As Elden Ring gets PC patches, many prefer to play it on consoles

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Elden Ring Sorcery Guide Caelid Staff (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • 38% of our polled readers are playing Elden Ring on PC rather than an Xbox or PlayStation.
  • The Xbox Series X is the second-most common device for playing Elden Ring among our polled readers.
  • Elden Ring has earned tremendously high scores on consoles but has received some criticism for its PC version.

Elden Ring is the talk of the town in the gaming world. It's raking in positive reviews across several media outlets. Our Miles Dompier gave the game a perfect score in his Elden Ring review. Notably, that review was for the Xbox version of the game. The PC version of Elden Ring has received some criticism, which led to our recent poll.

We asked our readers which device they were playing Elden Ring on. While PC earned the most votes of any individual category (38.8%), the majority of our voters prefer to play Elden Ring on a console. Almost 27% of polled participants play the game on the Xbox Series X. The Xbox One is the second-most popular console for the game among our readers at 13.71%. The Xbox Series S makes up another 10% of voters. PlayStation players account for just over 10% of the vote.

The poll doesn't track which voters have a gaming PC and a console. For example, someone might want to play the game on a PC but is unable to because they only have an Xbox One. The inverse could also be the case.

A comment by mythos13 highlights negative feedback for the PC version of Elden Ring. "It only has a 64% positive rating on Steam and a lot of users are saying the game is unplayable on PC--seems like a big enough reason not to buy the game yet to me." Notably, since that comment was made, Steam feedback has risen to around 79% positive.

Commenter nablor is waiting for FromSoftware to iron out some bugs in the PC version of Elden Ring. "Too expensive and will wait for bugs and hype to die down and then will play on PC."

The makers of Elden Ring are working on fixing issues seen in the PC version of the game. A bug caused Elden Ring to fail to detect the GPU in some of the best gaming PCs. That has since been updated with a patch.

Our Rich Edmonds echoes the sentiments of some of our commenters. "Don't play Elden Ring on PC … yet," says Edmonds. He calls for patience as bugs and issues are fixed. Until then, gamers may want to check Elden Ring out on a console.

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