Examining how good Microsoft apps actually are on Android

Whether you're using OS X, iOS or Android, you can fill your phone, tablet or computer with Microsoft without having to use Windows. Sure, Microsoft would prefer everyone used Windows, but it also recognizes that however hard it tries, that's just not going to happen.

Case in point; Android. Our pal Russell Holly over on Android Central has examined how good an experience you can get by using Microsoft apps and Microsoft services instead of Google. And the results are pretty surprising.

A snippet:

"Between Arrow Launcher and Next Lockscreen for personalized access to apps and features, and half a dozen clever extras like Word Lens and On{X}, Microsoft as the default on an Android phone starts to look not only feature complete, but downright enjoyable."

The piece examines whether or not a Microsoft loaded Android phone would be a good experience. We've had past efforts which included a tie-up with Verizon to pre-load Bing as default search in place of Google, and of course, the Nokia X. Neither were particularly well received.

But as Microsoft readies its latest iteration of its own mobile OS, it has been working hard to produce compelling applications for other platforms. Comments frequent on Windows Central like to begrudge Microsoft's 'priorities' with launching everything on Android and iOS, but the truth is, it's necessary. It's necessary, important, and Microsoft is really good at it. Microsoft is, after all, a software and services company first and foremost.

I've been trying a similar thing these past couple of weeks on an Android phone. Partly because I've moved as much as I can away from Google apps out of personal preference, and partly to see what it's like. Android still needs Google. Amazon proved that forking it just doesn't work that well, but Microsoft has done the next best thing. Outlook can replace Gmail while still pulling in those accounts, Cortana can replace Google Now, Office, Groove, Xbox One Smartglass, the MSN apps, they're all there. And they're fantastic.

We all want a better life for and with Windows 10 Mobile. But as it turns out, Microsoft is making a serious play at not just having its stuff everywhere, but being the best at it, too.

You'll find the full post from Android Central at the link below.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Groove can't replace anything to my knowledge. The rest is very true.
  • It's not a bad app on Android though tbh. Little basic, but perfectly fine.
  • Groove on Android is pretty pathetic. Looks like something a new developer would have created. I only use it to listen to music on my OneDrive, which is music that isn't available through Rhapsody, my primary streaming service. It's a horrible UX with the most dull UI design. That being said, I do use Office apps, Cortana, MSN Money, OfficeLens, Microsoft Account, OneDrive, SnapAttack & OneNote on Android.
  • I agree. I downloaded Groove on my Galaxy S4 and it wasn't long before I went straight back to the default music player that has far more features and an easier user interface.
  • I'm going to check Groove out on android to see whats up.
  • While I love Groove, when i switched to Android back in April, I was super disappointed. The app will stop music out of no where, take forever to start radio and takes forever to play a song. Groove is a great music service, but there apps on other platforms don't shine like they do on Microsoft's Platform.
  • If you triedon't back in April, then try again. It is not bad on Android. It is better than Xbox music on WP, as much as I hate to say that. I do wish that would only show music on device when on wifi. My wife and I both use zune (sigh)/xbox/groove and our music tastes are not nearly the same. I hate my Android phone for a number of reasons, but the MS apps aren't one of them.
  • Its bad on windows phone itself :)
  • I suggest Microsoft to buy a company who can make an awesome Music player. Groove is not bad but I can see too many things which can be improved in it.
  • Out of interest, what is Groove missing?
  • 1. Radio that let's you select many artists and like songs from artists to inform it's play back (i.e. like Pandora) 2. Offline music playback. If you shuffle after filtering for offline it still plays online too. (Try doing that in VT and you won't be listening to much music!) 3. A music pass makes my offline music worse because it puts all of the crap I currated out back in and replaces studio songs with live concert crap that I hate. At the very least let me like/dislike directly on the toast and LEARN from what I like/dislike. (Apple Music does this) 4. No ability to like songs from your offline collection (or rate them!) and certainly not from the toast on Windows 10 desktop. 5. No ability to create dynamic playlists (i.e. all songs 4 stars or higher). 6. No ability to use dynamci playlists (or anything else!) to sync music to your android/windows phone. (I understand why they can't do this with iOS but it's in excusable that I can't do this easily from the music app for android/wp) 7. No ability to sync with my phone wirelessly like Zune and WP 7 had.   I.e. Open Windows Media player and zune and even though it's uglier (Zune isn't) you'll get the idea of what needs to happen + Pandora-like controls for contextual playback with a subscription.
