Epix 'Slog Dump' to get another fix

Good news for those of you dealing with the "slog dump" error on the Samsung Epix (and good news for those of us looking for another reason to type "slog dump): Another fix is on the way. We say "another" because, well, the first fix didn't do so hot.

Sammy help-site CareAce.net has the deets on the new update:

Outrage is a choice word for the effects of the FOTA update provided by AT&T that we’d initially addressed. While the intentions were genuinely helpful, the patch did cost more problems for some users. The most apparent behavior includes the device freezes randomly when trying to dial. It is however notable that the problem (both SLOG DUMP and the effects after patch) does not apply to all Samsung Epix users.AT&T has planned to release a revised patch in about two weeks, so if you’re experiencing frustration with the problem, help is under way.

So hang in there, Epix fans (henceforth referred to as Survivors of the Slog). Another fix is on the way. It might even work.


Phil Nickinson

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