Epic Games bringing Unreal Engine 4 support to HoloLens

Epic-Games (Image credit: Epic Games)

MWC 2019

Amidst all of the HoloLens 2 hype at Microsoft's Mobile World Congress 2019 event today, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney took the stage to announce that Unreal Engine support is coming to the HoloLens platform. Specifically, Unreal Engine 4, the same engine that powers games like Fortnite and Gears of War 4, will be used to create 3D objects in augmented reality apps.

Despite its gaming roots, however, don't expect Unreal Engine 4 to be powering any major gaming experiences on HoloLens 2 yet. Sweeney noted that Epic doesn't have any games in the works just yet. And because HoloLens is mainly finding a home in the enterprise space right now, that's not too surprising (that $3,500 price tag isn't exactly mainstream, either). However, if a more consumer-oriented version of HoloLens makes its way to market in the future, it wouldn't be surprising to see Epic leading the charge with some gaming experiences of its own.

According to Sweeney, Unreal Engine 4 support is coming to developers in May. Sweeney added: "In the years to come, Epic will support HoloLens in all of our endeavors."

HoloLens 2, which includes several upgrades over its predecessor, including a smaller design, carbon fiber, built-in eye tracking, and a whole host of other improvements, is currently available to preorder for $3,500 from Microsoft (opens in new tab).

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  • Still, it was rather surprising to see Sweeney onstage, especially if we remember the kind of comments he had made about Microsoft's ecosystem in the past. Glad that people can come together despite differences and try to make it better for all.
  • The mind of comments he made are fact. Microsoft is doing everything he stated bit by bit. The Windows Lite aka Anaheim is the first step and a huge one to eliminate Steam from contention in the future. Glad to see Steam are not sleeping on their laurels and trying to bring backwards compability with Linux.
  • Steam can transform their store to a Win10 compatible one and urge devs to support appxupload right? win32 + system tampering either by user or by dev, have got to go, at some point.
  • Chrome is eliminating steam?
  • Steam can actually support UWP without much problems if they choose to, even win32 apps can be repackaged now via MSIX installers. Alex Kipman even said that they'll release first class support for custom stores as well in tandem with the HoloLens 2 release that can live alongside Windows Store. Win32 isn't something that's needed for games especially since win32 has permissions that detrimental for users from a security perspective. The sandbox model is better and more secure, especially those users who download dubious software on the internet at the very least the sandbox model can shield them from an installer doing malicious stuff to the system without notice. And the new package model uninstaller makes sure that it doesn't leave any artifacts on the PC (e.g. Registry) so it won't bog down the PC overtime.
  • I would laugh, except every sentence in your post is false. I will cry for you instead.
  • Well, Sweeney is now a corporate shill for Tencent who own Epic. If you know a bit or two about Tencent you realize everything Sweeney is and was saying about walled gardens is laughable - because Tencent themselves have a huge walled garden.
  • so now Sweeney stopped to cry out
  • Somebody noticed that 95 % of all AR content runs on Unity and got scared.
  • ^This!
    somebody gets it.
    Epic want to take some of that enterprise licensing money!!!!
    Since HoloLens2 is for enterprise consumers only, Epic definitely want the corporate cash.