  • THAT ^
  • Microsoft's software is the problem.  Despite all the hype about Windows 10 and these apps, their software is kind of terrible.  The Windows Client won't let you RIP CDs.  The Windows Client won't allow you to Repeat only one track.  Rating is AWOL.  Playlist Management is beyond anemic.  Nothing similar to Genius Playlists in iTunes (I think Zune had something similar).   On a Desktop System, Windows Media Player is the superior user experience, except Microsoft didn't integrate the store with it. However, WMC has some serious issues when ripping CDs.  The information it gets is often outdated or outright incorrect so your tracks end up with incorrect metadata.  Groove can't rip CDs at all, nor can it edit track/album metadata. So I use iTunes, instead.  Windows 10 has native support for AAC and ALAC so I just rip to those formats, and I buy from the iTunes store.  If I subscribe to a streaming service, it will likely be Apple Music (after they fix some niggling UX issues).  iTunes also does Podcasts. On the flip side, I don't even feel like I need (or want, for that matter) a Microsoft Account anymore.  It has become a usability and privacy concern.  On Android you can "Disable" those apps.  On OS X you can sign in with an Apple ID and either not sign into iCloud or Turn off iCloud completely if you don't want it there.  On Windows, you can't disabled the apps, and you cannot turn the Sync Off. So I'm likely to drop down to a Local User Account, delete my Microsoft Account, and switch to a Google Account.  Can just install Chrome and a few Extensions and I'll be back in business.  They have a more compete ecosystem of Apps on iOS than Microsoft has for Android or iOS (and they won't take up 1.5GB of storage on my phone, either).
  • U switched from microsoft account to google account because of privacy concern??!!! Thats ridiculus. Its like handing over the keys of your house to the thief instead of keeping it with you afraid that it might get stolen.
  • FYI the issue is the .NET runtime for store apps. It's too limited and most of it intentional (I.e. can't get a store app for goto meeting, skype, etc. that can share screens because the runtime won't let you.) This is a major mistake on MS's part and they need to fix it properly. Instead they are going the opposite way pushing people into desktop apps instead of fixing the runtime.
  • "So I use iTunes, instead." LOL! You take a crap on Groove and you use iTunes instead? iTunes is one of the absolutely worst pieces of software that's ever been developed.
  • Totally agree with this list. Two main features I have been missing since we regressed from Zune.  1. The ability to sit at my computer and select which songs I want available offline, on which devices, and have them "magically" show up there. (One drive and streaming are great sitting at my house. Not so much anywhere else.) 2. Sync and curate playlist across devices in a "one note active sync" style. If I change it on one device reflect it everywhere, stop doubling my playlist. And give us the ability to easily change the order of songs in a playlist while it is playing on the phone app (drag and drop).
  • I do not like the Android music player at all. But I do love Groove on my Surface on Windows 10. First, I love the dark theme. Secondly, any music I add to the Surface appears on my phone. Within Groove, creating and deleting playlists is easy and Cortana will play those without opening the app, on the phone and Surface. Selecting ... allows the choice of Radio when numerous artists can be selected. Clicking on a song and adding to music automatically downloads the song to all devices from Radio mode (or any other mode) Clicking now playing and expand arrows gives a Zune-esque display. You can sort by A-Z, Genre, Artist or Album, as well as filter by All, Available Offline, Streaming, Only on this Device, On OneDrive, Purchased or Groove Music Pass. With explore artist and search too, I am loving Groove on my Surface Pro 3. I also love it on my phone too, though it is still Xbox Music until W10M is out soon. Again with Hey Cortana I can play any artist, song or playlist without opening the app. All round there are improvements to come but I love Groove and won't be using anything else. Personal taste!
