Everspace 2 early access delayed until December 2020

Everspace 2
Everspace 2 (Image credit: Rockfish Games)

What you need to know

  • Everspace is a popular space shooter available on Xbox Game Pass.
  • The developer recently revealed a new open-world game.
  • Everspace 2 early access has been delayed to December 2020.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass through Amazon.

Recently at Gamescom 2019, Rockfish Games, the creators of Everspace, announced Everspace 2. Unlike the rogue-like prequel, this game is an open-world space shooter with classic role-playing elements and persistent player progression. Everspace 2 was coming to Steam Early Access soon and Xbox One in 2021. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

A press release Windows Central received from the developer said the following.

An aggressive virus is spreading around the globe, causing great uncertainties, severe supply chain issues and cancellations of big international events pretty much everywhere. Unsurprisingly, all our... meetings with major platform holders and potential console co-publishing partners have been canceled, too. We are now setting up conference calls or meetings at upcoming events. Right now, we are prepared for everything and are hoping for the best... The hotly-anticipated open-world... shooter... Cyberpunk 2077 was recently pushed back to September, plus the brand new... looter shooter... Outriders from Square Enix has just been announced to release the same month, too. Obviously, there is quite an overlap between those audiences and ours, so we have decided it wouldn't be wise to directly compete against two... shooter... juggernauts, leaving not much room for any other... shooter coming out at the same time. Considering all those new challenges, we had to make a tough decision about postponing the Everspace 2 launch on Steam Early Access, now aiming for early December this year. Consequently, we're also pushing the closed alpha back to the end of May and the closed beta to August. Even if this is just a strategic decision to mitigate commercial risks when major market conditions change, we are fully aware that some of you won't be too happy about this, but we hope for your understanding. Thankfully, we're in a financially comfortable position, so the project itself is not at risk, and we are developing the game internally as planned. This extra time also means we'll have more content for you to enjoy.

Hopefully, Everspace 2 will be a polished experience even in Steam Early Access. It's unclear if this means that the Xbox One launch of the game will be pushed back further in 2021 or even 2022. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Are you excited for Everspace 2? Have you played Everspace on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know.

Asher Madan

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