatting and size without having to pinch and zoom every data entry point.  This is especially helpful if I just want to see a simple balance as often as I use it.  With an app, it's right there.  Through a browser, I have zoom in, type the login, zoom out, slide the screen, and zoom back in.  It's a total pain in the ass.  
  • Thank you.
  • I see. I see.. Hummmm.
  • The only problem with this post is that the fattest growing WP are MS branded and the change hasn't hurt them at all...
  • @DJCBS and @rodneyej, for gaming, I think it's important to distinguish between hard core and casual games. The logical move for casual games developers would be a universal app for Windows PC and Windows Phone. The logical move for a hard core game would be Windows 10 PC and XBox One. XBox One gamers don't do a lot of casual game play on their 60" TV screen. Casual games like Solitaire have been heavily played for decades on PC or on phone while commuting to work, sitting on the toilet, waiting for your date to show up or that work meeting to start, etc. Very different user experiences. Windows PC fits into both. It's OK that there's minimal overlap between games on XBox One and Phone. Gaming is a great opportunity for Windows Phone, but I agree that MS really hasn't done it justice yet.
  • You just can't make conclusions saying windows 10 share will drop in future. Already windows 10 is being used world wide and its gaining momentum and developers are starting to create universal apps for example dungeon hunter one of the best games came as a universal app, and with windows 10 for free upgrade, who will say "I won't upgrade".
  • on tablets Apps are useful
  • I'm getting sick of caring how many Microsoft sells. I just need to enjoy useing what i love and telling others.
  • Well, you can be sick of hear about it all you want, and ignore what's really going on... Doesn't mean we have to... Nobody is stopping you from doing what you want..
  • I have never understood this "scorched earth" attitude that some Windows Phone users have where they don't care if everyone else leaves the ecosystem or they are indifferent to marketshare or how many units are sold. Windows Phone has to sell well or they will eventually be forced out of the game.  No matter how much you would like it, Microsoft and the other OEMs are not going to produce handsets for you and your small circle of friends alone.  Numbers matter in a big way.
  • Yes.... You can't just drive the car without changing the oil... Lol..
  • People are underestimating the power of Windows. If even 50 million people upgrade for free to Windows 10, developers will take notice. They don't need to sell devices to increase market share. More users equals more chances devs make apps. With the rise of the sub $100 windows tablet I expect this to be really enticing to devs who want to be on so many devices. That's my take and one I assume MS is thinking. They know well that it will take them years to grow to 50million phones sold per quarter. This is the only way to grow imo.
  • That's what we're all hoping.
  • Why is there a water bottle in the beer holder?
  • Lol..
  • Hell, Samsung changed the name of an entire terminal of Heathrow's Airport to "Galaxy S5". They just go way too far with marketing. No one goes as far as them.   Still, the UK was actually the only place I've seen WP advertisements on TV. Nowhere else in Europe. Though, to be fair, it was also the only place where I've seen so many people with the iPhone 5C instead of the normal 5S.
  • Do you think Lumia marketing could stand to "go too far" as you say Samsung does❓
  • I don't think so. Firstly because Microsoft isn't willing to spend so much money on WP or Lumia as Samsung. Then you have the brand factor. "Lumia" alone doesn't have any particular brand power (and here you must put yourself in the place of the average consumer, not the mobile tech enthusiast). And then you have the "Microsoft" problem. Microsoft as a brand is quite polirized. First they have absolutely no name when it comes to mobile phones. So the power of the Microsoft brand on a phone has to be borrowed from the power of the Microsoft brand as a software maker (not even from Xbox as the Xbox doesn't have any reference at all to Microsoft in it, if you notice.). And as a software giant you have the people that love Windows and the people that loath Windows. When Nokia was on board the WP train, the power of the Nokia brand pushed WP forward. You may not know what WP was, but you knew Nokia. With that gone, it's harder to promote Lumias with people who don't know them. I still believe that the end of the Nokia brand on WP is the reason why WP marketshare sank. Daniel will try to sell you otherwise, by saying that more phones were sold. Yeah. Sure. Except: 1 - you don't know how many of those WP were still the ones with the Nokia brand in them and which ones were the ones with Microsoft in them; 2 - shipping many Lumia 535 doesn't mean selling all those shipped 535; 3 - marketshare has been dropping ever since Nokia left. Which means that albeit the mobile market grew, WP no longer kept growing with it and Android and iOS grew more.   As you know, I don't think Lumias and WP itself has much of a future. And I think Microsoft itself knows that. If anything, WP10 is their last attempt before bringing in Android apps and then killing off the platform. Still, it wouldn't hurt them to put more effort into marketing. Microsoft UK is actually one of the few (if not the only one, really) that puts any effort into marketing WP devices, much like Nokia did before them. I'll give you an example: over here, where there are more mobile phones than inhabitants (there's at least 2 mobile phones per inhabitant), 60% of those mobile phones are Nokias. I haven't ONCE seen an advertisement for WP on TV. And on the streets, most retailers sell the phones as "Nokia smartphones". No mention to Windows Phone, Microsoft...nothing. Microsoft has not made a single effort to sell themselves or their "Microsoft Lumia" phones. Not one. And to be truthful, Nokia wasn't doing much effort to sell WP devices either. So you have a market that is clearly favourable to the Nokia brand, that actually bought into Nokia WP devices because of it, but that Microsoft hasn't made any effort to try and nourish. As a result, most of my friends that had Nokia devices, when the time came to pick a new phone, they moved on to Sony, Samsung and Apple. Few moved into WP with Nokia around and even less moved into it without Nokia. Because Microsoft simply does nothing to try and bring them in.
  • Perfection❗ Extremely well said.. Love it. I hope MS is reading this.
  • I'm sure MS hang on your every word. DJ has been a hater of MS acquiring Nokia since the deal was done. I don't agree that Nokia was some utopian brand that everyone aspired to. Look at where MS are in this list: You also have to be careful about marketing. In Europe MS market hard. As an example when someone looked over my shoulder at my 735 last week they asked "is that a Windows Phone" they did not say Lumia nor Nokia.  Whilst there is an app gap, people will continue to dismiss it - even though the gap is very narrow. This is a war of attrition, MS know this. They wanted to see off Blackberry to be 3rd, then move onto Apple (which they will try again with a new flagship presumably) but as iTunes is so central to many peoples ecosystem its gonna be hard to lever people off. Its not a single faceted argument about marketing as you two would believe.
  • You should learn the difference between not supporting Microsoft Mobile and refusing to see the facts. Do I take particular pleasure in seeing Microsoft Mobile sink and WP with it? Yes. I won't say I don't. But nothing that I wrote is based on what I wanted or think. It's all based on facts. Microsoft is far bigger than Microsoft Mobile. And I honestly don't think Microsoft needs WP or MM to be a relevant player. Just like Google didn't need to build a PC OS to make their search engine and services as relevant as they became.   You also fail to understand what I wrote about mobile brand power. It's not a question of Nokia being an utopian brand everyone aspires to. It's a question of you having two brands in the mobile market: one that has been around for decades and is known by the consumers, and another one that has no reputation in that market. Microsoft is a powerful brand in the sense that they hold the PC market and almost everyone owns or uses Windows or Office. However that doesn't mean Microsoft as a mobile brand has the same power. It doesn't. Also, that forbes article is about the Microsoft brand globally. Not about the power of "Microsoft Mobile" or Microsoft as a mobile brand. Samsung is considered as a whole, not just Samsung Mobile. Same for Google. It's Google as a corporation, not just Android or the search engine.   And no, MS in Europe doesn't market hard AT ALL. And you know how I know that? Because I'm European and I travel quite a lot around Europe. The UK is the only country I've seen so far where there were WP adverts. As for identifying your phone, well, all they need to see if the start screen to identify it as Windows Phone IF they have a Windows 8 PC. Because it looks like their PC/laptop OS. Still, the average consumer will not know it and even if they do, they'll probably not care.   "Whilst there is an app gap, people will continue to dismiss it - even though the gap is very narrow." People will dismiss WP because the App gap IS real. And it's becoming more than real, it's evolving to the part where even if there are official apps available, they're eternal Betas or very very very sub-par experiences compared with their Android/iOS counterparts.   By the way, your argument about being 3rd, 2nd etc, is quite outdated. Yes, they had that mindset during Bald Ballmer's reign. Microsoft has changed (thank God) and under Nadella they've already realised that they'll be lucky to keep their 3rd place let alone trying to surpass iOS and even less Android. That's why they've started to put more resources into their Android and iOS apps. They know no Microsoft flagship will ever be able to take on the Android flagships let alone the iPhone. It's a question of consumer mindset. Microsoft woke up way too late for the race and allowed themselves to be surpassed. It's more important now for Microsoft to try and to get consumers into their services no matter on the platform than to try to make WP happening. If it didn't in 5 years, it won't happen.