  • What is the Android Music Player you are referring to? There are quite a few you could be referencing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Secondly: Ya, it shows up but won't play if you don't have a connection. So much for that. Same deal with OneDrive Great that you can play play lists with Cortana but you can't do a favorites play list etc that is based on ratings (because you can't rate anything on desktop or mobile!) Radio mode is mostly a gimic. You can't choose multiple bands and do discovery like Pandora. Until you do, it's just silly. Filtering is useless. If you sort by offline and then hit shuffle all, guess what? It shuffles everything not the filtered list so there's no way to play just offline music. It isn't personal taste. It's a matter of massively missing features that are basic stuff in most other OSes (even the horrible itunes lets you one click sync all of your favorite rated music to your iphone over wireless for example)  
  • Oh and try and get cortana just to play offline music. Not happening!
  • John Galt, think you should be consultant on creating a decent music player or at the least improvement on groove!
  • Thanks! I have 12 more items for Email and Calendar and a ton for notifications if anyone is interested :) (i.e. MS)  Oh and serious stuff about bluetooth! While I do this stuff for a living I'm not looking for a job (would listen if they offered it to me) but MS really really needs their own Johnny Ives to be a fit and finish person that integrates things across all devices and functionality that works. It's way to clear that they're focused on unit tests and feature check lists instead of functionality and consistency and things working the way they should be expected to work. It's MS's big problem and based on the patience running thin with people on Twitter about MS and their development schedules and all of this stuff, this could take down MS in the consumer space if they dont' hurry up and fix it.    
  • Please make sure to use the Uservoice and Windows Feedback tools to upvote or submit those features. It's the best way to make sure they get added.
  • I have. Every one of these things is already there. The problem of design by commitee is that only the mob is heard.  Someone has to use their brain and go through all of the requests and create a cohesive whole. While Snofsky wasn't that guy because he didn't realize the need for creating a live tile start menu for desktops (pretty obvious if you'd have asked me, and I did communicate that directly to them before Windows 8 came out!) they need someone that gets it to go through all of this stuff and set priorities and link it all together. Right now that's what's missing and it's allowing techy people to drive the ship instead of interface people. It's about the emotional response to the tools, as much as it is to do with a check list of features.
  • LOL wireless sync. Thats the problem, thats old fashioned, just stream or download what you want. Having music on another device is soooo yesterday :/ Agree with the like / dislike feature.
  • "​MS is afterall a software and services company first and foremost"....(not to sound like another begrudging comment but) who is denying that? all we are asking is them to update the same services with par features on windows simultaneously, or is that too much to ask from a "software" company?
  • It's not that people are denying it, but rather people are forgetting or conveniently ignoring that fact. So again, what is wrong with MS trying to get its software and services on every platform, especially the ones which currently have a MUCH LARGER user base than WP? You got a better idea that makes good business sense? Fact of the matter is MS doesn't stand to gain much (if anything) from releasing features or services simultaneously at this point, especially if they have to delay it because their own OS is still under development.
  • I think you will see that soon with Windows 10 mobile. A lot of things like Office were baked into the OS previously so updates were difficult.
  • Exactly buddy. It's most definitely NOT necessary that Microsoft update Android and iOS apps first. They have plenty of resources to update the Windows apps simultaneously, and it's suicide to not do it. It demonstrates to everyone how little interest you have in your own platform.
  • Software development doesn't work like that; Windows is not yet a stable or mature platform for app dev, though with Windows 10 they're finally starting to get there. The reason why stuff comes to iOS and Android first is generally because they have the necessary APIs to easily create those features and Windows doesn't. So they're gated by the OS team and have to wait until the necessary functionality is built into the apis. It doesn't matter how many resources they have, updates will never be simultaneous because they'll continue to take advantage of features where they exist, and all of the platforms have unique features and different update schedules; sometimes stuff will come to Android first or to iOS first because a new update hit or because a feature was easier to implement. Stuff will start coming to Windows first when and if the Windows api makes it so that development is easier, faster and more feature rich than competing platforms. And not any sooner than that.   Edit: to note, development across platforms will usually be done in parallel, so if you can get work done much faster on one platform than another, you can either delay releasing finished code or you can launch it immediately, collect feedback and use that to improve things on all platforms.       
