Extraction sneaks onto Xbox for Windows Phone and starts killing zombies

This week’s Xbox Windows Phone release is a title we didn’t know was coming, but it comes from fan favorite publisher Chillingo and sells for a low price, so let’s call it a good surprise. Extraction (also known as Extraction: Project Outbreak) is now available for just 99 cents – less than the iOS version!

As the game’s title sort of hints, Extraction is a military-themed game about fighting zombies. But unlike Zombies on the Phone or Gun Bros, it’s not a twin-stick shooter. In fact, you could almost call it a strategy game due to the unique control method. Don’t skip the tutorial like I did or you’ll be totally lost.

Tapping anywhere on the screen makes your mercenary guy run to that location. To shoot enemies, you have to swipe them. Swipe multiple enemies simultaneously and you’ll shoot them down one after another, resulting in a big combo bonus. Despite this simplified shooting scheme, you’ll still need to tap your weapon’s icon at the corner of the screen in order to reload it, and ammo can be scarce. Thus melee combat sometimes comes into play. Swiping back and forth like crazy over a zombie who’s moved in for your brains will beat him down, hopefully leaving you little the worse for wear.

Extraction looks like it will be a lengthy game, with a campaign that lasts several hours plus four different game modes. Your character gains XP with each mission and can purchase new equipment over time. The Achievements involve doing lots of things lots of times, so they’ll take some grinding. It’s a lot like Gun Bros is supposed to work, excluding the social stuff. Technically, the 3D graphics are quite good other than a slightly sluggish frame rate, but the loading times are a bit on the long side.

Extraction costs 99 cents and has a free trial. Get it here on the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks to Zebrasqual for the tip!

Paul Acevedo

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  • You had me at low price!
  • +1
  • Too expensive!!
  • Then I guess you best sell your smart phone, cuz if you can't afford a $.99 game you can't afford a phone bill... -_-
  • +1 lmao
  • A game not being worth a dollar isn't the same as not being able to afford it.
  • Eat less, play more!
  • Chillingo stepping it up.
  • Sounds interesting.  Kinda like Gemini Ace said, you had me at "99 cents"
  • Had a go of the trial and I think its pretty good! Think some of the achievements might be a grind though.
  • I liked the trial alot after I got use to it. Looks like this game is a buy for me. Thanks Paul
  • After reading .99 cents and played the trial easy buy! Woo-hoo
  • I gotta say when ea said that them and chillingo was backing wp I didn't really believe sense we only got mirrors edge from ea but chillingo has been the best supporter for most content and best prices for those games
  • swip and run tatics that you have to use in this game on small screen (focus flash) is quite difficult, but, will get used to it. I imagine it would be easier to do on large display 4." and above..
    great game for the price the graphics are very well done..
  • Awesome game, must have!