  • I remember the days when Nokia and Blackberry were at the too, where are they now! Microsoft will play the long game for mobile.
  • @DJCBS >You should learn the difference between not supporting Microsoft Mobile and refusing to see the facts.  Its not facts, its just your ranting viewpoint.   >Do I take particular pleasure in seeing Microsoft Mobile sink and WP with it? Yes. I won't say I don't.  Bingo. Your chidlish attitude on display for all to see. Only your little Nokia fan club of 3 people care about your deep love of Nokia. You do realise how mental that sounds right?  Its a faceless company, making mass produced products, yet you love it like its your brother. Geesh, marketing people love sheep like you. >And no, MS in Europe doesn't market hard AT ALL. Oh please shut up. MS adverts are on TV all the time, certainly in the UK. When 8 launched on phones they had billboards up all over London. Your armchair view of the world is not how it actually is. Show me some real numbers and some real facts and maybe you have a point, otherwise its all just hot air DJ.   Just as a little experiment to yourself, type "Windows Phone Advert" into YouTube, and just see how many they have made.  I  don't really understand the whole point of your last paragraph its a bit waffly just for the sake of argument probably. MS of course want to grow their marketshare and sell more units and aim to be #2 or #1.  Your pessimistic view is just your projecting as you hate MS as you've already conceded.   
  • Rodney, you and I both know whoever Microsoft has trolling forums to monitor comments, apparently just like collecting a pay check because they don't seem to here us. Maybe they need to lay more people off and get one who care in the building. Joe should be jumping Gabe Aul's you know what instead praising him on twitter. I mean i had to roll my 1520 back in less than 20 minutes of using the preview yesterday. It practically killed it with slowness, I couldn't take it and the inconsistent UI is horrible with the mix and match of circles, squares, and rectangles everywhere. I know it's a preview, but C' Mon man! I hit him up on twitter, but Gabe doesn't tend to respond .
  • OMFG❗❗❗❗
    Samsung just aired THE biggest smartphone ad ever for the S6 Edge.... About 120 second mini movie... IT was action packed, and extremely informative... It's over with.. They killed it.
    I know Richard said that it wouldn't be super beneficial for MS to increase it's marketing budget, but now I say BS❗ If you saw what I just saw you would be sick❗
  • Technical preview. You know it's like that on pretty much every device right? I have it on my 1520 and sure it's pretty slow and some things don't work, but that's the whole point of it. At least I'm providing constructive feedback and you should be doing the same, otherwise why download it?
  • @ OMG55  
    Rodney, you and I both know whoever Microsoft has trolling forums to monitor comments, apparently just like collecting a pay check because they don't seem to here us. Maybe they need to lay more people off and get one who care in the building. Joe should be jumping Gabe Aul's you know what instead praising him on twitter. I mean i had to roll my 1520 back in less than 20 minutes of using the preview yesterday. It practically killed it with slowness, I couldn't take it and the inconsistent UI is horrible with the mix and match of circles, squares, and rectangles everywhere. I know it's a preview, but C' Mon man! I hit him up on twitter, but Gabe doesn't tend to respond .
    Blimey, are you 5 years old? Anyone who doesn't agree with some internet rager must be a company shill? Grow up please. You do realise the Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview is... er.. a preview? And being such a raving lunatic you expect people at MS to listen to you, let alone answer! SMH Come back when its a released product, when its all UI inconsistent maybe you'll have a point, but until then its just a preview, a work in progress. 
  • Well said DJCBS.
    Nokia was the ONLY reason I joined this platform. Now that it has gone, I'm not sure I feel the same passion for the platform.
    Nokia were always the ones that came up with creative marketing, & who actually responded to our requests (the 1020 and 1520 were pretty spectacular high points for this platform. That they were built by a company in such dire straits is all the more impressive).
    Aah, I wish the Nokia brand was still around. I just don't care enough about Microsoft to want them to succeed....even if I am heavily invested in their ecosystem.
  • The Nokia brand (and Nokia itself) is still around ;) They're just on a forced contractual vacation that is set to end on the 31st of December this year. In the meantime they're experimenting with the N1 and tuning their new business model before a full return (as Rajeev Suri, Nokia's CEO, said at MWC). So far the response to the N1 has been pretty damn good. Patience. ;)
  • Do you realize that all of the employees (essentially everything you actually liked about Nokia unless you ONLY care about the name) that made those devices are now Microsoft Mobile?   The same designers, marketing team, and QA.   If you think the N1 is a good sign for Nokia, then you might as well skip the KIRF and go straight to Apple products.
  • I don't get it. You're saying you like the Nokia name regardless of the OS on the device? When Elop decided to go with WP on almost all Nokia devices I did kind of question whether long time Nokia users would stick with Nokia.
    Yea Nokia probably pushed MS to get this OS up to par but MS was still in control and now we are where we are today..
  • Microsoft like RIM and its Blackberry probably felt invincible in the tech market and when Apple and google marched in, they rested on their collective laurels and figured they were essentially safe. I'm sure they both would like a couple mulligan not to have suffered as badly as they did in the mobile space.  Having said that, Microsoft is a tenacious bunch and they don't toss in the towel like that.  I also don't agree nor do I believe that Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones is a final hail Mary at mobile. I think the adjustments they have made and are making based on what we have all asked for them to do will surprise the biggest skeptic blog site,   If the screen shots Mauro published from 10056 is any indication, no one will want to be without Windows 10. Not to mention it being FREE for the first year or whatever that story was. And if they could figure out how to land Windows X at corporate facilities, it will allow them to continue with their mobile plans. Time will tell but I can't believe they went to shareholders with this purchase of Nokia to collect it as some trophy. We simply do not know the plan. BTW, Well said DJCBS.
  • As much as I love Windows Phone (still have an old LG Quantum buried somewhere, lol), I'm not as optimistic about Microsoft's chances. I compare Microsoft's mobile presence to Sega's console presence in the late '90s/early '00s. Windows 10 is like the Sega Dreamcast: great console, but there was way too much demand for the Sony PlayStation2 for virtually anyone to care. Sega, like Microsoft, shot themselves in the foot too many times.
  • Windows 10 isn't the hail Mary to stay in mobile. The hail Mary is the MS apps for iOS and Android. Windows 10 for Mobile is the concession that they lost the mobile OS game.
  • Another great post/comment. I tend to root for Microsoft as a fan of their software and platform from a business perspective while at the same time being hyper critical of them "missing the forest for the trees" when it comes to marketing. Samsung shows us how you can spend a LOT of money with "untargeted marketing". That type is awfully hard to track results, btw, but it's really easy to track how much money you are spending if that's your benchmark for effort. ;) Though I haven't had a single Apple device since my parents bought us an Apple IIc long ago, but even I will admit that their targeted marketing has certainly kept their products "top of mind" and relevant through the years. I dismissed the Apple watch until I saw the commercial on TV. Too bad Microsoft hasn't done the same with the Microsoft Band!
  • I think they need to go all out with the Windows 10 launch and that includes the Phones as well. On top of an awesome marketing campaign which I don't think they can overdo(make people think about it because they see it so much). But they really need to focus on the carriers. They are a huge problem. I went into yet another AT&T store and the rep there told my wife its a straight no brainer to choose an iPhone 5C over the Lumia 830 because the Windows Phone can't do much. My wife, who has had a Windows Phone for quite some time, even though she was considering switching to iPhone 5C just to mix things up a bit, got mad at him because of how he was flat out bashing Windows Phone and probably never used one. I don't care if every other commercial was some kind of Microsoft Windows 10 product, Microsoft needs to step their marketing and awareness up otherwise developers will continue to ignore us. As it stands, their marketing for Windows Phone is non-existent.
  • Nice❗
  • I can only speak for Sweden but here I haven't seen an MS ad on TV for at least 1.5 years.
  • Lol.. Damn.
  • There are ads with lumias in Italy and in Romania,ive saw them,on tv!
