Evernote for WP7 released [Updated with Link]

Finally! It's here everyone. Evernote for Windows Phone 7 is soon to be available to download and boy was the wait worth it, check out the image above and the screens after the break to see what we've been eagerly awaiting for. It's the most feature-packed client they've ever developed and is applying itself to the Metro UI guidelines-for-awesomeness.

We wont copy and paste the features explained in the official announcement, but we shall highlight the 'biggies' and show some screens. For the main screen, we have some panorama goodness which contain:

  • Notes: A complete scrollable note list
  • Notebooks: Tap on a notebook to view its contents
  • Tags: Tap on a tag to see all the notes associated with it
  • Recent notes: This list lets you jump to the 20 most recently viewed notes

Evernote for WP7 also displays Notebook Stacks and hierarchical tags. They have made sure that the application bar used throughout the app is useful and feature-rich maximizing user friendliness in different sections. To read up on the feature highlights and to see some more images head on past the break.

As you can see from the above image that creating new notes in the app couldn't be easier. Simply fill out all the details and select save from the application bar. Should you wish to use the camera and save a photo to the note, you can. Simply hitting the camera icon in the application bar will take you straight to the camera.

Moving onto search, Evernote will find whatever you need to locate via the search bar or by referring to previously saved searches (web and desktop). Not only does the app run through your notes, it also scans printed and handwritten text in images. You can save locations when you create notes and later view them using Bing Maps, not to mention built-in sharing gateways (email, Facebook, etc.)

You can download Evernote from the Marketplace so keep an eye out for it to show, we'll add the URL once it's available. Check out the full post over at the Evernote blog via the link below.

Update: Evernote is now live and you can find your free copy of Evernote here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: Evernote

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