EE rolling out Portico update to Lumias, visual voicemail on the horizon?

We've just got word that UK mobile operator EE has begun rolling out the Portico update for Lumia 920 Windows Phones that are tied to the network. The Windows Phone 8 update introduces a number of improvements, including SMS call reject, persistent Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot and addresses stability issues (such as those annoying soft-resets).

EE Portico

Should you be with EE, be sure to keep checking for updates by heading over to Settings –> Phone Update –> Check for updates. A notification should alert a Lumia 920 owner that an update has been found, so fear not if you can't locate Portico just yet.

As well as the update, EE has also launched visual voicemail for the iPhone 5. Will not Windows Phone related, could this mean Windows Phone hardware running on the EE network will sport such functionality in the future? It's certainly worth the consideration. We've reached out to EE for more details.

Thanks, John, for the tip and screenshots!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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