  • I've seen the ads in Romania as well, but they seem desperate as ****... I mean that almost every ad here is something like "we have apps like Instagram so come to us"
  • Yeah, instagram Beta. Last updated a year ago. Oh god, I can see myself buying an iPhone next year or using my great L930 until it dies.
  • Microsoft also seems to do a lot of product placement here in the UK via soaps. Emmerdale and Hollyoaks seem to be full of Lumias! They even use the correct tones sometimes for onscreen texts etc...
  • Italy has tons of Lumias TV commercials. Lumias lumias everywhere. Lots of marketing produced a good marketshare. (This is to say UK is not the only country with many Lumias on TV).
  • Nigeria may not be in Europe but Microsoft have run ads on tv here. There's even an ongoing promo that can net you more than $15000 to start your own business, tied to buying a Lumia 535.
  • Yo. Great post. I still think we need at least one more post to explain what beta, alpha, developer, technical previews are. Explicitly state requirements of testers such as technical knowledge, spare devices, communication skill... With this one can easily link to this post(s) as a reply to guys pointless complaints.
  • Agreed on this.^ every time I visit my girlfriend in Bristol, there are Lumia rotating billboards and signs everywhere in Cabot circus and the gallery (usually the 735). Here in Boston...not so much.
  • The US has a serious marketing issue... That's quite obvious.
  • Do you have any TP for my bunghole? LOL, sorry I couldn't resist.
  • All hail our devine Richard! :P
  • I come from Lake Titicaca.
  • Maybe now you can finally score!
  • I'm liking what I see so far in W10 on my Lumia 920... it's pretty slick still and not really bogging down anywhere! Now if only I can find my stupid nano micro sim adapter to switch between my 930 and 920!!
  • A landscape start screen?
    Good god!
  • Tablets have it... Makes perfect sense.
  • I'm not sure that means phones should have it too. From my experience, a majority of the people with iPhone 6+ hate that it switches while they're doing something like lying in bed. I think this is one thing that they shouldn't copy from Apple lol
  • Then make it optional... Problem solved.
  • If it was optional I would use it. I want it!
  • Tablets aren't phones.
  • Are you really that stuck on names❓
  • Good point. And with a "rotation lock" in the latest Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview, one might summise a landscape mode is coming. I'll be disabling that bad boy as soon as it pops up.
  • Landscape mode would just make it to where you don't have to flip the phone as much.. Much more seamless experience..... Especially if MS made sure all their apps, like XBM, we're landscape mode compatible..
  • I understand what landscape is for ;-) But I have no need for it. If I want to watch a movie/YouTube/do gaming, I'll use a far more suitable device. Or just rely on the orientation sensors to adjust the display. Clearly, some people want a landscape Start screen, I'm just saying I really can't see why. Tomayto, tomahto.
  • Understood...
    1520 user here...................................
  • Haven't had the pleasure of the TP on my 928 but probably thankfully so due to all of the glitches. That I expect. What I don't expect and want is a browser like Spartan. I've seen the previews with the last video put out by WC. It's way too busy. Plus when your actual webpage is only a third of the browser or less than its really not much to browse with. Right now at this point the longer 8.1 stays on my phone the longer I'll be with a WP in my pocket. I'm sorry to say but if WP 10 rolled out today I'd be looking for another OS. And there are others out there other than the usual three WP, Android & iPhone. I may have to start investigating now.
  • Agree that the Spartan browser takes up toooooo much screen space with boring grey bars at the top. Also, the address bar at the too, WHY? It should be at the bottom, as should anything else but under ... I am a big Windows fan with a 930, Surface Pro 3 and Surface 2 4G, but am mixed about W10 from what's been shown. The beautiful experience of WP that had hubs and swipes seems to be in danger of being replaced by hamburger menus and nothing else. Where is the unique, beautiful experience of WP in W10? I know it's a TP but they need to go further than practical to make the os special and unique to WP. Currently I see that WP and Android had a baby called W10. As all the unique os disappears and unique software is available everywhere, the OS needs to be something REALLY SPECIAL to be a win.
  • Its not like Android, its the Adaptive UI that give it its unique look. The principle being the whole UI of an app can collapse and change orientation based on the number of pixel of the device, or resized on the Desktop. Its a fiendishly clever system but it does move away from the old Win8 look to the new Win10 look. Run the Windows 10 TP on your Desktop and you will see this is where the Win 10 Phone OS is heading. White, blue and grey with adapative UI. I think it looks clean, and gives store apps (resizable) on Desktop that also work well on phone on tablet. Kevin Gallo wrote about it in his blog and there is an MWC video to watch if you search for it (I've posted it already elsewhere) Watch the video, and be impressed. Well I was, but then I can see from a devs point of view why its nifty :)
  • Not having TP on any of my devices as I need them fully working. I get the new, clean and minimalistic look in general and some parts are awesome. But, from the phone point of view, I personally need something more than a row of photos and a hamburger menu to replace the picture hub. I want to see something special, animations or transitions or whatever. Hence my mixed view SO FAR for W10. I am waiting for them to surprise me and don't think I'm the only one.
  • I always like these types of posts from you guys :)
  • Very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you.
  • My expectation: Computers suck. When they don't I am pleasantly surprised!
  • If u whining about how buggy Win10 TP. Well screw u. Go buy an Android
  • Uhm.. Don't like buggy, buy an android? You do realise that android is the definition of buggy, right? Buy an iPhone or stick to WP 8.1. THAT's not buggy.
  • iOS 8 is buggy as hell fwiw. My iPhone 6 is a constant source of irritation.
  • Okay fair point. Since iOS 7, you should just pick WP 8.1. Forget the Apple part :D
  • Take it in.  My iPhone 6 has been flawless.
  • It is not about the bugs. It is about the design-conceptless / chaos-usability that freaks me out!
  • For WIn 10 phone I certainly agree.  Seems like they just grabbed their IOS and Android apps and slapped them in here.  It is a visual mess, at least as far as the OS to 1st party apps go.  (and the Outlook app is absolutely terrible compared to previous mail app)
  • Do you even windows bro???
  • Screw that! Cortana predicted Man City to win today and they lost like a bunch idiots. It's only one Manchester and that's ReD.
  • Yay man utd! 4-2 is a thrashing.
  • Last week she predicted that 'It would take a footballing miracle for Arsenal to beat Liverpool'. Much to my joy, she couldn't have been more wrong, as Arsenal won 4-1.
  • Yeah. LOL
  • To be fair, Cortana probably fell asleep trying to calculate the probability just like we do trying to watch the actual games.
  • I make a habit of installing the preview builds for a few days to help report bugs and provide the feedback i'd like to see. after that it gets uninstalled because it is early software and not fit for anything else but testing at this point. That being said, I'm concerned with the early direction of the UI. I'm hoping MS is not going where it looks like they are going.
  • They are going to match the asthetic to the Windows 10 preview look. Adapative UI, and new widgets for toggles and radio buttons etc. I like it, looks much cleaner and much more intuitive.  
  • Those new rounded toggles look awful compared to the bold rectangular shapes in 8.1
    8.1 passed the most gruelling of 'intuitive' tests (my tech illiterate mum).
    Her impression of W10 TP?!...that it was 'ugly and confusing'.
  • Amen. They are doing great on the UI front with WP8.1. It's simple, elegant....yet powerful. Exactly what a mobile OS should be.
    Moving away from bold colours and uniform design just doesn't make sense to me.
  • Nice red!  Gulf side or Atlantic?  Heading to PSJ in May!!!
  • Hopefully the aesthetics will be preserved from the current versions, as well as UI controls which work well (e.g. app bar, panorama,...)
  • Nothing like a real Diplomat to let us know how to cope with mediocrity. Now I can finally be happy that Windows Phone is a rudderless ship that figured they are better trying to copy Android and Apple and looking for inspiration from their User Base because Microsoft's own Phone team has no clue about what is required. I installed the Developer Preview and then quickly uninstalled it. I thought the idea was one idea across multiple devices? Looks like it's "man I hope we get one thing right out of all this crap we just put together". Well at least they wont have to worry about fixing any problems from 8.1 anymore. Stephen Elop and Joe Belfiore, masters of selling an empty promise.
