Even the Samsung Taylor original developer device gets Mango

Going way, way back to when Windows Phone 7 Series (ahem) was first announced in February 2010, it was within a few months we saw the first "developer" phones making the rounds. One was the Samsung Taylor (SGH-i707), which of course never went commercial but proved to be a decent device for trying out new software on.

Surprisingly, even this device has managed to get the Mango update, at least according to Nuno Luz, who's a Mobility Solutions Specialist at Microsoft. Posted on his Facebook page, he shows us the screen shot of the Settings for evidence. Makes us wonder if our Toshiba TG01 would get Mango...hmmm.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Steve M., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Is the LG phone pictured a developer device as well?
  • Yes, LG Panther.
  • Yet my LG Optimus is sitting next to me Mangoless. So cold, so so cold.
  • This and you can't bring an update to Focus v1.4? Way to go.
  • Last time I checked Samsung Taylor wasn't an LG device.... :O
  • There's a caveat to this story. The Taylor came in 2 flavors, one had the pre-release 7003 OS and the other had the retail 7004 OS. Taylors (and LG Panthers) with the 7003 OS DO NOT GET MANGO. Taylors with the 7004 OS can get Mango following the same upgrade path as retail devices.