Evolve: Hunters Quest boils down first-person shooter to match-3, now available for Windows Phone

The fantastic upcoming first-person shooter Evolve is being reimagined for mobile as a match-3 Windows game called Hunters Quest, available for free today in the Windows and Windows Phone Store. As in the original, players are hunting a big, bad alien and have to work together to make sure they don't become the prey. Over time, you earn ability mastery points in the mobile title that carry over to the full-fledged console game.

The mobile title also provides simplified replays of your latest console or PC matches for a strategic review. The open beta weekend not long ago saw a whopping 2.2 million matches played and looking at the latest gameplay video, it's easy to see why Evolve is going to be really popular.

Here's a quick run-down of the features in Hunters Quest.

  • Battle through over 100 exciting missions
  • Unleash devastating attacks using a variety of hunters
  • Match 3 tokens of the same color to attack enemies and activate hunters' skills
  • Earn Mastery Points to rank up your character in the console game
  • Collect unique wildlife in the Bestiary

Evolve comes out on PC and Xbox One on February 10. Having put lots of time into the alpha and beta periods, I can't help but be really excited. How many of you guys have tried Evolve? Anyone preorder?

Thanks, Jason F., and Sam S., for the tips!

QR: evolve

Simon Sage