  • Looks like someone here is not a fan. Relax bro, these designs are not definite at all. Look at the pc releases so far: First three looked the same and then suddenly it all changed. Then after two build it looks like they are going to tweak a lot of the UI yet again. I expect a similar thing to happen for phones, but there just haven't been enough releases yet for you to see that. Just calm down and provide them with your feedback(note:feedback, not rants) and it'll keep on changing until it gets a final design. What that looks like is still a mystery for all of us (including MS)
  • I'm with you. MS pretends to care what users think. Unfortunately I do believe it will end up looking like Android and or Apple. No matter how much you or I complain it wont matter one bit. But I'm glad to see some people are still hopeful. Yes, this site has become apologist for MS. Its no different from sites like BGR where Apple can do no wrong. :/
  • MS do listen, even to our own detriment. Look at how they scaled back great plans for XBox One as the PS lovers poured scorn on the digital only and always on - even though it gave us true family shraring, and eventually Steam like cheap games. I think live tiles have been great, but with 10 we will end up with rows of buttons on a full screen image - as that is what people are expecting. I think MS listen too much to all the whiners and haters, and then up not being "pure". The main part the OP on this section, is that the UI is closer to Windows 10. But also that the API underneath allows an "almost" write once run anywhere experience for developers. This should bring apps from phone to tablet, and tablet to phone. VS will soon be able to compile Xamarin  to Andoird and to iOS built in. But this will be lost on most on here who only see the front screen, and don't really understand the technology at all underneath and where its heading. A good read for this is here, but I doubt most will read it as it has too many words :/    
  • Yes.  MS did change how they were going to implement Xbox One.  Personally I did like the direction MS was going.  What I didn't like was "always on".  It may be common to some who can afford an internet service, but not everyone is that lucky.  All they had to do was remove that option and not scrap their entire vision. 
    Yes.  MS does listen.  They are changing one of the best designs of their OS (8.1) to resemble 7.0 with the use of a Start Menu.  I love 8.1 design.  Never liked the Start Menu.  So yes, they have listen to the masses.  So yes, they scrapped their vision again.
    So now it comes to the phones.  As far as I could tell no one was clamoring for all these different types of changes in the "phone OS".  But they are going to get them anyway.  Starting from the Me Tile, Photo Hub, Game Hub, Music Hub, intergration with FB, etc.. who was clamoring for those changes?  Not many as far as I could tell.  MS is desperate to get users they think the look and feel of Android and iOS is the winning solution.  So no, I don't think MS is listening on this front.  I still hope when the final release comes out I will be so surprised that I'll have to take back all the negative thoughts I had.  All I want is a Flagship device!  I don't want to see 4 different versions for each carrier in the US.  Just give us an XPhone1!
  • Good times ahead. Enjoying TP on my 1520
  • What are the top 5 issues you're having❓
    The gutter is back on the start screen... Lol.
  • You mean when the wallpaper has that black area along the right side of the screen on the 1520? And the only way to correct it is remove and set the wallpaper again?
  • Yes.. Lol. It's not that annoying, but looks funny.
    I had a issue with the phone being unable to unlock without a soft reset, but I found a solution for that.... You have to wipe the device, don't use the backup options, and start clean... The TP doesn't play well with backups from 8.1.
  • Just to play Devils Advocate for a moment... Call it whining, call it feedback, call it whatever. I'd say MS appreciate finding out what issues are buggy and which one brick handsets, after-all isnt that why they have a TP in the first place?
  • Yeah... People just need to make sure they are actually using the feedback tools, and not just posting their frustrations here.
  • Agreed, although as a 930 user, I'm still waiting for my 'time to whine' but if I were to place myself in Gabe Aul's (big) shoes for a moment. I reckon he's a big enough boy to take the feedback where it comes without letting it hurt his feelings. Obviously the feedback channel is there to allow the appropriate teams to collait the relevent information to help drive the development progress, and of course that should be observed. However, as we are all aware software updates (on all platforms) get's the passionate users all crazy like, nobody should be terribly shocked about this and compose lists of do's and don'ts. *This is me still playing Devils Advocate btw*
  • Yes.. I understand. I agree.
  • True, to a degree. But that doesn't excuse the fact that some users can be rude and at times, down right hostile. The ability to provide useful criticism is not an open invitation to harass Microsoft and it's employees. I don't think I could ever do the job that Gabe does. It's bad enough dealing with assholes IRL, internet ones are ten times worse.
  • I agree, but then again, I work in social media, for a very large company in the UK and the the "hostilities" that Gabe encounters, is NOTHING compared to the abuse that's thrown my way on a daily basis. To give you an idea, I can't recall the last working day I wasn't called a 'c-word' or had a death threat, had my mother insulted, had picture of actual s--- sent and so forth. NOW, I get that these peeps are not aiming their frustration at me directly... therefore I take none of it personally, on the contrary, I see it as a challenge to turn opinions around. Gabe et al are smart enough to get that too and I'm willing to bet that he take not one drop of offense. That's not to excuse bad behaviour, far from it. But when dealing with the public, you have to acknowledge that within that spectrum there are the good, there are the bad and there are the downright ugly. I don't want to get into politics and what makes people behave irrationally, I tend to think I'm a swell bloke, but there are times I get irked, like not getting a decent cappuccino, and while I believe my reactions are preportionate to a disappointing cup of coffee, Gabe I'm certain understands that people today spend a large amount of their lives with their phones (after all, MS designs handsets to be a major part of our lives) and takes it with a rather large pinch of salt. He's focused on results and will doubtless take what he can from the feedback and deflect to the approprite channels. my 2 cents
  • I think you should be reporting these people rather than trying to change their opinion to be honest
  • It would do no good, I'd spend my day sending reports into the ether, besides there are business cases for not reporting (engagement rates, social bakers, shorties etc) nut mit to get sidetracked from my point that MS put TP software out there for their own reasons and they know to expect a mixed bag of responses. Personally I found this thread /post or any post advising how we/paying customers ought to respond to be condescending at the best of times but when they are combined with an apparent lack of understanding or are seemingly oblivious to the nuances of people in general not just WP users, then they become just annoying. IMHO
  • That LG monitor... Anyone know what model it is?
  • My cheat will probably be up when Windows 10 is available and who knows how long it'll take HTC and Verizon to figure it out. Hopefully a high end Lumia accompanies the launch and id definitely grab that as it would likely come pre loaded with W10
  • Whining? If the complaints are due to phones bricking or things not working sure users have zero reasons to complain because they didn't have to try out W10. But if the so called whining is about possible loss of functionality or change in the look of the OS then then people have the right. IMO. If MS can't deal with the negative feedback then they shouldn't put out their OS for people to try out before its completion regardless of their reasoning.
  • True.
  • Well they have made it clear that there may be loss of functionality or users may face incompatibility of apps. And isn't it a new iteration of the OS? They will have to change the UI, won't they? It's been 3-4 years since WP 7 released and its time that they do a 'major' UI overhaul.
  • Another point to mention, since it's kinda a general top post....
    Seems that the text prediction engine is smarter in the latest PhoneTP... I don't think it was carried over.
  • If all of the things; hamburgers, pivots, additional screens, options were at the bottom of the screen and not the top I'd prob enjoy this TP on my 1520 a lot more. As it stands it looks nicer in some places but the loss in functionality makes the experience super alpa. Looking forward to the next iteration.
  • Buy a smaller phone. It's simple...
  • I'll continue providing feedback via the channels they have set up. It's simple...
  • With the new Lumia 640 (the 'small' version), 5 inches is the new 4 inches. No point saying buy a smaller phone when there are no smaller phones.
  • Yeah... where?
  • I'm definitely loving windows 10, and all the new features. But if it's going to involve carriers to get it to the phones running 8.1 I would probably will be better off getting one with w10 preinstalled(flagship of course).
  • Re: Multiplayer Games, I feel the same way. Haven't even touched MP on the blockbusters that added MP. By the time W10 rolls out I can't imagine a pack of new phones being available. Long overdue for an upgrade but not minding the current phone at all.
  • I think MS might need to just eventually abandon WP and make android phones running a windows UI along with its outlook mail, calendar, one not and drive. I mean imagine Lumia phones running Windows still but with all the apps of android Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • No way. Windows will always be... I don't need android apps. Not when universal apps for windows 10 will be. Take your outlook go use it on your android. I will take my outlook and use it on my windows!
  • But what if Microsoft continue on their Android UI path in the W10TP...
    At what point does a Windows Phone stop being a Windows Phone?!
