Email arrives on Xbox One for the first time with MailOnX

The team at RedWater Technologies has launched MailOnX, a dedicated email client optimized for Xbox One. While the app is designed using the Windows 10 APIs, it is currently available only on the console, and it is quite pricey.

The feature set as described by RedWater Technologies is as follows:

  • Receive mails from multiple e-mail accounts and providers.
  • Compose new mails or send replies.
  • Configured for and works with All Microsoft Mail providers (including Outlook, Office365), Yahoo, Gmail, Zoho, iCloud, Blueyonder & BTConnect, 1&1, AT&T, AOL.
  • Email signature setup.
  • Offline Email reading.
  • Watch Items - Filters mail by specific email address or email address domain.
  • Personalization - Celebrate your favorite games by using pre-installed game images for your background image.
  • Family mode - Lock email accounts, so other users on the console won't be able to view or reply your mails.
  • Full support for Xbox Gamepad and ChatPad.

MailOnX doesn't yet support notifications unlike other Xbox apps with messaging features such as Readit, and there is currently no way to view sent messages either. The UX looks superficially similar to the stock Mail app for Windows 10, complete with custom backgrounds and a two-panel interface.

MailOnX is a rather expensive $9.99 / £7.69 and considering that it isn't even available across PC and Windows 10 Mobile, it seems a little costly unless you're desperate to see email on your console. Microsoft is likely to bring the official Mail app to Xbox One in the future too, which will almost definitely be free.


Either way, it's interesting to see how the functionality of the Xbox One can be extended thanks to the Universal Windows Platform. What apps do you want to see on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

Note: To get this app on your Xbox One, navigate to the store on your console, then search for "MailOnX."

See MailOnX on the Windows Store ($9.99) (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Neat. Soon, you won't even need a desktop PC. Just stream everything from your Xbox to various screens, or on your phone while on the go.
  • Continuum + Xbox would be the dream. Annoying that the wireless display app for Xbox One hasn't been updated in like... forever.
  • Yeah I agree. And it sucks compared to Chromecast. I recently purchased the Vizio P series with chromecast built in and I have no issues using it between the tablet remote and the display itself. In fact I streamed an entire football game via chromecast yesterday. If I attempt to use the wireless display app with my surface book the picutre quality is good for about a minute before it starts to pixilate and lag. Eventually it will drop out completely....really sad
  • I can't even get the wireless display app because I am not in the preview program.
  • Xbox is evolving.
  • I just don't see the point of a mail app on Xbox.  
  • a wise man once said:
    Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
  • Great to see these some new stuff from developers....!
  • So does this mean we will have an Anti-Virus application on Xbox too?
  • LOL. The Xbox One does not run the crapware that you can download from the internet. So no. No Antivirus.
  • Well it is running Windows 10 code, so... That was actually one of the reasons I was against a web browser on the 360. I thought it would open up the console for hacks, viruses, and cheating. Thankfully I was wrong.
  • I see all these down votes.  But to me that's a very good question.  One that deserves a real answer.
  • now, why would I pay $9.99 USD to see email on my Xbox One when I can see email for free on my laptop and cell phones?
  • You could always just use Edge on the Xbox One since forever.
  • I guess it's neat if you have the NEED but, the Xbox one is a Gaming/Media console.  This means NO WORK on it, it's only for entertainment or play.  Maybe it's me... This is one app that will NEVER see the light of my Xbox one... besides,. I have a PC and different phones to deal with mail on...
  • It would be nice if you could receive and respond to text messages on XB1,  
  • I assume once skype preview is able to be installed we will. Agreed, that will be nice.
  • Now, all I need is a proper PDF viewer on Xbox One and my life will be complete.
  • Cool.
    Need an improvement in the browser interface now, its very clunky and awkward to use.
  • Agreed +1 ... XBOX ONE S