Enpass Portable will let you access your passwords anywhere from a USB drive

Enpass, the company behind the eponymous password manager, has announced Enpass Portable, a portable USB drive intended to make accessing your passwords a breeze from any computer. According to Enpass, the Enpass Portable USB drive will make accessing your login information as easy as inserting the drive, launching the app and logging in.

Enpass Portable will let you manage your passwords from a USB drive

From Enpass:

As the name suggests, Enpass Portable is designed to allow you to carry your passwords, login details, and other important information with you - in your USB drive - wherever you go.It is useful for users who don't have administrator rights on a machine to install the Enpass app, and also the System Administrators who have to keep switching their workstations. With Enpass Portable, we've completely bypassed that problem. There's no install required… just plug in the USB drive, and you're done.

Perhaps most interesting of all is that Enpass Portable will be free for all Enpass users both free and paid. That said, the drive isn't yet publicly available as Enpass plans to beta test it for a bit longer. The good news is that means members of Enpass' beta program — which is open to anyone — can test it out for free ahead of its public launch.

If you're interested in trying Enpass Portable during the beta period, you can sign up for the Enpass beta now. And if you're an Enpass user, let us know if you're looking forward to trying the Enpass Portable out once it launches in full.

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