    I for one am on this platform because of Nokia mainly, and because of the unique, elegant UI.
    Given that Microsoft have released almost all their apps on Android, if the UI changes too, then what really is the point in this third platform?!
  • I think they are making it more streamlined with Android and iOS so that it doesn't feel 'too different' for anyone coming from these platforms, because the live tiles are already radical enough from the design language of the other OSes. I feel that Microsoft will not kill functionality and the ease of use of WP when they release the final version.
  • If that were the case, why are they even taking this weird design path? Wireframe icons, ugly rounded toggles for buttons, an even worse settings menu etc etc.
    W10 TP in its current form is not progress. It alienates people that bought into the whole Windows design ethos - and it certainly won't attract new people to the platform (why get a phone that looks like Android that doesn't have the apps....when you can just get Android in the first place?!)
  • W10 for phones does need to be unique compared to ios and droid. There will be Live Tiles and Windows Apps along with the securest os but what else. I want to see animations or transitions or something that makes it elegant, beautiful and unique. Without this then why choose WP?
  • From what I have seen, the average consumer doesn't really care what the other part of the OS looks like (Settings, Messaging apps etc). What they see different in WP are the Live Tiles. You either love them or hate them. People who buy W10 Phones wouldn't even notice all those hamburgers and the new UI design. They would actually feel its closer to the OS that they come from. And Microsoft needs that, to sell more phones.
  • Welcome aboard Jez, Jason and Mauro.  But Windows Central, don't you think its time to balance all the masculinity with some additional female editors?
  • Yes! I'm glad that some one pointed this out. I was surprised when I read this in the article and a little disappointed. Surely there are women in the tech industry who cover Microsoft? I'm sure mobile nations could find at least two (gasp!) women willing enough to write for Windows Central. What about writers who are POC? I'm of the firm belief that having a diverse set of views amidst your writing staff benefits both your team and us, your readers. :)
  • Why does gender weigh in on a tech blog like this one?  You could tell me that the Windows Central writers have actually been women this whole time and I couldn't care less.  The fact that it is important to you both that a writer at a tech blog should be a woman, kind of sounds sexist to me. If they are reviewing an accessory or product, I guess I can see some value in a gender-oriented perspective perhaps--like how does a female user feel about the Band (functions, fit, comfort, size, color, etc.) or a particular app that may have more of an appeal to other females. Besides, there are always excellent replies in the forums by women (at least by name/avatar) and I never find myself saying, "What a great post by a woman."  I bet 99% of the male visitors here couldn't care less whether a woman was writing the blog or a guy. It's no different than voting for a politician because they are male/female or black/white or whatever--their qualifications should be the main concern.  If Windows Central found an excellent female writer, and there was a need, they wouldn't blink an eye at hiring her.  I know they'd love MJ Foley to join the crew! She is awesome!  @Nerdy Woman is extremely smart and always has great comments--but the fact she is a woman means nothing to me. She's just a great contributor to the community. Not trying to offend. Just being honest!
  • It weighs in because representation is important. Representation tells the women of our audience their opinions are worth something and that they can also be valuable contributors to the community. How exactly am I being sexist if I critique the obvious lack of female writers here at Windows Central? I'm not making any assumptions about women as a whole nor am I valuing women's perspective's over men. I'm asking for more women writers in general because there does not seem to be any. There was clearly a need for new writing staff; Mobile Nations obviously wouldn't of hired new writers if that wasn't the case. Yet, none of them were women which is a problem in my opinion. And no, you didn't offend me. My skin is a littler thicker than that. :)
  • We hired the guys we recently hired based on their existing work. We actually approached each of them based on what they were currently doing. Jez, for example, was running his own Xbox site. Mauro was running his own Windows help site. MJF as was mentioned above is naturally an extremely gifted, female Microsoft writer. But there are factors that go into hiring a writing staff far and beyond gender. It's not as easy as you may think it is. Mobile Nations employs a number of female writing staff and a number behind the scenes.
  • I'm not telling you who Mobile Nations should and shouldn't hire. Jez and Mauro I'm sure are fantastic at what they do. However, that still doesn't excuse the fact that when it comes to women writers, Windows Central has none. And I think that's a problem. I'm not a fan of monocultures in general because they employ and adhere to a certain mindset that can become toxic, especially to people who don't necessarily fit or can partake in said culture. But, I digress. The team here are generally quite personable and I don't have any quarrels with you personally, Richard. I'm glad you took the time out of your day to respond with civility and respect.
  • Pretty much agree with your entire response.
  • Again!
    What's all this talk with gender equality on a tech blog? Seriously?
    Soon we'll hear of adding LGBT Equality and so on. Keep calm and enjoy the blog
  • It's not about gender equality. It's about diversification as deebee pointed out. Assuming your avatar is an actual picture of you, I would think that notion would be appealing.
  • But why would that matter if he is black or not on a tech blog?????  Do women and black people somehow use Windows Phones differently than men and whites or Asians or Indians?
  • @xFalx Wow! That escalated quickly
    From Sexism to Racism.
    Well I'm glad you came out hard.
    There's no need to engage in arguments with you.
    Have fun lad. :)
  • Bring on the women lol.
  • LOL
    Yeah especially the hot ones from Brazil :D
  • I'd like to hear why there are no women writers too. I'll be waiting.
  • If you're looking for scandal I suggest you go read TMZ.
  • Thanks for the welcome xFalk. Truly glad to be on board!:-)
  • @xFalk Thanks for the welcome. Definitely glad to be on board! :-)
  • I'm looking forward to 10, but I am pretty sure that it will be right at the end of summer, at the earliest. Looking forward to the flagships, just hope MS markets the daylights out if it. And I don't just mean aiming at some minor niche area, like they did with the 930 ads (the music was also fire). They need the youth types on board, they need that mindshare. They need the apps that the youth use. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Vine, Viber, et al. They need to ensure they have the games. They also need the music side of things to be class leading. And welcome to the new guys.
  • Snapchat is the only app missing, right
  • Wrong
  • Instagram is in Beta. Facebook is unusable. WhatsApp lags being the Android version. The lies said about the rest the better. If I spend $650 on a phone I expect to find functional apps. That's why I'm getting a galaxy S6. Tired of broken dreams and promises.
  • I use Facebook all the time on Android and Windows Phone and,I don't see the huge dropoff when going to WP.
  • Sorry, I should have phrased it a little better. The apps available have to be as good as they are elsewhere. They are actually tantalisingly close to having a decent chance. Without the top 100 apps being as good, they have no chance.
  • Incorrect.
  • Incorrect
  • This is the only tech website where I find the editors to be so patronizing
  • There are no women in the staff to help in toning down the aggression.
  • You've never read Thurrott in his comments section then. Besides, I welcome the call for reason. These comments sections are almost unreadable with all the doom and gloom rantings and know-it-all blame pointing.
  • So true.
  • Maybe just maybe if WC would focus more on new apps being added and doing reviews of those apps, instead of app"x" gets pulled there would be less gloom and doom. Now don't get me wrong I just recently switched to WP and I'm loving it. Maybe that is because I don't really use apps except a music player and what's app I haven't added any app yet. What I do use is phone and messaging, Facebook ( just to post some pictures of my kids so grandma can see them), here drive and off course the camera (the lumia experience is hard to beat). Beautiful and fast phone with great camera I like my 930 and for 170€ new and unlocked I don't think I can find anything that better suits my needs
  • I'd love to show you our tips box sometime. If we don't post about "xxxx gets removed" our inbox keeps filling up with angry people demanding we write about it. Can't win either way.
  • Well since my 1520 is kinda busted have been waiting on new flagship...I've been pretty crabby about no flags was considering androids. Note 4 and seen one and played with one and said to my self hell no ! I'm just getting another 1520 . Its crisper and smoother....well maybe about as smooth but felt my 1520 screen looked way cleaner . Maybe just me was actually looking it to and foward to note 4 but .....nah !!!
  • the wib=dows recovery tool bricked my lumia 520....dead dead dead...any solutions?
  • DEATH TO THE CARRIERS! But as long as Microsoft continues with the Developer Preview and Windows Preview programs, then the pain is alleviated.
  • Honestly, I think the 640 is more of an affordable flagship than the 830. The only difference is the metal trim, wireless charging and OIS. I think it also takes better photos than the 830 from what I've seen so far which surprises me. If anything its exceeded my expectations.