  • Well said on both. That quote from the article sums up what MS is all about currently.
  • Recently added music section such as recently played (wp7 Zune had this but it's been gone for a couple of years). Ability to edit mp3 tags manually without having to use a third party app would be nice too.
  • Winamp should have been bought by MS imho
  • Microsoft could have upgraded Windows Media Player, integrated the Zune/Xbox/Groove store into it, and added the features it needed.  They aren't, because they want you to use those Universal Apps. Which are missing like 80% of the functionality of WMP 10, nevermind 12.  It's hillarious.  At this point, you're better off just installing iTunes and using their (better) software and (better) store/library instead, and deleting your Microsoft Account for a Google Account for that other stuff. I feel like Microsoft's services are held back by shabby software.  The front-ends are horrible, and the services and their reputation pay for it.  It's part of the reason why people have shied away from Metro/Modern/Universal apps.  Even Microsoft's own are horrible.
  • Well I heard they bought an iOS app called Groove. So this is the reason why they rename it, but Idk what happened after, still a mystery. Shame because the Groove app is actually pretty nice, I used it for myself. Also another thing they can take an idea for making great music app......Zune HD.
  • so MS created a lockscreen app for android but cant change lockscreen to their own OS since WP 7.5? Wow. Just wow
  • Groove is pathetic on any platform. I've already gotten the 3-month trial of Spotify, which will end around the time my Groove subscription ends. I'm keeping Spotify and not renewing Groove. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Groove is far from fantastic.
  • Not available to WP's without W10M but on Android...WTF is MS
  • Ms is fading away, becoming an isp only
  • @max-excs, an ISP? Microsoft is not an Internet Service Provider. That would be Comcast, Verizon FiOS and DSL, Earthlink Dial-up... Maybe MS is guilt of focusing more on their software and services than pushing their own OS, but that still has nothing to do with being an ISP.
  • Oh yes, cloud provider only
  • Oh please.
  • LOL! The ignorance and stupidity of some of you idiots is downright shocking. What a completely asinine comment that is about as far from the truth as it gets.
  • @Hiswona. Oh come on, throwing a hissy fit over such basic app? Groove in it's current form is nothing special.
  • And even that non-special things are not availbale to current WP users... its always... Only available on New Versions of WP... Do they only support Android Lollipop for their apps and would stop supporting it once M comes out and have support for M only...The same on iOS. But on Windows... Its always coming soon... and wait for the Next version... And while you are waiting like a sucker... we would remove/drop support for the apps you are already enjoying...
  • Windows 10 is perhaps developing the API's due to the "newness" of the OS. As Android and Apple already have the API's in place, then they get the updates first, for now. As Windows 10 develops then maybe the apps like Groove will be better than versions on other OS's, and updated first, but this will take time. Yes, it's a "coming soon" for now on Windows, but Microsoft are playing the long game here and have their services and software everywhere, that was their first goal, like Office385, OneDrive, Azure, Cloud etc. That's where the profits are. Windows 10 is the second goal and then Windows Devices.
  • Setting aside the state of groove, the correct answer would be "promoting their successful software and services model" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP8 is dead. You better hope your device is update and in a timely fashion. Microsoft loves to abandon users. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does the live tile work now for playing music? And I still can't figure out why it's so hard to get the artist show on lock screen while playing music option back or is it in the settings somewhere?
  • Why did they buy Groove? They had a pretty damn decent UI with Zune. Maybe now that Zune is now dead, they will bring it back rebadged as Groove.
  • They didn't buy it. They created it, and it's a massive step backward from even XBOX Music's functionality.
  • They bought an iOS called Groove and its a shame that features from that app still missing in Groove Music in general. I don't know what happened to it. What's more indeed that Zune was great and they seem forget about it. All basically they need is to just copy the features and design from Zune and just add some new features like OneDrive streaming. Its sad that every rebranding, it gets inferior. Maybe next rebranding it will only have a play button.
