ESPN Fantasy Football app headed to the Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

NFL season is just around the corner and in just the nick of time, the ESPN Fantasy Football app has passed Marketplace certification and is headed to the Nokia Collection. The fantasy football app will be an exclusive for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone lineup and should be live on the Marketplace in the next day or two.

ESPN Fantasy Football allows you to manage your fantasy teams and monitor player performance from multiple teams and leagues. You have the capability of following teams on game day with real-time FantasyCast scores and news.

Along with managing your fantasy teams you can view news, video highlights from ESPN and catch analysis from ESPN fantasy experts. If you subscribe to ESPN Insider you will be able to get personalized alerts, game predictions and ESPN PickCenter Plus recommendations for your lineups. ESPN Fantasy Football comes across as a very complete fantasy football app for your Windows Phone.

Again, ESPN Fantasy Football just passed certification and it may take 24-48 hours before we see it live. Once it is available, it will appear in your Windows Phone Marketplace app under the Nokia Collection. We'll keep an eye on things and update you with the direct link and a QR code once they become available.

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George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Nokia is the best!! The ATIV S is a great phone, but the Pure view WP8 coming next week will beat it in support and build quality. (Maybe the mid end arrow will still be able to beat the ATIV S for support alone)
  • Great.... Im so glad Football kicks off next week and I still wont have the ESPN app.... Grats Nokia users....
  • 5 minutes from post untill the first complaint about Nokia. Not bad.
  • Lol!
  • You can count on it every time.  On the up side BB10 isnt looking bad!
  • You've got to expect a negative response.  I don't even play fantasy football on ESPN, and I'm a bit irritated, being a NFL junkie myself.  Can't they at least come up with a way to make it free to Nokia customers and available for purchase to users with other devices??  It really is bad PR for Windows Phone as a whole to say that certain apps are only for use on specific devices.
  • All the more reason to hold out for a Nokia. ;)
  • THIS IS NOT FAIR!! i need this app.. Will it come to other windows phones?!?!
  • OMG I can't wait!!!!
  • Seriously, exclusive for Nokia??  WTF Microsoft!!!  If you don't want your early adopters to like your platform, keep this up.
    I understand the Nokia Maps etc. etc. being exclusive, but ESPN FFL is something I have been waiting for over a year and it finally is coming out but only for Nokia.
    Why don't you tell your other phone partners to screw off, buy Nokia and be done with it so you don't have a fragmented user base.  It's tough enough trying to evangalize this platform then getting this kind of news pisses me off (obviously)
  • Curious why nobody vents their frustration to HTC or Samsung?   It's nice to see Nokia step up and support Windows Phones by recruiting development of exclusive content.  I don't think Microsoft should tell its partners to screw off but rather tell them to step it up.
  • Microsoft should be getting the big apps done for the benefit of their entire base, Nokia should not have even had to be part of this app creation one way or another.  It's still a failing on Microsoft's part.
  • George ponder, +1,000,000,0000001
  • Why are you mad @ MS. It's Nokia who wants to differntiate & going after these exclusive deals. That's how you suport a platform. If Samsung & HTC just want to say we too support WP7, show a little more commitment rather than putting out a few cheap ass phones & not even properly supporting their own product.
    You have a choice buddy. support the one that's supporting the platform 100%. Seems like Samsung is warming up...but not enough. Go NOKIA. you rock...
  • How about MS give Samsung and HTC a cut of the money they giving Nokia?
  • That would strongly imply that HTC and Samsung have something of value to give back to Microsoft. I'll let you in on a secret: they don't. Nokia has services, infrastructure and most importantly, talent. That is what MS is getting in return for "giving money to Nokia". That whole Nokia Drive thing everyone is getting in Windows Phone 8? Do you think that was free for Nokia to give? Can HTC or Samsung offer anything comparable? I suppose if Microsoft ever wanted tips on how to try and rip off IP they can pay Samsung for consultations. Zing.
