Facebook app ported from Windows Mobile 6.5

The crazy cats at XDA Developers are at it again, this time stripping the native Facebook application out of a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. [via]

The port works on just about all resolutions, says XDA's jug6ernaut, though there are a couple of niggles:

  • Can't be installed to the storage card.
  • May have issues if not on a WWE ROM.
  • Log-in information will not be saved if you choose "log-out," though it will be saved if you close with an "X" button from a third-party app.
  • Won't see IDs if they're not one of your friends.
  • First launch can take a while to cache info.

The App's running fine on my Motorola Q9h, but you'll get a much better experience if you've got a screen deeper than 240 pixels, and it's fairly obvious the app's built for touchscreen phones. Go check it out here, but remember that this isn't (yet) official or anything, so be forewarned.

More pics after the break.

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  • Thanks for this! Just installed it on my HTC Touch (Vogue) and it's working great. Note - the application doesn't like when the signal strength is low (got some crashes in fringe coverage)
  • I can't see a way to comment on friend's status'.
  • You say "May have issues on a WWE ROM." when its just the opposite, there may be problems if not on WWE ROM
  • D'oh! You're right. Post updated.
  • seems to work pretty well on my sprint touch pro with stock rom.
  • working great on my treo 800w....
  • Just tried it and like it better than SkyBook already, thanks!
  • ^ on HTC Touch, btw.
  • this is freaking GREAT!!!! I'm in love with Windows mobile again!
  • It took awhile (and is long overdue) but we finally have a decent solution for Facebook on Windows Mobile.
  • I have the Fuze, just did the OTA install and everything is working great! It amazes me how good these guys are that just "port" this stuff over and SHARE with everyone. Donate some bucks for this free port!
  • what is a WWE ROM?
  • Worldwide English?
  • Plays nicely on my Sprint Mogul (HTC Titan). A little slow and refuses to remember my login, but still very nice.
  • There's a legal alternative to do facebook on WinMo. From wugland.com: There's a new Windows Mobile facebook app out there - ThumbLink
    It's got a one-thumb interface that lets you navigate without using a stylus. You can view friends and events, upload photos, view albums, and more... Find out more here: http://www.Wugland.com/ThumbLink.html
  • The FB app works really well on my Samsung Epix, but I'be got a question - are photo/video uploads considered a part of the unlimited data, or are they charged as MMS??
    I'd like to know before I go overboard and enthusiastically upload from my phone!
  • this app sucks you cant see comments why is this so hard to get right i mean you can call people directly from here but you cant see comments if your going to have a facebook app you would think it would include all the basic functions plus the scrolling is slower than dog $&!# i tried viewing my friends pics could only get one to load ive been using the facebook app on my ipod touch and there really is no comparison
  • Very good article. I was recently blogging on The Netflix Prize, which deals with the quality of the recommendation. However, conclusions are drawn primarily off of user ratings. People don't seem to bother rating on facebook, I know I don't. I wonder what correlations exist there...
  • uality of the recommendation.
  • This app is OK, but sucks compared to the BlackBerry app, which pushes updates even when not running. Also, features in the BlackBerry app are easier to find. I hope MS will listen to the end users (yeah, right) and put out a more functional version of this app soon.
  • When will they come out with a WinMo6.5 app that beats or is comparativle to the BlackBerry App?!?!? Take moTweets as a template and give us something that is functional!!!!
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  • plz halp me SOS  how can i download this app to my phone htc imagio windows 6.5???