  • The Grove Shuffle app is next.
  • What's even more pathetic is they just announced that Zune services will be shut down next month. That was by far their best player. Groove has got to be one of the most boring music apps available. It has no soul or life to it. It's just there.
  • Yeah Microsoft should be Universal company.. In Asia,Most people dont even know about the existing of surface and Lumia,so with this move Microsoft telling the world that they not only software company that produce Windows but other product as well.. starting with providing Microsoft Service through Google and Apple ecosystem..
  • I am from India which accounts for nearly 25% of Asia's population and Microsoft here is like the best company in the world. For many people, Windows is a synonym of computers. You can see numerous people using Lumia in this part of the world.
  • Almost true. Many Windows Phones here :) And about Apps- Give them little more time. They are coming with a Solid OS and the apps are gradually gonna be refined to be the best. Nice apps on other platforms signify that.
  • Thank you, Satish. I've had that impression but it's nice to hear it from someone who knows.
  • This moves are suiciding ms platforms since the killed all the needs to buy Windows or wp/wm You are very Young guys, i'm 42... Theese moves in the Long terms killed ibm os/2 ibm psp Lotus products etc..
    It's a movie already seen 15 years ago with ibm Ms is becoming weak Apps on other platforms proove this
  • You are making no sense. IBM was a hardware company. And Microsoft has always been a software company... They just stepped in hardware arena few years ago.
  • LOL!
    You are neglecting history
  • @max-ecs, there is no parallel between OS/2 and Windows here. I was an OS/2 user -- "A better Windows than Windows," which was true with respect to Windows 3.1.1 (because both IBM and Microsoft owned the rights to that code, so they could do that). The problems with OS/2 were not that IBM also put the Lotus SmartSuite on Windows, but that no one cared about Lotus SmartSuite. All of the apps that people wanted were only on Windows. Then, and really the main reason OS/2 died -- Microsoft released Windows 95, and OS/2 was no longer compatible with anything, Windows 95 did an even better job at running older Windows 3.1 applications, plus Windows 95 brought users many (not all) of the benefits that had been unique to OS/2 -- a full 32-bit multithreaded OS. (You had to go with NT 4 or wait for Windows 2000 to get the fully preemptive multitasking robustness of OS/2). If you're trying to draw historical comparisons, you would have to conclude that MS is doing what IBM failed to do -- ensuring that the majority of people even on other OS's are fans of MS software, so they will be more willing to move to an MS OS. If IBM had ensured that people wanted to use Lotus SmartSuite by making it the best office suite on Windows and Macs, then maybe that would have brought users over willing to try OS2. Or if IBM had made more generally useful software for other OS's than just SmartSuite, they may have achieved the same result. But they didn't and their OS attempt failed.
  • Bah.. I keep my own opinion i see nadella a disaster Like Palmisano was for ibm...
    I'm sorry history will confirm this
    History repeating
  • How are you 42 and can't spell correctly?
  • Because English might not be this person's first language? Don't be a bigot, dude.
  • That's because Surface is not even available to much of the world, so how will they know about it?
  • No it is not necessary to prioritize other platforms. That is akin to a parent telling their kids that it is necessary for them to starve while they feed the neighbors kids who are already rich. Doing good for others is no excuse to neglect your own.
  • Microsoft isn't neglecting anything.   But it turns out(and this is going to shock you) that it's good for bussiness when as many people as possible use your services. And with android being by far the dominant player out there it only makes sense to release your services for that platform.
  • No my dear, we aren't talking about Services...
    They have ported everything to android even games and free apps Like Hyperlapse
    And sometimes before than under their own platforms It's Like ibm with os/2 in 1999....
    History repeating Ms (Like ibm) is changing business
    (i'd say suiciding, but this is a personal opinion)
  • The whole article was about the services that have been released to Android and iOS as well. So yes, we ARE talking about services.
  • Again... No one saying don't have apps on competing platforms... But atleast look after your own as well.. If you cannot comprehend this little thing then please re-read @Thettk post above...
  • Agree, you platforms first!
