Elgato's new Key Light air is smaller, cheaper and stands on its own

Elgato Key Light Air
Elgato Key Light Air (Image credit: Elgato)

What you need to know

  • Elgato announced the Key Light Air at CES 2020.
  • Much like the current model, but smaller and comes with a stand instead of a clamp.
  • Also quite a bit cheaper.
  • It should be on sale in Q1 2020, though UK shipping appears to begin on January 15.

Elgato's suite of content creation hardware continues to grow at CES 2020 with the new Key Light Air. A follow up to the existing Key Light, the new model is smaller, stands freely on an included desk stand and importantly, costs quite a bit less.

Key Light Air

Source: Elgato (Image credit: Source: Elgato)

Feature-wise it's exactly the same as the larger Key Light, so you've got Windows and Mac support, iOS and Android support, and integration with Elgato's Stream Deck. You've still also got an adjustable color temperature and brightness between 2900K and 7000K and up to 1400 Lumens, respectively.

The Key Light Air is also compatible with Elgato's existing mount system and uses a standard 1/4 inch thread. Price-wise we're looking at $130 each, which is around a $50 saving over the larger model and $100 if you get a pair, which, as I discovered in our review, you're really going to want.

The price is the biggest barrier to the Key Light which is otherwise an excellent product, so it's nice to see Elgato has come up with something a little more affordable. It's still a pretty decent investment, but at a significant saving over the larger ones.

The Key Light Air should be on sale in Q1 2020, though in the UK, Amazon expects to ship on January 15.

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