Expert Zone Windows 8 Special goes up to help you sell sell sell Windows 8

Windows 8 presents a totally new way of using the OS, from the new touch screen interface to buying stuff from a store. There will be much to learn for consumers and more importantly perhaps, retail store staff.

ExpertZone TV have posted up a video to help the folks who are going to sell these machines work up a nice demo. Unlike your granddads version of Windows, 8 presents more than its fair share of new concepts to get to grips with. Let’s see how well they present the hard sell!

As we can see, they want to make sure that start screen is “lit up” with content for display in the store. Rightly so, walk into your local computer retailer come holiday season and you should be presented with a glorious patchwork of live tiles. We should hopefully see an end to the drab Windows 7 desktop mode idling away to be replaced with tons of colour.

There is plenty in Windows 8 for sales staff to focus on, and predictably we get to hear about pinning content to the screen along with a big selling point. All Windows 8 PCs get free streaming of music for the first six months. Whatever you may think about Windows 8, free streaming music will be a big pull for customers over the holiday season and beyond.

Hmm, you know you loving those live tiles...

Of special note, they do explain the key differences between Windows RT and Windows 8 machines, you know, to avoid those ‘ermahgerd’ moments of confusion with this brave new concept. Does it say enough, we’re not sure but it’s a start…

Really, ‘Lighting up’ your start screen and ‘making it your own’, there seem to be no stones unturned left in this eye watering enthusiastic video. Check it out and let us know if they are on the right track to pull in the punters come launch time. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks to Gregory Murphy for the tip!

Robert Brand