    If you don't want to kill them Ppl do not understand that this new awful ceo said "mobile first"
    For mobile he means android and ios!
  • Which they do.   I comprehended it very well, which is why I opened the post with "Microsoft isn't neglecting anything."
  • They are. They just cannot do as good of a job because the Windows app frameworks and apis are not mature enough yet. So they have to wait till the OS catches up.
  • Agree with thettk!!!
  • Those neighbours may be rich, but they are also paying to use that parents' garden tools. Or in plain English - Microsoft receives royalties for those patents it owns and are used in Android handsets. What I would love to see is MS release Windows ROM that we could use on Android handsets. Although I am now using Android over WP, I still miss live tiles and the fluidity of the OS. Launchers that minic Windows Phone just don't do it right. Close, but no cigar. Doubt this will ever happen...
  • Yeah but still the kids are not benefiting from any of that and that is my point. Outlook is better on iPhone than on Windows Phone.Hyperlapse was released on other platforms first. The list goes on. All we are told is to wait because something is coming. IOS and Android don't seem to have to wait so why are we? Apple and Google would never do things this way. Guess who won the mobile space?
  • Windows 10 = New OS so API's being developed. Android/Apple = Established OS and API's are there already. Once the API's are in place on W10 then the updates and apps can use them. Microsoft has its Software and Services everywhere, like Office365, OneDrive, Azure, Cloud, Groove, Xbox app etc etc. Of course Apple and Google would never do that...... because they cant!
  • Then again in a couple years Microsoft will do the same thing, kill their platform and start something new. This is the third time in the last 5 years. First Windows Phone 7 abandanded all Windows Mobile users. Windows Phone 8 dropped support for all Windows Phone 7 devices and now the same is happening with Windows 10. At least this time some of the phones will be updated. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agree 100% with thettk Nadella moves are auto-gol, or suiciding if you prefere
  • dont think oem pay ms for android anymore. they just put ms apps and no need to pay. ms is desperate.
  • This is very simply Microsoft's Plan B in case they want to drop out of making their own phones. The phone is about a gateway to the ecosystem, and that is where the money is. Similar to Xbox, sold at a discount because they make the money on the games and services. Ever notice a printer is pretty damn cheap compared to the ink costs? That's where the money is made. So that's what you have here,a hedge by Microsoft by getting the ecosystem piece by piece into the other platforms.
  • Most apps from Microsoft work better in android, not saying they shouldn't but they got to do something better with the ones on their own platform if they want to bring the users. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kinda true, the outlook app on android works better than on iOS.
  • Same goes for WCentral app. WP app for example does not show all comments.
  • Wc app on wo for comments is terrible
  • I don't believe this is true, I just took my Note5 back and am now using my 1020 again, most are exactly the same, Outlook does have some extra features that are especially nice for people that have multiple emails synced to thier phone, but over all they are the same operationally, the way they intergrate with the OS is much better with windows phone though, Android felt very fragmented everthing operated independantly and wasn't nearly as fluid as Windows phone 8.1 (I'm now on WM10). I think this is a classic case of the grass is always greener on the other side, and I found out it actually wasn't. OK, Google vs. cortana wasn't even a comparison, and Cortana on android still has along way to go.
  • "Sure, Microsoft would prefer you used Windows, but it also recognizes that however hard it tries, that's just not going to happen."   When authors on WCentral start trolling you know the end is near.   However how hard it tries that's not gonna happen?! Unbelivable :) Add a "happen soon" or something.
  • I noticed it too.. ;) Daniel would never say that.. :p
  • Missed a word...read it again :)
  • With the "everyone" it makes sense ;)
  • Just?.. :D..
  • And a comparison between the apps functionalities would be much more interesting.
  • Ya. Let's compare Windows 10/Phone Mail to Outlook mail on Android/iOS. Or better yet, lets compare it to Windows Phone 8.1's mail client, or even Windows 8.1's client. Talk about going backwards! (so long s/mime, being able to see unread on all accounts at a glance, switching between accounts with one click instead of 3, etc. etc. etc.)
  • I don't recall any app actually being reviewed in that article.