  • +1.  I just don't understand why people don't understand this this Truth!
  • I totally agree with you, I'm so tired of this bs! I don't want a Nokia phone, I love my Samsung phones.. I am really rethinking what OS I am getting on my next upgrade..smh!
  • Perhaps with the ATIV-S, Samsung will offer S-Voice, and other S services with their WP devices....
  • Amen to that. This has me a bit annoyed. Its almost like they are pushing people towards Nokia. Other OS don't have this problem. If there is am NFL app, they all get it. If there is a Bank of America app, they all get it. Not on WP though.
  • I currently own a Samsung Omnia 7 & Nokia Lumia 900, like both, but I love everything Nokia is doing for the platform. Nokia is really committed to the platform, unlike Samsung & HTC. Samsung has made exclusive apps for their handsets that they have not released to the OS platform. I would love to have Photogram on my L900, how come Samsung will not release it to others? Their Mini Diary app is great as well, but no dice on the rest of the OS platform. Photo Studio, another one, all have been on the Samsung shelf and no plans to be released on other WP devices, why no complaints about that? At least most of these apps, that are not in house from Nokia, will eventually be released, just Nokia handsets get them first, for a little while. So you mean to tell me the world's #1 selling phone OEM in the world(Samsung), really can't push their weight around and get developers to push out more apps to the WP platform? Please, they could easily give that nudge, but they don't, cause they all thought they would have free reign on the Android platform without any issues from anyone. Bottom line, ask Samsung or HTC, why are they not doing all they can for WP platform, instead blaming Nokia for really getting behind the WP platform and getting developers to support it anyway they can. Please name me one app, that any other WP OEM, have bought to our platform, just one?
  • Sucks I have a Titan 2. Windows Phone is going to turn into a one manufacture platform....Nokia.
  • Nokia Phone 8 is coming out soon!
  • Annoying, but glad that Nokia brought the app to the platform. I can't wait to get my Nokia.... eventually.
  • I thought the entire initial argument for adoption of Windows Phone was the ability for the OS to be installed on various devices without the fragmentation apparent on Android. While I applaud Nokia for doing what other OEMs have not when it comes to high quality apps, denying these apps to all non-Nokia devices creates the very fragmentation that the OS claimed it would be immune from. If this keeps up, it will boil down to not what device most suits your need, but what apps are available/missing on the device in question due to its manufacturer. I'm an avid WP supporter, but this has been handled horribly.
  • There will always be some fragmentation e.g. if a phone has a front-facing camera (optional), NFC (optional?), compass (optional), etc. And I challenge you to find where Microsoft said there would be no fragmentation. They said it would never be as bad as Android and they have kept their word. As stated over and over and over before, if OEMs cannot have exclusive apps AND they cannot customize the UI AND they have to adhere to hardware specifications, it leaves them very little room for differentiation.  That translates into little incentive for them to invest in Windows Phone at all. So Microsoft has to offer OEMs something to differentiate themselves and getting "exclusive" software is one way to do that. You need to stop thinking like a consumer sometimes and take the place of an OEM--why make a Windows Phone if all you can do is copy/paste the OS and not do anything different?  We already see that with Samsung re-using their Android hardware for Windows Phone. It could be worse.
  • That's flawed logic.  No one said the handset makers couldn't differentiate themselve with h/w.  There are h/w minimum specs not maximum.  Let them come out with all the colors and sizes and 4 gajillion pixel cameras they want. 
    Maybe you need to think more like a consumer because that's who buys into the ecosystem.  I work at a company that has us locked into Verizon.  Let's see what WP7 phone can I choose in the last year.  Oh yeah, the single choice of HTC Trophy.  I don't mind the phone for the most part.  As part of my effort, I got some others to choose the Trophy.  Now, as an example there is a popular app (in some circles) that is only on Nokia.  A couple of folks are ready to jump to iPhones because of this kind of thing.  How smart is that to lose customers because Microsoft is allowing OEM's to lock down apps to a single handset manufacturer.
