eWallet Go - App Spotlight

We've taken a look at Password Manager for the Windows Phone and now we'll shine the spotlight on eWallet GO. Ilium Software is offering the Windows Phone app over at the Marketplace to help you keep track of your usernames/passwords, financial accounts, credit cards, PIN Numbers and other information that needs to be secure but readily available.

eWallet GO makes it easy to get started, with 29 ready-to-use templates for you to enter all your critical information. The app supports multiple categories, so you'll never have to second guess where you saved any of your information. eWallet Go's philosophy, "It's your info - save it however you like, and access it fast without worry."

eWallet GO also supports Google Docs or Dropbox to help make saving your file easily. Not only can you back up and restore your wallet to your phone, but if you also purchase eWallet GO! for Windows (available from Ilium's website) you can back up and restore between your phone and your PC.

There isn't a trial version for eWallet Go and the full version is running $4.99. You can download it here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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  • Those are real card/account numbers, right? :P
  • No support for Skydrive as usual.
  • No, and this is a dealbreaker for me. No dropbox as they have shown to give your data to the governmnet if they only ask for it.Until they get Skydrive support it will be lastpass for me.
  • Pretty sure SkyDrive 3rd party API's aren't in currently, and won't be available until Mango releases.
  • SkyWallet uses SkyDrive to sync an encrypted file between their phone and desktop companion apps, so the API is already there and working. Would like to see more developers use SkyDrive as a backup solution.
  • As an ewallet user for about 10 years, I'd strongly recommend that you keep your money in your pocket. First, it doesn't support ewallet, only the crippled go product. I was completely flabbergasted by this as the sybiosis between ewallet for pc and ewallet for pocket pc, was the reason I was a paying customer through many versions. Both were full featured programs which synced with one another. Second, there is no trial. This was unfortunately relevant for me because I foolishly purchased it based on past experience with ilium. Unfortunately I found out they had no search facility, which rendered it worthless for the hundreds of cards in my wallets. So I've moved over to Keepass on the desktop and 7pass on my mobile. Free on the desktop, inexpensive on the mobile, a fine search facility and a trial. The only downside is that you can't edit your cards on the mobile. However being able to actually find them to use them more that compensates.
  • Totally agree that this is not worth more than any of the other password managers. This just the Go version which doesn't synchronize and also is missing a lot of the of grouping and categorizing capabilities. I have used the real eWallet for several years and this in not even close. I contacted them to ask about the real version and I was advised they don't plan to create one. Of course now if nobody buys this then they'll use that as justification for not releasing the real version. If they release a real version then they'll have a significant advantage over the other products and they can get some sales.
  • Sky Wallet is $3.99, has a free desktop app and uses Skydrive. Not quite as pretty as this one but a much better deal IMO.
  • Dont know why SPBSoftwarehouse which used to be a powerhouse in WM6 is silent here. Their Wallet software was the best I used. I dont really want to switch out of it but I am going to be forced now. Since this is pretty much a major project to change apps on this, I am not looking forward to this. But the Desktop Sync is one of the main features that I need.