  • I'd argue they are not using windows because "however hard it tries" means releasing a phone OS that is basically in a state of endless re-tooling and re-releasing. Each new version gives ground instead of gaining and even recent builds of windows 10 mobile show just how unfinished it is. MS doesn't need to try harder, they just have to try smarter.
  • Had 8 then 8.1 GDR1 then 10. Every iteration improves a lot. Basing your assumptions on 10 based on a tech preview is also a bit useless.
  • Paolo agree, it seems ms want to move out from os and devices business
  • With 2 new phones, a new band and 2 new Surface 4' on the way, plus hololens etc, Microsoft want to move out of the devices business......Really!
  • LOL NO.
  • I have a dream that one day people here will learn the difference between trolling and just stating facts.
    Microsoft has been trying for 4 years now. With nothing but fail after fail. Is it that hard to admit a pattern? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are so wrong that the author changed the article. And while we are at it, trolling would go on a Windows board and say that Microsoft KNOWS that you would not switch to Windows NO MATTER WHAT. They know that there won't be an exodus from one day to the other but they for sure think that trying hard will get you on board, that is the ultimate goal. The first revision of the article didn't state any fact, it just contained a wrong sentence that sounded like a provocation (troll = provoker). In the end do not mess with me I'm not your usual WC kid, I'm not a fanboy I just try to think positive, but I've criticized MS many times ;) (BTW Windows Phone is a reality in Europe with countries where it has the same marketshare as iphones. It is not much but it is something. Stop whining. Time will tell.)  
  • Microsoft has failed DJCBS? Office365, OneDrive, Cloud Support for Enterprise/Developers and all theirSoftware and Services on just about every device. Which is where the money is. Plus, Windows 10 soon available on PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Phones and IoT. New phones and Surface devices along with Band 2 and HoloLens etc. Oh, don't forget about that little device called the Xbox and we have a total fail by Microsoft...... Really!
  • I guess you wanted to answer to him :)
  • Don't trust in 10, the story would been different if windows phone 7.5 would had all what the competence has, in fact even symbian belle had notification center and quick action menu on the top. The error of Microsoft was in try all new things and poor user UI experience plus problems with. Push notifications how long took on get notification center just in wp 8.1 only Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you're conting fail as failure to gain market share then I would agree with that, but as an operating system I totally disagree
  • Is that why Windows 10 is the most successful OS ever at this point? How can you say people aren't going to use Windows when 1.6 billion people around the world use Windows.
  • There are 50+ Microsoft apps in Android while Windowsphone has as huge as ONE app From Google
  • google is no longer the cross platform company it once was. And notice how google docs has lost its #1 spot as the most widely used cloud app, to office 365. Why? because google puts politics before customers while MS puts customers before politics.
  • Agree
  • Google way now is the old Microsoft
  • Yep, I have said that many times before...
  • Yep, wery much like the ord MS, all the way down to getting slapped down by antitrust lawsuits.
  • But noone is touching google mafia...
  • Microsoft needs to either turn into a hardware company or at least expand further into hardware. Apple is so successful only because of their hardware, they give away their software pretty much for free now. They can make gorgeous hardware, just look at Surface. All major companies are making a push into hardware, Amazon of all places tried it.
  • Amazon is pulling out, android OEMs are basically on life support save for the stablished korean empires and rising china local giants. MS expanded into hardware: zune, kin, xbox, surface. Out of all of them it has never made any money with only surface 3 showing signs of hope. MS tired to be apple and every time it failed. The Ballmer MS tired to be like apple and it nearly tanked. The Nadella MS tries to be more like google and it is rising. MS knows the future is in cloud computing, not hardware which is too volatile and too competitive for it to get into. Apple itself is profitable but that is always 1 flop away, or one chinese or korean competitor away from stealing the golden egg. If the iphone fails to impress, that is all they have. MS cannot put itself in such bad position.  
  • Of they try to be like google their revenue would get butt hurted. Better to be between apple and amazon.
  • Dude, Microsoft lost money on the original Xbox, but made a killing on the 360.  The 360 became profitable a few years into its 8 year life cycle.