Einstein Brain Trainer jumps to Windows Phone with a discount for Pi Day

Einstein Brain Trainer is a popular neuro-training app that helps stimulate your grey matter with daily mini-games to improve memory and visual acuity. A version of Einstein Brain Trainer has been on Windows 8.1 for some time, but now the port to Windows Phone is complete and ready for purchase.

In addition, to celebrate Pi Day, which starts tomorrow, the game is launching at a discount price of $1.49, a 50% discount. Unfortunately, there is no trial, but we just loaded the game up, and all seems good to go so far.

Einstein Brain Trainer is a familiar app, as it lets you create numerous profiles for you and your family. You can then do daily tasks, keep records and more.

Einstein Brain Trainer for Windows Phone

Features include:

  • Premier quality product for brain training for Windows Phone with a scientific approach 
  • 30 specially designed exercises to stimulate the brain 
  • Daily Tests to check your current "Brain Fitness" 
  • Dynamic adaption of the difficulty level for each exercise 
  • Detailed scientific background information for each exercise 
  • Continuous interaction between Albert Einstein and the player 
  • Detailed help system accessible from anywhere in the game 
  • Comprehensive and detailed statistics 
  • Profile management to allow for multiple players on one Windows Phone 
  • Hot-Seat mode (mutiplayer mode on a single Windows Phone) 
  • Easy and intuitive user interface to grant fun for young and old alike  
  • Personal coaching by the great mind and likeness of Albert Einstein 

We should caution that the game is not a universal app as far as we can tell. This means you have to buy it for each platform (Phone or PC), instead of the buy once model. As such, pick your choice wisely.

Download Einstein Brain Trainer for Windows Phone ($1.49, no trial)

Download Einstein Brain Trainer HD for Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab) ($2.99, no trial)

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, David S., for the tip!

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  • Looks like worth checking out!!
  • Definitely.
  • Me thinking this was news about the more advanced Cortana project.
  • What's grey matter??
  • Matter with grey colour!!
  • Name of a chemical company in Breaking Bad series. It's a combination of its cofounders names: Mr. White and Mr. Schwartz (Black in German).
  • Grey matter (or gray matter) is a major component of the central nervous system, consisting of neuronal cell bodies, neuropil (dendrites and myelinated as well as unmyelinated axons), glial cells (astroglia and oligodendrocytes) and capillaries. Grey matter is distinguished from white matter, in that grey matter contains numerous cell bodies and relatively few myelinated axons, while white matter is composed chiefly of long-range myelinated axon tracts and contains relatively very few cell bodies.
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  • It's a euphemism for the brain.
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  • A for 'orses, C for miles, F for vescent, U for mism.
  • Isn't the whole brain training thing a hoax? I'm honestly not sure.
  • No, not really. Evidence does show that doing memory/logic tasks does help keep the brain sharper. I mean, this won't make you a genius, but there is a reason why people who read/write a lot tend to have sharper memories, even into older age (think of retired professors). Same with chess players. At the very least, you can think of these as "just games" and have fun with them.
  • To bad it's not a universal app.. Maybe for win 10
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  • Pi day is also coincidentally Einstein's birthday.
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  • No free trial
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