    It doesn't help the WP ecosystem to have this happen.
  • "That's flawed logic.  No one said the handset makers couldn't differentiate themselve with h/w.  There are h/w minimum specs not maximum.  "
    Sorry but you're 100% completely wrong. The hardware limitations were due to the two (old) Qualcomm chipsets that Windows Phone 7 supported. There were a lot OEMs couldn't do, like heavily modify the camera software, offer expandable storage, offer different resolutions, NFC, BT 3.0/4.0, dual-cores, different GPU (no Tegra?), etc.  That was the upper limit set and it was a HUGE limit for OEMs. That's why WP8 is such a big deal. The OS is now scalable, different resolutions are supported and OEMs can use more advanced Qualcomm chipsets that offer more flexibility.
    "Maybe you need to think more like a consumer because that's who buys into the ecosystem."
    You missed a few steps there: the OEMs need to have incentive to make the phones that you want. And then the carriers need to want those phones to buy from the OEMs. Then and only then, can you the consumer step up and buy them, if you like.
  • Sorry, I should have been more clear re:the h/w will be able to differentiate in WP8, I understand the 1st chipset limitations. But there was still enough choices in 1st generation for OEMs to differentiate, screen size, materials, colors, weight, battery life, camera optic quality etc.
    The bigger overall point is that app fragmentation is not a good thing for the Microsoft Phone ecosystem.  In my example, there are times when you can't just jump from carrier to carrier to get a handset of your choice.  When you are locked in and have a choice of an iphone with all major apps or in this case an HTC with a subset of the Windows ecosystem, it's hard to convert people into coming on board to WP.
    I don't want ANY app exclusives and never liked the idea. It's not a good thing for the overall sucess of the platform.
    I want WP to suceed and this is a roadblock, believe it or not to getting some people to convert/commit to WP.
  • "The bigger overall point is that app fragmentation is not a good thing for the Microsoft Phone ecosystem."
    Not disagreeing with you here at all, I just see it as a necessary evil. Instead, I'm just trying to convey the rationalization why Microsoft allows this, even if it causes issues. It's the same thing about OS update and carriers--they hate they have to go through them but that's how business is done. In order for Windows Phone to succeed, there needs to be compromises. Sometimes yes, those do hurt the consumer experience (AT&T and 8107, anyone?). But this is just how things are. (Look at how Android devs code for v2.3 even though 4.1 is out...) Perhaps once Windows Phone takes off, such a system can be abandoned. But right now, I see them as training wheels for the OS until it can ride on its own.
  • What is wrong with simply raising the price for "exclusive apps" on non-exclusive devices? I'm happy to pay an extra dollar or so if that is what it takes for Nokia to recoup the investment it made, while using a non-Nokia device.
  • I agree. Give an option. People might then appreciate the work Nokia is doing even more. Heck if they continually see Nokia apps come out a customer might then consider getting their phone next instead of continuing to pay a premium.
  • You guys do realize that these "exclusive" apps, majority are for anywhere from 6-12 months, then released on the entire platform. Just like Nokia maps will soon be a part of Bing or taking over what Bing maps used to do. I'm sure Drive and Transport will someway shape or form be in there as well. Why hasn't Samsung & HTC pushed ESPN, ROVIO, & EA to get these apps to the platform? Also, why hasn't HTC hasn't released HTC WATCH to the entire platform yet, it's been well over 6 months now? HTC, didn't release the ATTENTIVE phone app either, but after a long while, the Lumia got certain features with the Tango update. Any reason, I can't have the HTC HUB on my Omnia 7 and Lumia 900 yet? The only platform that will not have some type of exclusive apps on certain devices is Apple, if that is what you're looking for, then sorry to see you go, but enjoy yourself, as being with the rest of the platform. They do give you the option of a black or white one though!
