Epic Wars - a strategy Windows Phone game for planetary domination

Epic Wars is a Windows Phone game that has you seeking planetary domination one gaming level at a time. The game will test your skills at strategy and reaction as you send your troops to invade and occupy neighboring planets.

Graphics are very minimal, game play has a bit of a zippy pace and Epic Wars comes across as an entertaining Windows Phone gaming title. Epic Wars is available for low-memory Windows Phones and may only be held back by the number of levels the current version holds.

Epic Wars Menu

Your main menu loosely follows the minimalistic theme of Epic Wars. The layout is brief with options to access the game's help screen, view more games from the developer, view your online rankings, review the game in the Store, visit the game's Facebook page and jump into game play. The only setting for Epic Wars is also present on the main menu and that is to mute the gaming sound.

Game play is not complicated but will pick up in pace and difficulty as you progress through the 60 levels of play. The first few levels are tutorial in nature to guide you through the basics of game play. If you ever need to reference anything concerning game play, the Help screen off the main menu does a nice job covering things.

Epic Wars Help Screens

The game screen has a series of circles that represent the various planets involved in the skirmish. You control the black planets and have to conquer the other planets on the gaming screen, which include gray planets (unoccupied) and various colored planets that are controlled, by one of your many enemies.

Epic Wars

To launch your invading army, tap and hold on one of your planets and drag your finger to the planet you wish to invade. You can transfer armies between planets you control in the same manner.

If you need to send troops from multiple planets to attack an enemy, tap/hold on one of your planets and drag the path to your target planet through any of your planets you wish to join in on the attack. You can launch attacks one planet at a time but it saves times by connecting the dots or planets in this case.

Epic Wars

As you are setting your attack plans, enemy planets are doing the same. You will have plenty occasions to see your invading armies wave to the enemies armies as they pass each other in space. It will take your planets time to replenish its armies and a depleted planet will have a dot for its core. When the planet is at full strength, the entire planet will be colored in.

As you would guess, the first planet to have conquered all the planets on the game screen wins and you can progress to the next gaming level.

Overall Impression

Epic Wars has a slight casual feel due to its minimal presentation but a challenging Windows Phone game nonetheless. The design looks good and the pace of game play is formidable enough to keep you on your toes.

The only gripe that I can come up with for Epic Wars is the ad banner. It sits at the top center of the gaming screen and is a little bit of a sore thumb for such a clean, decent looking game. You do learn to ignore it but I would have liked to have seen the banner relegated to the menus.

All in all, Epic Wars is an enjoyable Windows Phone game to have in the library. It currently only has sixty levels but the developer is rumored to be working on more gaming levels to give the game a little more longevity. At last check, the game is rated at 5 stars and while we would dial that back a little, Epic Wars is well worth trying.

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