    But there's another side to expectations. It's when you give an ETA. Not about Windows 10, that's a work in progress, that can get delayed, but when Denim is rolling out and its already almost 4.5mo since they said it would have rolled out, that's when I think we can get a little angsty, especially if there isn't any communication on why the delay.
  • Curbing our enthusiasm / managing our expectations... Setting out my stall: I'm Windows all the way and have been completely since 2011 when I got an HTC Mozart WP7. Desktop, phone, tablet, all running 8.1. While I don't hate OSX per se, it perplexes me in that it wants to micromanage what I do so much and I like the freedom to choose. Presently own a Lumia 1520 and 2520. Very happy with my setup. However... If I wasn't so happy with the Desktop OS I'm not sure I'd have stuck with WP. Don't get me wrong, I do love my 1520 but I may not have got to that had I known that Microsoft would fail so miserably to get the top/new apps on the platform. I don't gamble on my mobile, which is a good job as I don't believe any of the mayor companies have a WP app. I don't use Snapchat because, well, I can't, can I. I do, however, watch with annoyance that every new mobile bank app, or online multiplayer game, or food ordering service, or music/video artist app, or quirky new online retailer app is on iOS, Android, sometimes even Blackberry but rarely on Windows Phone. It's less of a problem for me than it is for many but for the future of the platform, consider teenagers tugging at their parents' sleeves to get them an iPhone or Samsung S-whatever because their friends have an app and they want to be a part of it. The lip service that Snapchat, Secret, Kik, Tinder, Instagram etc. have paid the platform is proof MS have dragged their heels on app development and if you have a look at the Windows Phone store you'll see, instead of a wide selection of great new titles, a bunch of mostly dreadful Youtube apps and poor "alternatives" to the apps we really want. Even those we do have, like Spotify, have taken YEARS to become usable and Instagram is still a beta, how many months after it was released? You can get upset all you want; I'm upset about it, but it's true - the app store is full of crap you neither want nor need and if you look for an app your iPhone-owning friends just downloaded there's a 99 in 100 chance it's not going to be in the Windows Store. There's only one Rudy Huyn and his initiative, although occasionally curbed by the likes of Snapchat and Secret, stands out. I wouldn't use the Instagram app unless 6tag was removed from the store because it's miles better. Unfortunately, the lack of new apps is a problem for many reasons and it's so easy to see where the problem is; look at the top 100 iOS and Android apps each month! That's where MS need to target. Then, and only then, because the "app" thing is central to mobile and tablet use, can Microsoft start to really push the hardware. I'll happily stand my 1520 up to anyone else's phone based on its specs and the beauty of the OS, but i'll look stupid if I start talking about the apps I have. The thing is, and this is my point; it's all very well saying we need to manage our enthusiasm for Windows 10 but the Windows Phone software is still not, after nearly 5 years since WP7 launched, close to what we were promised. Didn't Joe Belfiore say at the start of 2014 that the app gap would be closed by the end of the year? It wasn't, not even close. I like the guy but if part of his job was to sort the app situation out, well he (and Microsoft) failed miserably. In the UK, there's still no Sky Go/Extra app, still no BT Sport app, no Virgin Anywhere App, no NOW TV app for Windows Phone and those we do have like Netflix are basic at best. Even apps from mobile phone companies are basic or non-existent on WP; 30 months since WP8 launched and EE still don't support Clone Phone on WP. Yes, we can back up in different ways but it's a matter of choice and on WP and Modern UI Apps, the choice is not there after years of waiting. I have no idea what it's like in America but I know the banks are all ending support for their WP apps and there are plenty of other companies doing the same. We hear the alarm bell ringing, why don't MS? I don't want to curb my enthusiasm for Windows 10 because I want it to be, on mobile, what we were expecting from day one; something that does everything the iPhone does only better. With an expected launch in less than 6 months I'd have hoped we'd hear about the big players who are on-board to get the hype machine started and generate some excitement for the platform outside of us, the fans, and believe me, as someone who works in I.T/Technology in Education, nobody's talking about Windows 10 except the techies; the end-users have no idea and don't care...but they do know what Apple are doing and they know all about Samsung and HTC... We're living in a bubble and it could well burst by the end of the year. Unfair reviews (and there are many) are one thing but I think tech media has realised you can't bash WP because of the quality control or even the OS...but you can bash it for software and third-party hardware support. We may not like it, we may disagree with the opinions offered, but we can't disagree with the facts.  If I have to compromise, again, with WP when Windows 10 drops, because it doesn't fly out of the traps with everything it should've had when WP8 was launched, then I will be furious I wasted my time. I got my HTC Mozart 48 months ago. I liked it but the apps were crap. I got my 920 32 months ago and my 1520 16 months ago. I have loved them all, but the apps have sucked a**.  Windows 10 will be on my PC from day one, but I neither want nor need my tablet to replace my laptop because I don't use a laptop. I want my tablet to be a tablet and my phone to be a phone (and both to do what they do as well as anything else out there) and if Windows 10 doesn't launch with almost everything the other platforms have, I'm jumping ship because it's going to be dead in the water if it STILL can't offer the experiences Android and iOS do. That will mean that yet again MS have failed to bring the right devs to the party five years after WP7 launched and that is just not good enough. I also means that they won't attract new customers who presently use different platforms and they will lose the loyalty of people like me and the vast majority of you who have been patient, optimistic and supportive for what could well be no good reason whatsoever. I've stuck with WP in the hope things will get better but a great camera and 4K video recording are not the sole domain of the Lumias and the 930 was the last premium WP phone, a slightly smaller 1520 without Glance, and is a year old.  We've all waited long enough and I really, really, hope MS make Windows 10 the platform to be on with the software and apps people want to use. I want to be excited about it and I want to be enthused about it and I don't want to reign that in. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well and MS need to move heaven and earth to make W10's launch terrify Apple and Google. 98% of the smartphone-owning market aren't into WP right now and MS has got to stop playing catch-up, admit their shortcomings and do whatever is required to get the devs on-board. Windows 10 has to be amazing across the board, meaning app support as well as the user experience or MS might as well not bother releasing it on mobile/tablet devices.  Microsoft have made some great hardware recently, no doubt, but their software library away from the desktop has been poor on these devices. Windows 10 has to be more than an OS though, it has to be the all-singing, all-dancing competition winner, able to do everything you do elsewhere only all in one place and across multiple devices. It has to be something that excites people, something that promises AND delivers in a big way, something that creates a buzz whenever people see it or hear about it. It has to be something worth having great expectations for, something to get worked up into a frenzy about, even in a technical preview, where people should be saying to their friends "look how great this is and it's not even a beta yet!" I think that just about does final thought though; can someone at MS just give Rudy Huyn a job, a big budget and a team who want WP to survive beyond Christmas 2015. That one man's achievements cast a shadow over almost everything Microsoft has done in terms of app support for the platform and speaks volumes about how wrong they've been getting it and makes me fearful for the future of their mobile platform. I hope I'm wrong about everything I've said, by the way...genuinely. Oh, and if they haven't already, can someone out there with influence tell MS to think about the exclusive, feature-packed Star Wars EP7 app that would be the envy of everyone else come Christmas; Star Wars sold its soul after the prequels so there's no reason not to get in there, get some sponsorship going, some exclusives for Windows, maybe even a digital download of the film before it's available anywhere else once the cinema run is over, perhaps some Star Wars-branded phones, maybe even a Lumia Skywalker phone and Surface Lightsaber tablet? Just a thought...  
  • You lost me at chapter 43....
  • Hahahaha❗ LOLZ.
  • How many restroom breaks❓
  • Thank you for saving ne some typing. You have covered off all of my points just about! To be honest, the flagship phone is the easier task.
  • Really enjoyed and appreciated Richard's article. Additionally (with a few exceptions) the comments posted are genuinely interesting, informative, well thought out and a pleasure to read. Really a breath a fresh air. Reminds me why I like this community so much. Thanks especially to Rodney and DJCBS for setting the tone.
  • Yep, theirs was a decent exchange, and such a rarity among internet comments these days.
  • Don't shoot me for asking, I haven't been able to keep up with the news much this week. What is the latest build for W10 desktop that MS has released?
  • Last one released was 10041 (edited because of fat fingers, sorry) on slow ring. 10049 on fast. Supposedly 10056 will be released this week or the usual "soon". That is just pure speculation though.
