Exclusive RPG 'Ashen' is available right now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store

Ashen is a timed console RPG exclusive for Xbox One, with haunting visuals and unique asynchronous multiplayer. Store listings indicated that the game would become available on December 7, 2018, and it appears that it's now live on the Microsoft Store for Xbox, for $40. If you're not seeing it yet in your region, it might still be rolling out.

Ashen is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass for $10 per month, and is listed as an Xbox Play Anywhere title alongside PC, however, as of writing, the PC version for the Windows Microsoft Store hasn't yet materialized.

In Ashen, your goal is to build up a home in a ash-blasted wilderness, where the last vestiges of light are beginning to fade away. Part of your quest is to find out what's going on, while meeting new friends and allies along the way. Bringing them back to your camp will help it grow from a small settlement into a functioning village, complete with all sorts of character upgrades along the way.

Ashen has a striking, low-poly art style and in our hands-on sessions with the game, we found its combat to be responsive and fun. Ashen's most unique feature is its asynchronous multiplayer features, which will dynamically phase anonymous co-op partners into your game, so you can work together to take on some of the game's more difficult dungeon challenges.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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