Facebook app leaves the Microsoft Store, Facebook says to use a browser

Facebook app Windows 10
Facebook app Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Facebook app has been removed from the Microsoft Store.
  • Facebook states that the app will not return to the Microsoft Store.
  • Facebook's Messenger and Instagram apps will remain in the Microsoft Store.

Facebook removed its official app from the Microsoft Store recently. We knew from an email sent to a Facebook user last month that the app was on the way out, but its exit from the store is now official. Facebook and Microsoft confirmed with Neowin that the app is no longer available.

Representatives from Facebook and Microsoft told Neowin that "As of February 28, the Facebook desktop app for Windows is no longer available. People can still easily access and enjoy all of the features of Facebook via desktop browser."

Facebook's app on Windows 10 often went months without an update and wasn't as refined as its apps on other platforms, so it's not that surprising to see it leave the Microsoft Store. If you want to have a dedicated Facebook "app" on your Start Menu or taskbar, you can install Facebook's website as an app through the new Microsoft Edge or other browsers that allow you to install websites as apps.

While Facebook's app is no longer available, its Messenger and Instagram apps will remain in the Microsoft Store. In fact, Facebook recently updated its Instagram app on Windows 10 to a PWA. Facebook also has a beta version of its Messenger app that's more in line with its apps on iOS and Android.

Sean Endicott
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