  • While I agree with everything you stated, that still has absolutely nothing to do with the idea of charging additional money for exclusive apps on non-exclusive devices. Nokia could protect their investment, and make additional money from these if they simply charged more for non-Nokia devices to use them. I know neither Samsung or HTC has followed this path, but their "exclusive apps" already have countless paid alternatives in the marketplace for all.
  • I have yet to find one "exclusive app", that was made by Samsung or HTC, available for purchase anywhere in the marketplace. If you have seen it, please let me know, so I can download it on my Lumia 900. I would love to have that burst mode feature that's on the Titan & Radar, and love the photo apps from Samsung. The "exclusive app" for Nokia is not permnant, only for a short time frame, unlike Samsung & HTC, that will never offer their apps for the entire OS platform. I'm convinced, even if Nokia did do a paid route for these "exclsuive app", people would still complain about how expensive the apps are and compare it to iTunes & Google Play store prices, and it's just unfair. In the end, why can't Samsung and HTC, urge all these developers to make "exclusive apps" for their devices for a short term as well? If a user favor one OEM over another, then you are taking everything into consideration. Some OEM's are just not taking our beloved platform extremely serious, like one OEM is. Maybe it will change slightly with everything that is going on in court. Again, this is not Nokia's fault, they do want to be #1 on the platform and eventually take their #1 in the world title again.
  • Making a fantasy football app exclusive for the majority of the actual football season is going to tick a fair share of people off.  I've already gone at least two (maybe three) fantasy football seasons having to refresh my browser all day.  Horrible experience, bring the app to the platform.  I blame ESPN more than anyone else at this point. 
  • ESPN and the other OEM's for not really giving a damn. If Samsung & HTC, would actually care about their customers, both would've done a whole lot more to get every app developer on board from the get go.
  • Don't blame Nokia for actually giving a damn.  
  • Like I have said before. I am fine with Nokia bringing exclusive apps that they created to Windows Phone. I am also fine with an exclusive time frame for non Nokia apps that Nokia brought to Windows Phone but...what they should do during the exclusive window is offer the apps to everyone for a price, say $0.99.
    Yes, this sucks as I have a Titan II, and HTC does not seem to care about it's Windows Phone users, so I am ticked at them. The thing is, I do not like the Lumia 900. I personally feel the Titan II is a much better device.
    Ding, Ding Nokia. You can recoup some of your investments by charging during the exclusive period.
  • Amen!  I imagine that with the current app marketplace they'd have to produce two "different" apps to have one free for Nokia and one paid for others, and that's what's getting in the way.  It is just stupid to prevent somebody from getting the app, if they're willing to pay for it.  Shoot - they'd even get more money! $$$
  • Good, makes sense
  • +1
  • I own a Lumia 710... Paid $259.99 for what seems to be a solid all round phone, with all these exclusives, can't complain. 
  • Is there a good yahoo fantasy football app?
  • I've used Fantasy Ferret with some success.  I'm currently "evaluating" StatGnome, which looks to be a bit nicer.
  • And this is why it doesn't matter what Samsung builds. If more and more apps are just going to be exclusive for Nokia, it doesn't matter what Samsung brings to the table.
  • I'm not into it but Nokia gets sweet apps. I'm itching to upgrade so I can't wait for September 5th. :)
  • Microsoft was stupid to let Nokia make exclusive ESPN apps. This pissed me off because this is the only one that will be available for an app that is very much wanted by a lot of Americans, and we now k ow for sure we won't get it unless we have Nokia. Or ios or android. Fail on microsofts part.
    Thanks Nokia for getting this. Our league just finished the live draft and can't wait for this App. My work blocks all content that is remotely synonymous to the word Fantasy. 
    To the people who are trashing MS... I don't think they have a choice. It's Nokia who is pursuing these exclusive apps and they are the only company who dumped on their own OS and go exclusive with WP OS. Unlike Samsung or HTC who, given the option will spit out a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Blackberry OS and iOS as well. 
    Nokia has put all it's eggs in MS basket and trying to grow the Ecosystem along with their own market share. 
