Epix 'slog dump' hotfix both dumps and slogs

Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease, and that appears to be the case for some Samsung Epix owners. AT&T recently made available a hotfix (you have to call to get it (opens in new tab), and then it's pushed to your phone) that fixes the "Slog Dump" problem, which looks like this. That's all fine and good, but apparently people are having major issues with the radio (opens in new tab) after applying the hotfix.

What about you folks out there in TV Land? Having the same problems?

Via the Boy Genius Report

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  • As reported in these forums (http://forums.wmexperts.com/showthread.php?t=174971) this fix has been available for 2 weeks. Some of the issues go away with a hard reset (which is not forced and not recommended by AT&T), but there are new issues that are introduced with this update and do NOT go away with a hard reset. In my opinion, the new problems do not outweigh the phone freezing up requiring a battery pull, but others may not agree. Nice phone - poor implementation on both Samsung and AT&T. -Craig
  • I've never had this particular problem (slog dump) and I LOVE this phone inspite of some of it's quirks and bugs. Because I've read many complaints about the slog update and since I've not had the problem, I ain't asking for it.
  • How were they deploying the patch? By any chance did they use Windows Update?
  • They DID use Windows Update, but it required a push from AT&T. If you ignored the pop-up message, you could restart the pushed patch via Windows Update, and the results of the patch did show up in the Windows Update log. -Craig
  • I applied the Slog Dump "fix" and get freeze-ups at least once, usually more times, a day. Freeze-ups occur when making phone calls. VERY ANNOYING! Slog Dumps only happen every 2-4 weeks. NOT DAILY! Love the Epix. Great form factor. when not buggy, a perfect phone. DO NOT APPLY THIS "FIX"!
  • I was having daily freezes requiring a battery pull - no keyboard, no screen, no buttons. Only a few were preceded by an actual SLOG DUMP message, but the end result was the same. I had only 1 freeze in the two weeks since I applied the patch, and none since I did a hard reset a few days ago. The patch also fixed the Outlook Notes sync, as well as the ringtone and email notification. Your mileage may vary, of course, but this patch was well worth it for me. I'm stuck with this phone, so I gotta make it work. -Craig
  • In my eye this phone is pretty nice , I bought it at Tradestead , it is very eyecatching, I love its key board the most!
  • i bought the epix on 10/22/08 and 3 weeks later i started getting SLOG DUMPS once of twice a week. of course at&t told me i didn't know how to use the device and that there was no problem. anyway, i got at&t to push the update to my original phone and the "SLOG DUMP" error messages disappeared. unfortunately the update introduced the "delayed Dialing" problem and my corp (Exchange) email delivery was inconsistent to nonexistent. at&t sent me a warranty refurb, but their system would not push the update to the refurb. they sent another refurb, which by the way SLOG DUMPED 5 minutes after turning on the phone, and the 2nd refurb would not accept the patch. the 2nd refurb would reboot before completing the download; tried it 4 times at a corporate store before at&t gave up. at&t is sending me a FUZE that i'll sell on ebay and use the proceeds to buy a TreoPro. EPIX to me is an EPIX Failure... good luck to those who still own it!