Escape Fast! is our Windows Phone myAppFree Deal of the Week

Escape Fast! is a Windows Phone game that has you getting shafted by your partner in crime after a bank robbery and have to fend for yourself in escaping the reach of the long arm of the law. The multi-level platformer game is full of narrow roadways, obstacles and cop cars ready to take you down.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Escape Fast! has been well received over on iOS and Android platforms. After playing Escape First! for a short while, the game should have similar success on the Windows Phone platform. Escape Fast! normally runs $1.49 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick up Escape Fast! free.

Escape Fast!

Escape Fast! has twenty-four levels of play with the first few levels being tutorial in nature than overly challenging. Each level is a stretch of roadway that is full of twists, turns and obstacles to navigate past to get to the finish line. Your game controls consist of a virtual joystick to drive the cab your bank robber has just stolen with gas cans scattered about the road to help keep your ride fueled.

The first three levels will cover the basics of game play and from that point on, your robber will be chased by a fleet of cops intent on tossing your robber in the pokey. To add to the challenge, the roadways are elevated and if you stray off the asphalt, your robber will meet another fate.

Graphics are decent with a slight Minecraft feel and game play is challenging enough to keep the game from growing stale too quickly. The game is new to the Windows Phone Store and normally would run $1.49. However, through the myAppFree deal for the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Escape Fast! free.

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Please Note: The myAppFree deal is already reflective in the Windows Phone Store for Escape First! but it may take a little while longer before the deal shows up in the myAppFree Windows Phone app.


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  • Nice
  • Two Hours to go in India, Until the deal starts. :P
  • No need to wait bro... Just go to store and download it.. It's already free in India ;)
  • Graphics seems like Minecraftic..?
  • Minecraft looks ugly.
  • ^lol
  • LMAO, you serious bro?
  • Yes, if you want me to be LOL :)
  • This pixel animation is a way to invest time into a plot rather than the graphics. Now, what's more common? You find people who don't invest time in either the plot nor the graphics and you get crappy pixelesque games! xD OH, I'm not saying that THIS game is crappy. I'm just speaking in general terms :)
  • Its fun.
  • Delighted to see 512 MB supported :) Update : Wooww.. Awsome Game.. Impressed
  • When in india?
  • Already available
  • Why not in Brazil?
  • I'm having problem downloading some apps from store even if they are less than 1MB. Pending....... Sucks.
  • Turn on to iOS or Android!
  • The partner sounds like a character Edward Norton would play
  • This game reminds me of an game on Atari 2600 game called River Raid because it uses number of sound effects much like it: Then checked the Store and guess what there actually was a paid and free version of River Raid, almost everyone in the family wanted the link to try it out on their Lumia's :-)
  • I predict this will be the next thing that won't download updates from the store, after the price becomes not free. Still stuck here trying to update MyTube and Status Tiles.
  • Yep. Possible. More due to a bug with the Store than anything else. MyTube and Plex have failed to update for me. 
  • +me too..):
  • I just had a chat with Microsoft support on this issue. They are downplaying it by saying that it's a problem with the developer that he/she might have changed the licensing or re-published the app. However, that is not true. This bug (error code - c101a7d1 despite having the app in your purchase history)  has been documented on various MS forums and many devs have tried to reach out to senior executives in the Support team in the hope of a resolution but to no avail. I have done my bit in escalating the issue. Hopefully, I should receive an email from them soon. I had problems with Pocket File Manager, Plex, MyTube! and Gym Ace (earlier known as ProGym). Those interested can have a look at this Plex support forum - This bug can affect anyone who has got a promotional deal with an app - either for free or a discounted price. And in most cases, neither the devs nor users can do little about it.
  • That's true, it's a MS Store bug not from developers. Read this issue to know more:
  • Worse game!