  • Last one released was 10041 on Slow ring (10051 was the phone build). On the fast ring people have received the 10049.
  • I'd be fine in "remembering who these target devices" were for, if they offered high end devices. As of right now, they pretty much told those of use that want high end devices, to jump in a lake.
  • That's a pretty cool waterbottle holster.
  • I know this is completely off topic, but which water bottle holder is that on your desk, Richard? I can't tell if it's something custom made or a commerically available product.
  • Dan's desk. But he wrote a post on it for you!
  • Oh cool! Thank you so much!
  • "I'll never, ever, buy a game based on its multiplayer experience. I'm not that kind of gamer. Sorry. " I feel the same way.  I enjoy it, but I prefer a good campaign or solo play game any day.  That's why I was so disappointed in Titanfall.  I like the newest CoD myself, but definitely could be longer.
  • For sure. And a little more difficult. I'm by no means a 'pro' but AW was the easiest campaign mode to date IMO.
  • Some of the fervor is a result of many of us fearing that the developers of WP10 have forgotten that "P" means phone, and that a phone is often used with just one hand.
    They appear to be abandoning the great and well thought out design that made WP7/8 distinctive and highly usable. Pivot, menu at the bottom, consistency across apps, and with clear design guides for developers (e.g. equal left alignment).
    If they (the WP development team) weren't heading in another (wrong) direction, the new apps in WP10, even though alpha and beta, would be using those features already, since they are templates in the development environment.
    Instead they appear to be falling for the "universal app" concept in a simplistic way, not putting enough thought into how a "universal app" still has to adapt to the limitations (and advantages) of the device it is rendered on. Some of us are a bit worried about this and it makes us a bit shouty sometimes. We don't want Windows Phone to go down the drain.
  • ^This!
  • Agree with you my friend.
  • I see things a bit differently. Sure apps are important, but I have a 14 year old with a 535 that she way prefers over her old iPhone 4. She uses her iphone as a gaming device now for the few games she can't get on her 535.
    The thing is most websites built in HTML5 are now produced like apps. Take AmEx as an example. And BT. using Appstudio I have created my own apps. The AmEx one is better than iphone and Android cos it shows pending transactions. Other than that it is the same as the apps. The new Universal Web Apps sandbox the browser within the app, adding security and uses less resources. For BT I have merged 2 apps and added a third function: Email. I have moved to BT mobile last week. £20 for unlimited calls, texts and 20GB of 4G data. Online the allowances update immediately. So I have the link to managing my mobile as the home page and the My BT section next plus BT email. A simple app but it does the same thing an app would do except I have three in one. NatWest has a dedicated app already. I have created an app for my online catalogues and added a section for so I don't have to keep reconfiguring my amazon app. I have created a Show My Homework app based on their mobile website and using Print2Cloud app can print my daughter's homework in 2 steps. In the end, updating a decent mobile website is far more cost effective for some companies than producing and updating a myriad of apps for different platforms.
    I am buying a Lumia 640XL. I am getting it from Germany for the same €219 price it would cost in £ so I am saving at least £50 on the cost of getting it in Blighty. I am excited. It is an upgrade on my ailing 925. It is a budget phone but even the 535 used by my daughter is a slightly better phone to use than my 925 is now.
    Windows 10 will do what Apple failed to do: Create a universal ecosystem for all platforms running windows. It has revived an aged desktop and saved it from a hammer (personal joke). It is truly a continuous experience and I already own an amazing Toshiba tablet running full 8.1. The windows experience is a joy over my shiny expensive 2011 MacBook pro and I even ditched the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Apple renders thousands of pounds of beautiful hardware obsolete as quickly as they can. It is a waste of money.
    These are just my thoughts.
  • I get what you are saying but so many people just want an app these days. Using a website would be too technical and difficult for the app culture. Also, where is the Windows flagship phones to compete with the iPhone and Galaxy flagships. I have a 930 but cannot say it has anything unique now apart from Live Tiles. Gone is the unique software! Gone is hubs, swipes etc for hamburger menus. Will W10 be unique, elegant and beautiful enough to make it stand out⁉
  • Hard to keep my expectations in-check. At this point, it's more a matter of trying to be patient. The past year has caused me to lose all faith in Microsoft, thanks to a major stall in application growth, a sharp regression in handset progression, and a lack of a clear vision going forward. We're supposed to get a summer release, and we can't even get a remotely refined vision in April? More than a year after taking over for Nokia, we still can't get high-end hardware to people? The last 12 months or so have just been watching Microsoft bludgeon any and all hopes and expectations I've had. So, at this point, it's not an expectation for greatness, it's a desperate hope for ANYTHING to enjoy. There's just nothing to get me excited for now, becuase Microsoft's so efficiently shot itself in the foot.
  • I haven't completely lost faith in them as of yet. But I can see what you're talking about with excitement. The only people that have been excited over this whole process are techies. I'm always told how beautiful and big my 1520 is by everybody I know and meet but have been told, "That phone is gorgeous but there is nothing that excites me enough about the platform to leave mine." There needs to be some kind of fully public buzz to get things back on the right track.
  • Those are my thoughts exactly. Thank you for posting.
  • Keith I understand your frustration. It is the same that I have/had with Apple. On their part they charge so much for high end gear that they cripple with firmware updates to force fanboys to part with £600+ a year just to keep up. It is a good model for those with buckets of cash but not so for students or people on the low wages paid in most of the UK. The budget end phones still have a premium OS experience like the flagships. But they sell more quickly in the markets that currently adopt Win Phone more easily. It is a numbers game. The 830 and 930 are less than a year old. Even Samsung and Apple don't. Produce flagships every couple of months. These expensive flagships will sell a lot less than the cheaper phones and cost more to produce. I understand that Microsoft will most likely produce a high end phone with Win 10 on it as a launch item. Kind of makes sense. But the 640 and XL correct the mistakes made in the 63x range and 1320 by adding front cameras, a rear flash and 1GB of RAM. It is necessary to do this and since this price point is also a sweet spot makes sense to so so at this price point. I think their flagship should be called a Surface Phone. It would associate the quality with the Surface brand. Just a thought.
  • I think their flagship should be called a Surface Phone. It would associate the quality with the Surface brand. Just a thought.
    ​It would have to be quality though. I'd shell out for a decent Surface phone.
  • I just agree. Owning numerous Surfaces, including the Surface Pro 3, there is a quality and design of hardware that is just awesome. I'm waiting for the new WP flagship and if it had the design and quality of the Surface then.....just take my money!
  • I meant to type makes sense to DO so at this price point. Can't seem to hit the edit button on my last post
  • U nailed it about our expectations.... All those with negative and less constructive comments should be ashamed. Thank u.
  • My only expectation right now is a long overdue full Denim 830 update that at this point hopefully comes with GDR2 on AT&T SOON!!!
  • Possible the two will come together. Microsoft told us this week that the 830 would get it officially in the U.S. at some point because of your new kill switch laws.
  • Realistic expectations. Ok. This build looks to be about 3-4 months behind Win 10. As a result, if MS is only going to release a new flagship with WP 10, we are looking at January of next year. So they miss the back to school and holiday buying season. If they release a flagship that is WP 10 ready, with carrier delays, your phone wont get Wp10 till June of next year. This from someone who has had a WP from day 1. ​
  • Rich thanks for the introduction! Glad to be a part of the team that serves such a great community! :-)
  • Providing an update and expressing an opinion which otherwise goes unexpressed while writing all those news articles and reviews.
  • Clearly not you, obviously. You're not required to read posts you're not interested in.
  • Exactly. Sadly, he doesn't care what the editor thinks, so he will not read your comment.
  • *waves at staff* Greetings to the new ones! I want to express my thank you to all you who write these sublime articles. In the years I have been following IT-news, I've never encountered a better media site for Windows like this. No childish bashing, a mostly great and helpful community, high quality articles and videos and most importantly, many, many news every day! You're doing a wicked job at what you're doing. I love the lack of sensational writing I find no where else, and I love the span of devices and services that you cover. Everything Microsoft is quite a lot these days. I'm quite impressed and pleased that you are able to keep up with it all. Whoever is on this Windows Central-team can really, truly be proud of themselves. For you are part of something truly mesmerizing. Thank you from the very depths of my geek-soul for doing all this for me and everyone else - for free! *bows deeply*
  • @ThomasJaque:
    I agree with you on the standard Windows Central holds deer.
