Sometimes you spend a little money on things you need for your PC setup like headphones or good audio. Sometimes you spend money on things you want, like more RGB. Today you can get these Govee smart light bars on sale for just $37.99 at Amazon. That price is the lowest we have ever seen, and these light bars normally sell for around $60. They have never dropped below $50 before today.

Rgb Light Bars

Govee Smart Light Bars | $22 off

Part of a larger sale going on at Amazon, these light bars can be used to augment your TV or monitor. They can sync to your music. Plus you can adjust them using your smartphone. The price is also one of the best ever.

The light bars aren't the only Govee products on sale today, either. Amazon has feaatured a big selection of Govee smart light products as part of its deals of the day. You can save up to 40% on these products, with many of them going for the lowest prices they've ever gone for just like the light bars above. Other options include lighting for your vehicle or outdoor lights with Bluetooth for your patio.

Use the Govee light bars to add depth to your home theater. They look good and can upgrade your ambient viewing experience. You can choose from several dynamic scene modes that help you set the mood by displaying different colors and effects.

The bars also have a built-in mic that can hear whatever you're listening to. This lets them sync with music that you're playing or sounds coming from the screen.

Download the free smart app on your phone and get access to new features that let you customize the colors and lighting effects. You can also use the included adhesive to attach these bars to the back of your monitor or TV. They're easy to set up.

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