    Good Job Nokia. Now I need a Yahoo FF app as well :)
  • But there harming the rest of the ecosystem. Its one thing for Nokia drive or something like that, that is there's anyway. ESPN is something from the outside and the other manufacturers won't make the app now because it would be different and fragmenting.
  • how is it harming anything??? I have an ios device and there are a few apps and games I tried to buy, but behold my 1 year old ios device cannot download the app-game, as it is made for the brand new device. It is a tad different, but that is more damaging to an ecosystem than a "timed" exclusive.
  • These apps are not ESPN though!
  • You can get mad if one guy decides he's going all in to get this one girl while the others decide they want to date around. Now once his commitment pays off, everyone else can't complain that they didn't get a fair shot at her. If Samsung wanted to be as big on windows phone as they are with android, they've had every opportunity. Same with HTC. If not for Nokia, there would be no ESPN, ESPN fantasy football, words with friends or any of the other 8 apps they've paid to have built for the platform. If they pay to have it built then it can be their exclusive. If you don't like the fact that your Samsung/HTC phone doesn't have the best apps, tell them to get off their ass.
  • Agreed
  • For real, seriously. Samsung needs to show some innovation with the WP platform. When will the day come when they have invested enough into the system to release their own exclusive app?
  • nice. I play fantasy off of This is cool, hopefully next season I will have a shiny new Nokia phone and this app. ;-)
  • This is just timed exclusive. Nokia paid for this app to come to Windows Phone. Without Nokia, it would take longer.
  • LOL
  • I could understand this if it were basketball, I could understand this if it were baseball, this is football the most popular sport in America with millions of fantasy players every year and an app could not be created across the board for all windows phones. Come on Man!!! But in all seriousness, they really need to make sure that the more culturally relevant apps are at least available to all. I understand that oem's and Microsoft need to step it up a bit, however is it truly necessary for a platform to be dominant for a developer to realize the potential for getting more people to utilize their app. For example, sprint had an app that catered to this very issue. The app allowed you access to the major fantasy leagues Espn, FoxSports and if memory serves yahoo can't remember if CBS was on there are not or if NFL was there either. But, it allowed you to keep track of your favorite teams, manage your fantasy roster and keep track of games; hell it even had radio broadcast of certain games. Now it wasn't done by the leagues themselves and was created by someone with the idea that maybe someone would like this and it fills a need for the consumer. Unfortunately, I have no idea why they did not make that particular app available on my Arrive when it was definitely appreciated on my touch diamond, but as I said sometimes the community of brilliant app developers can build an alternative (if you build it they will come) love that misquoted line. Understand, I am disappointed, but love my windows phone and even though I have a iPod touch Gen 2 I would prefer using the web browser on my phone than trying to count on the touch app which is a pain anyway (you know the whole upgrade to something new or be left behind). Fortunately, i was born a free thinker and windows 8 is just around the corner. Well I'm done with this rant on to talking about people who drive badly
  • My first thought was to say fuck Nokia, but I play my fantasy football on yahoo so it won't even affect me, but they are still bastards.
  • So, are you all saying that you would just not rather have the app? That's a very likely scenario. The fact is, ESPN may not have even bothered. We still don't have a Watch ESPN app on the platform, but Android and ios do. Will we ever get it? Maybe one day. But, we don't currently have it. If Nokia can negotiate getting apps on the platform at all, that's a win for WP. Someting also tells me that Samsung has the clout to do this too.
  • Stupid exclusive to Nokia apps ... Especially when the majority of sports apps suck. And why would us non Nokia hardware owners not complain about this. Give me a break.
  • People tend to forget all manufacturers gave their own app store and exclusives. Only Nokia chooses to stock theirs while others choose not to invest and instead only feature their own apps. HTC actually has very good exclusives by.
  • *have not gave
  • I can't wait for it
  • Just downloaded it- the app is available in the Marketplace!
  • this aint no football... its some american thing :D