    Their writing is definitely above-average standard and sometimes entertainingly tongue-in-cheek.
  • More excited about Band this week! Good thing Amazon UK is shipping to Germany :-)
  • Good news! Definitely tell us how you like it!
  • Well said,
  • What I don't understand is why SO many people are having huge troubles, as they put it, with the Tech Preview. It's running quite well on my 730. It's smooth keeping in mind that its a preview, apps that crashed worked fine after a reinstall, the phone has not crashed or restated a single time since install and whatnot.
  • Can't wait for another mind-bender by Jason Ward... not.
    This is nothing personal. There's certainly a benefit in exchanging controversial arguments. But I don't see any gain in "thought-provoking" as a means to an end if it's only a paraphrase for "polishing the turd".
  • The W10 for Phone Technical Preview is getting hammered over on arstechnica in the comments, and that's about as unbiased of a mainstream tech site that there is. The main gripes (all of which I concur with): -moving key elements to the top of the screen is terrible for phones (e.g. address bar in the browser, various hamburger menus, etc.) because it reduces one-handed ease of use -Lots of finger-crossing that individual email inboxes will be pinnable to start as they are now -the design philosophy seems to have been thrown out the window. There are hamburger menus, weird pivots, a mish-mash of fonts, etc. -a general consensus that this alpha build is very rough around the edges and not understanding how this can translate into a RTM product in three months, as it's scheduled to do. Someone made a great point, which is that it seems as if MS has simply decided that they're no longer going to invest any additional resources into the phone version of W10. They've made the OS "universal", they'll tweak it so it's functional, but all the polish, fit, and finish of WP7 and WP8, all the care that was taken to make sure that those were the best phone OSes out there, optimized for 3-6 inch screens, are gone. It's just a warmed over desktop OS with no coherence and no compelling reason to choose it over its competitors. At least as of today. I hope MS can pull a rabbit out their hat before RTM.
  • It's a TP. Design will come last.
  • People buy the whole package, the design needs to be there ON RELEASE. People don't buy what they cant see!
  • Ok, who bought the tp then? there's nothing to buy at the moment, only a gift from Microsoft to us users. When it's released it will be finished.
  • Name a single excellent product where design came last.
  • amazing work productive!
  • Why doesn't Microsoft give some stellar WP exclusive apps? Halo was a step right in that direction. Never heard about the second game in the series after last year's delay. Agreed they need Office on Android and iOS or Skype for that matter too, but how are they incentivizing users into getting a WP? Why would I get a WP when an Android can do more and have more apps? 
  • Thanks for this post. Sometimes, the WP community gets a little too emotional about flagships and software design, and this extends to /r/windowsphone on reddit too.
  • The make or break for Microsoft is windows universal app. Apps make any device personal, perfect for z user or business. Users want fluidness from one device to the other. Windows phone OS is great and getting better but lacks other OS's app store, with all those much loved apps. If Microsoft gets an app store like their competition, fluid use across all devices and devices that match hardware to the prices, from budget to flagship.
  • I really like that set up.
  • I would prefer full reviews. L640 been shipping for a long time already and I suppose review units been out a couple of weeks. Ample time to do a proper review. Then again business model of WP central may require to handle things differently, but it does no good for people looking for info before buying a phone.
  • Our unit arrived on April 7. 2 days before Microsoft were handing out review units. And no, it hasn't been shipping for "a long time already." It was announced just over a month ago. Even that would be pushing it calling it a long time. Just because it's shipping where you are, doesn't mean we can get one. Microsoft India, for example, wouldn't send a review unit to Dan in the U.S. That's not how it works. Microsoft UK actually had to get units in from abroad for the Lumia 640 XL because the UK ones aren't ready yet just to get us one. So before you say we've had "ample time," consider this. We can't write about something we can't get. And we've a pretty good idea of "what people look for."
  • SARCASM ALERT Plenty of reviews i see elseware were obviouly writen by people who had never seen or touched the object they were reviewing. Seriously, I am OK waing for a reaningfull review. I have no problem with the stepwise info, first look, full review method you use. Looks like a good balance.  
  • Agree.
  • Good article Richard, way to shut up all the whiners.
    And Gave Aul is a lifesaver.
    And you're right. Most new windows phone users don't actually read windows Central articles.(it took me two or three months after buying my WP that I discovered Windows Central)
    And Hello to Jez Corden and other new Windows Central Staff. :)
  • Yeah. But I think Windows Central is the most dependable of them.
    But this is only my opinion.
  • then why the hell are you here?  None of us care about your whining.
  • Dude, are you high?!!
    I'm really, genuinely shocked that how you misinterpreted my comment.
  • It's not at all surprising, but it is a reminder that while we're all going to be excited to get new things as soon as we possibly can, software updates on phones have largely been at the mercy of the carriers. 
    one thing has become clear, if your WP isn't a Lumia, you're pretty much going to be hung out to dry.    
  • About expectations. Indeed when going through the forums and reactions under articles as a westerner it is easy to become baffled about the high expectations and unrealistic demands some people make. But as this is a global site and MS caters globally, we need to take into account that a whole new group of people on this planet now has the possibility to buy low to mid range phones. A huge chunk of their disposable income is invested in a new mobile. And because of that they expect to receive the best. And in quite a few countries people still live by the day, so waiting(for an update or app or..) is not an option. They get disappointed very quickly. I don't think I've put it in the right words, but I hope you catch my point. MS needs to adapt its communication to each culture to avoid disappointment.
  • Three of the bugs in the Developer Preview for Windows 10 for Phones that Microsoft stated on Friday don't exsist after you do a factory reset. I factory resetted my Lumia 925 and Call & SMS block works along with the ability to turn Cell Data of and Flight mode also works. The bug only exsist if you don't do a factory reset, but Data Sense doesn't work properly and Microsoft never said that there was a bug with Data Sense.
  • "You may have noticed a few changes around here. We're changing up how things look (and perform)" I hope that includes fixing the agonizingly slow page load times, thanks to your ad services. I get it, ad revenue is big for you. While I love your content, I don't have all day to wait for it to be usable. Sorry, but I finally caved and installed AdBlock Plus (available for all major browsers.) Pages load like they did back in the early days of Windows Phone. Put up an announcement story when you've corrected the slow-loading ad issue, and I'll be happy to turn off ABP.
  • That is part of it. The home page still isn't there. But the new article styles (such as this one) have less ads and should be loading faster.
  • Awesome, thanks! BTW, I really like the layout changes.
  • Really positive changes taking place, but you really need to update your app. There are a lot of issues, and I've sent mails and reviews. Hope it isn't another Vine situation, where we have to wait for more than a year to get an update which fixes a lot. Last updated: October 2014.
  • We're in the same position as everyone else right now with apps. Is it worth investing in more updates for Windows Phone or do we put all our efforts into creating a new one for Windows 10. We have our own frustrations with the app. You're not on your own.
  • My expectation is pretty low: I expect that my next new Windows phone will come with W10fp as the installed OS. Until then, my WP8.1 Lumia 920 is pretty awesome :-)
  • That may be so but it still gets this negative vibe going " oh now wp is dead" while a couple of reviews off new good apps would more likely get something like a "omg wp rules haha stupid lagdroid". Not that I have anything against android but you catch my drift
  • Replied instead of starting new comment. Sorry. Cheers! :) EDIT: Something rendered weird so it only looked like it was in the wrong spot. Ah well. Love you all in this community and thank you, Richard and the rest of the staff, for setting up and maintaining such a great forum.
  • Thank you for writing this. I think a separate PSA about the nature of these technical previews would be helpful. The public generally never sees software at this stage of development and an appreciation of why some things are broken, and what is a release's connection to the finished product, might bring some calm and help would-be testers to make a wise evaluation of whether they really want to help at this time.
  • Im not going to wine or complain. I love WP. I am sticking with it till it no longer does what I need. Simple as that. Asw of right now it goes far beyond what I need to it do. I really am enjoying what Microsoft is doing with previews. Lastly. I will be really dissapointed if microsoft does eventually end WP. If it does... Motorola has my money (when it will comes down to phones, I sure do love my Lenovo tablet).
  • Rally around the pro-mediocrity message!  Lame. 
  • I really would like to see comparison video of the Lumia 640 vs 630. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this phone and it would help us in our buying decision.